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Did Gota lie to the court ? -Cat is out of the bag as per intelligence unit secret document
(Lanka-e-News -28.Jan.2011, 6.45PM) Lanka e news has received a document which casts doubts on the veracity of the statements made by Defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse when he gave evidence in the High court on the white flag case on the 25th, after solemnly swearing that he is telling the truth and nothing but the truth in court.

During the cross examination by Ladduwahetti the senior lawyer for the defense , Gotabaya giving answers stated, he cannot remember whether General Fonseka played a great leadership role during the war and despite the fact that Fonseka was in the Army for over 30 years he could not finish the war . He also added that even if another Army Commander was in the place of Fonseka, he too would have gained the victory , and the appointment of Fonseka as Army Commander was a wrong decision.

Yet , in a confidential report dated 22 August 2008 signed by former major General Hendawitharne of the national intelligence service writing under the defense Ministry letterhead in regard to the attempted murder of Gen. Fonseka by a LTTE suicide bomber , a different story is related. ( copy of Hendawitharne’s report under the Govt. letterhead is published herein)

Paragraph 03 of the report clearly extols, His wide experience in combating terrorism and the knowledge of strength and weaknesses of the LTTE has been highly beneficial to the Sri Lankan Security Forces which in turn contributed to the high morale of the ranks and files of Sri Lankan forces.

In paragraph 02 of this same report , Lt, Gen Fonseka is one of the few remaining officers in service in Sri Lankan Armed Forces who had been direct stakeholder of the Sri Lankan Conflict continuously from the initial stages of terrorism of the 1970 …..Also he played the critical role in safe guarding of interest of National Security during the Ceasefire Agreement period……and this resulted in LTTE exerting pressure both locally and internationally to get General Fonseka removed from his office.

The question at issue in the circumstances is ,whether Gotabaya who was the defense Secretary at the time this report was written and still continuing in that post was not aware of this document which was written by the National intelligence service chief ? or, did he knowingly and deliberately lie to the court under oath on the 25th?

No matter what , the intelligence unit chief who furnished us with this document pointed out , if the defense Secretary is ignorant of this report , it impliedly confirms unequivocally that in this war , it was General Fonseka who led the country to the war victory and not Gotabayas.
A part of Hendawitharane’s confidential report is appended herein
By Sandaruwan Senadheera
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