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Katunayake Airport duty free shop goods worth lakhs grabbed without payment by a President security group on the day President returned from UK
(Lanka-e-News, Dec.05, 2010, 10.20PM) It is reported that on the 3rd when the President returned to the Island after his four day UK tour, a group of his security division at the time of his arrival at the Katunayake Airport, has taken goods worth lakhs from a duty free shopping stall at the Airport without making payment.

There had been large crowds at the Airport to welcome the President on his arrival. At that moment a group of the President’s security unit wearing black uniform have taken Television sets, washing machines, rice cookers, Refrigerators and other consumer durables without payment from duty free shops and loaded them into a lorry beyond what the lorry’s capacity could accommodate.
When the customs officers had pointed out to them that they have no authority to take them out as they have no foreign exchange and they have not made payment,and therefore their action is illegal, this group has threatened the customs officers stating that they are ‘so and so’s ’ (President’s security) officers and taken the goods out in the lorry through the VIP gate.
The goods had been forcefully removed from the Airport by these security officers of the President flaunting their power claiming they are His Excellency the President’s high and mighty ‘men’ and therefore all powerful.
On the very day of the incident, the Deputy Director of Customs at the Katunayake Airport has made a complaint in this regard to the Secretary, Ministry of Finance Dr. P B Jayasundara, it is reported.

The Customs officers are questioning, if the President’s security officers have such powers to so disdainfully discard the customs regulations and violate the laws flagrantly just because they are President’s ‘men’, if there follows a total collapse of the country’s legal apparatus, that will not be a matter for surprise, at this rate.

The customs officers have added that they only knew that the President has such immunity, but they do not know that his security officers too are possessed of such immunity for their marauding purposes.

Whither people’s security and safety amidst such marauders and looters ? who are supposedly providing security to the highest in the hierarchy of this State.
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