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General’s petition rejected : Lawyers who were aware that was a foregone conclusion protest in court
(Lanka-e-News -16.Dec.2011, 11.45PM) The writ petition filed by Gen. Sarath Fonseka in the appeal court against the verdict of the second military court was rejected by the three judge panel of the court citing technical grounds. The second military court earlier sentenced Gen. Fonseka to a 30 months jail sentence. Gen. Fonseka filed the writ petition against that judgment in the appeal court.

When the three judges sat today at 2.00 p.m. to deliver the decision , a large number of the lawyers who were present left the court premises . They boycotted this way to demonstrate their protest against the one sided unfair judgment. The Lawyers were aware of what decision was going to be taken prior to the sittings.

Until yesterday two judges `were in favor of Fonseka’s petition while one judge was against. But under the immense pressures exerted by the regime , one of the judges who was for the petition had this morning changed his stance . Salaam and Eric Basnayake had been in favor of Fonseka’s petition while Upali Abeyratne alone had been against it. Under the regime’s pressures, the judge who changed his stance first was justice Eric Basnayake . At the time of delivering the verdict , justice Salaam too changed over to the other side.
It was during the trial of this petition that it came to light that the judges of the second military court had not kept any records of the case. Hence even to a vagabond in the street it is crystal clear that a verdict delivered without maintaining any record is only possible in a Kangaroo court. It is very unfortunate therefore that the three judges of the appeal court owing to their spineless state and cowardice kowtowed to brutal pressures and sacrificed the lofty ideals and sacrosanct traditions of the judiciary , when they could have stood together used this opportunity and exposed the culprits and despotic powers behind the undermining of the judicial values dictatorially.

The judgment after being announced was delivered contained in a sealed envelope through the court Arachchi to Romesh Silva PC , the lawyer who appeared on behalf of Fonseka. Romesh Silva had returned it to the senders stating that he would collect it duly following proper procedures.
Meanwhile , a group of hooligans of Mervyn Silva and hired groups from the Colombo Port were yelling out ‘ Fonseka is a Tiger’ around the court precincts with large groups of Army swarming the area like in a battlefield.
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