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Eemployment Gateway of Govt.(Rekiya Piyasa) is itself at the brink of unemployment.!
(Lanka-e-News -09.April.2011, 1.00AM) According to information reaching Lanka e news , the Govt. is preparing the groundwork to close the ‘Rekiya piyasa’ (employment gateway) Institution which was providing opportunities and guidance to secure employment for unemployed youths.

In the event of the ‘Rekiya piyasa’ being closed , 129 employees who are working there will lose their jobs.

Among the 129 employees , there are 36 graduates, 67 permanent employees and 26 others.

Under the Mahinda chinthana , 36 graduates were serving as human development officers in various Govt. Institutions including district secretariat offices and policy divisions.

They were recruited as human resource officers into these Institutions ,and were later absorbed into the Rekiya piyasa

In 2003 , the UNP Govt. commenced this Rekiya piyasa under the then labor Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe with the objective of searching and securing jobs , providing vocational training and conducting workshops for the unemployed youths and for counseling them.
The employees of the Rekiya piyasa had not been paid their salaries for several months . The financially straitened employees answering our inquiries said that , if they do not get their April salary, they will be hard put even to buy a piece of cloth for their children for the New year. They also said that none of them in that Institution had received EPF or ETF contributions.

It is imaginable therefore what plight and predicament the unemployed in this country are plunged into and how ill fated their future is, when the fate of those employed in the Institution which was created to look into the woes of the unemployed youths is driven to this dismal and disastrous state by the Govt.
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