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Monk attempts suicide on Wesak day at Dalada Maligawa entrance emulating Prabhakaran not Lord Buddha
(Lanka-e-News-25.May.2013-11.30PM) An extremist Buddhist monk had attempted to commit suicide in front of the entrance to the Dalada Maligawa , Kandy on the Wesak day (24) , the day considered as most sacred by Buddhists and when religious activities should be engaged in and not in sinister activities like suicide or in the manner villainous Prabhakaran and his clan acted.

The name of this fanatical monk is B .Indraratne , and is from the Ratnapura Kahawatte Viharaya . Fortunately those who were around had succeeded in dousing the fire , and admitting the pro Prabhakaran style suicide attempting monk to the Kandy general hospital . It is very unfortunate that on this sacred day when monks in SL must demonstrate qualities of Lord Buddha they are trying to emulate villain Prabhakaran monk. They must learn to realize that Lord Buddha did not encourage suicide like Prabhakaran. Besides he never said cattle are more important than humans. He had always preached the uniqueness of human life and its supreme value.

While SL currently has become notorious within and without of it for ruthless human slaughter and human rights violations , this extremist monk had tried to commit suicide over the slaughtering of cattle in SL , based on his statement made a few moments prior to his suicide attempt , according to the police .

According to hospital sources , the monk is in a critical condition. As his condition was critical he had been transported by plane to the Colombo general hospital.

Subsequent inquiries have revealed that this monk, Indraratne of Bowatte who engaged in this anti religious act was a JHU member of the Pelmadulla local body ,and his membership was revoked because of his neglect of duties towards the public after being elected as their representative , that is he had been keeping away from attending the local body meetings. The JHU had earlier intimated by letter to the local body chairman that he had been sacked from the party.

later reports says The monk succumbed to his injuries at the National Hospital a short while ago, hospital sources confirmed.
Photo : R.M .R .Ratnayake
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