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DIG Anura Senanayake is a prime suspect in Museum robbery -Police sources say
(Lanka-e-News -28.Aug.2012, 9.00PM) The officers within the Police Force itself allege that Senior DIG Colombo, Anura Senanayake is involved in the recent museum robbery of valuable artifacts , based on the spurious drama he is enacting when directing operations to apprehend the culprits.

Hereunder are the revelations pertaining to this incident.
Before the robbery ….

1.The Institutions including the museum within the high security zone were for a long period under the purview of the Cinnamon Gardens Police.

The Museum was provided with security by the Cinnamon Gardens police post and the mobile unit for a long while duly. As evidence in support of this , there are the night patrol security duty register; a register of the stations of the chiefs and the deployment of officers ; the Register which records the Police station OIC ‘s views and ASP’s register recording his minutes .

2.While this was the prevalent Museum security situation , Anura Senanayake , with his promotion to the post of DIG , Colombo, some time prior to this robbery had , without adducing any reasons brought the security coverage of the Museum and the High security zone which belonged to the Cinnamon gardens police within the purview of the Colombo crime division (CCD) under him. The Cinnamon gardens police security post and the security night patrol providing security to the Museum also ceased functioning with that change.

Though the CCD took over , neither the police security post nor the mobile security was carried on by it . There are no registers of the CCD to confirm that such security services were carried on. It is therefore a most vexatious question why , Anura Senanayake ( justifiably called as another suspect by the police officers) committed this glaring omission ?

The CCD was originated by former IGP Late Lucky Kodituwakku to conduct operations regarding the special crimes raging in Colombo, and not to take over to the CCD the task of providing security to special Institutions , and to run police posts or mobile security units.

The next question is , what prompted Anura Senanayake to undertake this task without any reason ? The Minister Balasooriya in Parliament fiercely questioned why the police security post was withdrawn prior to the Museum robbery ? He stated there were only three officers of the dept. providing security to the Museum. In the circumstances , there had sprung up grave doubts that the notorious Anura Senanayake had deliberately created an environment conducive to the robbery .

Besides , the announcements made by Senanayake following the robbery and those made by him coupled with his conduct now are most suspicion provoking .

1.On the 19th of March , the police stated that it had obtained the most valuable finger prints of the suspects involved in the robbery. Based on the information provided by the finger print Registrar’s division , 16 such fingerprints have been identified.

2..Though Minister Balasooriya stated that the CCTV camera within the museum was not functioning from March 15th , the police failed to confirm this. The directress of the Museum , Nanda Wickremesinghe was not aware even later on why it was not functioning.

Subsequently , the police spokesman via a ‘voice cut’ said , the CCTV camera had been functioning prior to and afterwards , and there is a wealth of information garnered from it. But later , the police reported to the courts that the CCTV camera had been sent to the University computer division to determine whether the camera was functioning or not. Though this was done on the 21st of March , until today the police had not given a confirmatory report on this .

3. A mask , a bed sheet and beedi butts had been found in the Museum supposedly used by the culprit. The police stated that the beedi was sent for analysis on the 20th of March. On the same day , the police said the doors had been broken from inside.

4.Another vital piece of information was the police disclosing that two SIM cards of mobile phones were discovered.
5. Minister Balasooriya furnished to parliament a list of lost articles from the Museum on the 22nd.The police gave a report of the lost articles to the media on the 3 rd of April . There were a number of conflicting revelations between these two reports. But a most salient feature is neither reports made any mention of gems lost.

But now , the falsehoods uttered by infamous Senanayake and his CCD in their announcements regarding the apprehension of culprits for keeping stolen goods in custody has come to light.

Senanayake says the mastermind behind this robbery is Langsage Priyantha Mendis alias Kane gediya. His photograph was published by the media. A number of stolen articles too were published.

What is most significant to note in this robbery is , the group of suspects who were produced before court were indicted under the Terrorist prevention Act.
The officers of the Police itself are suspecting Anura Senanayake on the grounds that while there is compelling evidence requiring analysis of them , the fingerprints of the 16 suspects in custody and the Kane gediya (whose fingerprints can be obtained if a search of his house has been made) who they claim as having been identified , had not been forwarded to the finger prints experts registrar for comparison , despite that requirement being most vital and indispensable . Why didn’t Senanayake a so called top dog (who is also widely believed as responsible for the police force going to the dogs) of the police take that measure which is imperative from every angle ? Nether Senanayake nor CCD chief L R Ranaweera can say they are not aware of this.

Why are they following a circuitous route giving it a huge din and media publicity after leaving aside the direct and simple route in the investigations and apprehension of culprits ?

Why are the DNA of the suspects apprehended with beedi butts that time and the DNA of the suspect Kane gediya not being compared ?

The other factor that is triggering the gravest suspicion is , why they are claiming that 350 gems were discovered which were neither mentioned in the list presented to Parliament by Balasooriya nor in the list furnished to the media by the Police?

How did gems never mentioned earlier come into being now? Is this to concoct a lie that they had been removed from the rings ? But in the list produced on the 3rd of April , all the gems in the rings were stated. Even if all the gems are removed from the rings , they wont tot up to 350 precious stones. Moreover , so far not a single ring that was burgled from the Museum had been found. Hence ,by trying to exhibit these gems , it is being deceitfully attempted to claim that these are gems of the rings stolen from the Museum.

In addition ,what is being attempted is to mislead everyone by showing some molten gold and molten silver blobs as those of the robbed items which have been melted. The police officers say with dismay that none of the articles robbed from the Museum had been recovered , and it is just a spurious drama that is being enacted using every elaborate subterfuge. ( The pictures herein depict the articles that were burgled and those supposed to have been recovered . One can observe clearly the difference)

According to the police officers, 2 days before Anura Senanayake staged this unending ‘drama’ , 14 heroin addicts from Peliyagoda and 21 addicts were arrested by the CCD , under him. These addicts were arrested to execute his conspiratorial plan , they add . The present CCD chief L.R. Ranaweera and IP R. S. D. Hemantha had been enlisted by Senanayake to execute his illicit plan after forwarding special reports recommending their promotions to the IGP. Having dressed them in these cheap ‘promotion’ underwear bought from the pavements , Senanayake had accomplished his despicable goals.

The Police officers on the other hand regretted that the present CCD chief L R Ranaweera who scrupulously protected his untarnished reputation (unlike Anura Senanayake who had all along been a byword for corrupt and unscrupulous activities) from the time of the Walana investigations into corruption , is now compromising it .

Why is Anura Senanayake conducting himself this way so disgracefully ? The answer is crystal clear. The sole aim is to suppress the actual thieves because he knows who these actual thieves are . Or else being a notorious DIG, better known for illicit operations, he had aided the actual thieves to commit the robbery , and therefore has strong motive to protect them , as he knows , if the true robbers are caught the cat will be out of the bag to his detriment. To Anura Senanayake who unlawfully released the white Van criminals even after they were arrested , participation in these unlawful activities and being an accomplice in these crimes are a matter of routine , and a part of his official sordid life like a duck taking to water .

In the circumstances , Anura Senanayake has unwittingly and wittingly revealed that he is the prime suspect in this National Museum robbery. Hence the police that knows the actual situation now , has only one course of action , that is close hard the drawer putting there Senanayake’s vitals and elicit the information from him. If the police does not give him that torture it inflicts on other criminals to make them disgorge the secrets , then it becomes obligatory on the people of this country to duly mete out the worst punishment on a law enforcing public servant for committing the worst treachery irresponsibly and disgracefully prostituting his official position.
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