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Homagama DJ – a bribe taker ; most vulgar and did not oppose the impeachment motion – a Lawyer reveals
(Lanka-e-News -02.June.2013, 9.30PM) I have to write this article after reading the Lanka e news report regarding the arrest of Homagama district court judge when he went to a place to collect a bribe. That article is sans truth, perhaps because somebody had misled the website .

We know very well that DJ Sunil Abeysinghe is a judge who gives judgments tainted by partiality . Moreover , any woman who files a divorce suit , she must of necessity sleep with him to get her divorce.

When he was the judge at Walasmulla , this was clearly proved . We have evidence to substantiate this allegation. He starts hearing divorce cases at about 6.00 p.m to serve his vulgar and lusty intentions. He had also made it a habit to demand monies from businessmen of the area who seek his services. A new year celebration was held recently on his initiative at Homagama in order for him to make money.

Though he is in the age of retirement , he was given a retirement extension because he is indebted all around. We are fully aware of this.

He is one who licks money , and has no sense of shame so much so that he himself lures and accepts bribes with his own hands.

Lanka e news had questioned in its report , who is the fool who would go out to collect a bribe when he can collect it within his chamber? As lawyers who are in the legal sphere, we know Sunil Abeysinghe is indeed such a fool.

Most Lawyers are partial towards this Judge and will not say anything against him. It is not because of his virtues but because of his vices and vile ways :he is an unscrupulous judge who can be bribed readily and verdicts changed to suit the Lawyers’ ends.

There was another misdirection in the Lanka e news report : that Sunil Abeysinghe went to the hotel to inspect the place. No judge can go to do an inspection like that. Such a power is available only to a magistrate , and that too , only if there is an absolute necessity. Hence his visiting that place is a serious offence.

On the day of his arrest and when he was produced before the court , the goons who came in luxury vehicles and obstructed the taking of photographs were his gang in his Mafia operations. Surely no mafia gang will associate or act on behalf of virtuous people .

Another Lanka e news misreport was that this judge campaigned against the government during the impeachment motion . This is absolutely wrong. When the campaign was being staged boycotting courts and against the impeachment motion , Sunil Abeysinghe was among the five judges of Colombo who opposed the campaign, and reported to work on that day.

Of course it is an unequivocal truth that the MaRa regime had converted the bribery and corruption commission into one of its Kanagaroo courts , but in this instance , taking a truly corrupt judge like Sunil Abeysinghe into custody and teaching judges like him a lesson will be for the greater good of the country.

Therefore , I earnestly request Lanka e news , a website which is always truthful and fearless in its reports to publish this article , as I am of the opinion somebody had provided Lanka e news which maintains an unassailable reputation locally and internationally ,with false information in this instance to soil the website image
By Sri Lal Soorasena -Attorney at law
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