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Sri Lanka Army workshop on experiences of the ‘cronies’ in the Vijithapura war maneuvers after jailing Dutugemunu who won the war
(Lanka-e-News, 21,March 2011, 10.35AM) The Sri Lanka (SL) Army is gearing to hold a workshop entitled ‘Defeating Terrorism – The Sri Lankan Experience’ inviting the security Forces of 54 countries. From the point of view of the SL Army, conducting such a workshop is not out of place. But from the point of view of the SL broad political scene, a result ought to be achieved not by a victory in armed conflict alone but also probing how the ethnic issue can be resolved by a political solution? This is the political meaning. Hence, because there is no evidence of any action taken in that direction, a number of factors have to be evaluated in order that the 54 countries shall comprehend this subject in the right perspective.

At this workshop, the defense Secretary Gotabya Rajapakse, the present Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath jayasooriya, Ajith Nivaard Cabraal, Prof. Rohan Gunaratne and Dr. GL Peiris are to deliver speeches. In addition, National intelligence service Major Gen. Kapila Hendavitharne, and Lieutenant Col.. T S Sallay on ‘LTTE revival and its international chain’, while Major General Nanda Udawatte, Major Gen. C P Gallage, Brigadier Nirmal Dharmaratne and Major Gen. Shavendra De Silva who is returning from America are scheduled to speak on ‘war operations’.

This workshop is being reckoned by analysts as a showcasing to the intelligent world the comical nature of this much hyped event made up of a series of clownish acts among which the most comical and ludicrous is the attempt to deliver a speech on ‘the Vijithapura operations without Dutugemunu’. It is an universally accepted truth that it is the former Army Commander Gen. Sarath Fonseka who since the period of President Chandrika claimed the war against terror can be won and later demonstrably proved that the 30 year old war can be won by spearheading the war victory through his brilliant war efforts, maneuvers and intelligence. Hence, keeping this great accomplished Army Commander in jail and the other cronies trying to make grandiose speeches to the world about their experiences is the worst comedy drama of the 21st century something most ludicrous and meriting ridicule.

Okay, let us say the workshop shall be conducted while Fonseka is held in jail, but the next appropriate step should have been selecting the most suitable and qualified personnel after Fonseka for this workshop. Might we analyze this one by one.
Kapila Hendhawitharne is one of the speakers for this occasion.. May be he is an intelligence expert. But, the secret reports about his ‘expertise’ was clearly brought to light by the media – (Lanka e news. -28th January article). The Organizers must be of the belief that that is not very much of an issue. Hendawitharane did not work with the Army intelligence unit during the 4th Eelam war. He was with the Govt. intelligence unit. It was Gen. Fonseka who improved the Army intelligence division after he took over as the Army Commander in 2005.. Gen. Fonseka appointed Major Gen. Amal Karunasekera as the chief of that division and not Hendawitharne. The other most important individual in this respect was Dhammika Liyanage who went right into the midst of the LTTE cadres and collecting information while taking residence in the north, and not just from Colombo. These most valuable and important officers unfortunately came under the guillotine of the venoms and vengeances of the Defense Secretary and were sent home on compulsory retirement.
Let us reveal a most significant fact. Bhanu who was a powerful leader of the LTTE during the Eelam war finally transformed into becoming an informant for the Army. It was because of the information passed by Bhanu from the LTTE area that the security Forces were able to lay siege to the place where Prabhakaran and his group were. Later when the LTTE got suspicious of Bhanu, he was killed by them. Hendawitharne as well as Gotabaya who is supposed to know everything have been in the dark over these maneuvers until today.Yet such people are going to be the proud speakers on the subject ‘‘Defeating Terrorism – The Sri Lankan Experience’. The true brain behind the operations is held behind bars.

If Lieutenant Sallay the other speaker along with Hendawitharne is analyzed, he was only an officer performing ordinary duties in the Army intelligence unit. Those who gave commands to the intelligence unit were Amal. Second was Dhammika.These officers who truly gave leadership to the intelligence unit operations are nowhere in the scene. Thus, aren’t making such speeches on ‘Defeating Terrorism – The Sri Lankan Experience’ without the participation of the true leaders, savor of antics of a pack of ‘jokers’ ? Is there a better way of describing this comedy drama?

Let us take another of the so called ‘orators’ : Say, Brigadier N A Dharmaratne the speaker on war operations. When he was the Commander in chief of the (Special Force) SF, he was transferred from that position, because he was found slack in his commitments and duties. This was a consequence of the 4th Eelam war faulty SF operations. Since he failed to live up to the expectations of a Commander in chief of the SF he was transferred to Gajaba regiment, and just escaped the due punishment since he became a member of defense Secretary’s regiment.

This war was one where creative techniques were introduced. LRRP played a major role in this. This was an integral part of the SF functions, yet Dharmaratne never was involved in these operations. At least instead of Dharmaratne if Brigadier Raj Wijesiri (gone on pension) who led the Special Force (SF) and the LRRP in 1995 when he nearly lost his life on many occasions and still stood his ground without fleeing to America in fear and fought the war during his whole career had been summoned for these discourses, it is understandable. The Govt. on the contrary is ignoring Raj who has experience, for he trained the SF soldiers, was engaged in planning, strategic operations and giving commands among other functions. Of what avail is such a workshop of ‘speakers’, or rather jokers talking of their ‘experiences’ without speakers like Raj?

Let us now consider the present Army Commander ….

Lieutenant General Jayasooriya was not a Commander of the Force (infantry) which was responsible for the battlefield operations during the 4th Eelam war. He was in the service Force. That is, he was in charge of food supplies and vehicles to the battle field on time. In other words, Jayasooriya who was in such a Force was not having anything to deal with war operations and strategies. Therefore the representatives of the 54 countries certainly will be able to thoroughly enjoy the lecture of Jagath Jaysooriya - and gain ‘extraordinary’ knowledge based on his experience on how food and transport of vehicles to a destination can be delivered on time !

(Please await the next installment about the other speakers)
-Sandaruwan Senadheera-
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