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President Listen to 'Bana' from Sirasa on Poya day morning and tries to kidnap It's media director in the evening -Joni
(Lanka-e-news-19thFeb2008, 10.00 pm) "President is listening to 'Bana' (Lord Buddha's teachings) from Sirasa Media Network on Poya Day morning and trying to kidnap it's Media Director in the evening" said UNP MP, Mr. Jhonston Fernando.

During a Press Conference held at Opposition Leader's residence today, he further stated that kidnappings and extortions have started once again and the businessman kidnapped from Negombo recently, released after paying millions as a ransom. According to the information received, one Gajanayake is behind these kidnappings etc., and UNP MP, Mr. Lakshman Seneviratne even revealed the room number of the hotel he stayed, in the parliament. Thereafter, there was a plan to kill Mr. Seneviratne and myself. "If the kidnappings are taking place even in the high security zone, President as the Defence Minister and his brother as the Secretary Defence will be responsible for same" said Mr. Fernando.

"On purchasing of weapons and other projects, commissions in millions are getting from top to bottom, and even the people's right to know what is exactly happening in the battlefield is banned by the Government by force and thuggery. Also Government is trying to control media institutions and media personnel and President is listening to "Bana" from Sirasa Media Network on Poya day morning and trying to kidnap it's News Director in the evening" quoted Mr. Jhonston Fernando.
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