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Even Ministers startled over ‘Maga neguma’ swindles under President –Dayasiri Jayasekara
(Lanka-e-News, Sep.23, 2009, 7.55 PM) UNP M.P. Dayasiri Jayasekara speaking to the media today (23), at the UNP media unit, said the ‘Maga neguma’ project to which Directors and Chairman are appointed by the President and is part of the Highways development authority has created a record for its frauds by not paying VAT, non payment of EPF and ETF to staff and annual payments due to Central Bank.

The mischievous activities of this Maga neguma is so mysterious that even the Ministers of the Govt. are unaware of its true purposes. Though widely known as a subsidiary of the Highways development authority, and having three Companies which includes a consultancy and project management., it has become better known after the President’s sister’s Deniyaya Palace construction began where tractors, staff, vehicles and even colossal funds of Maga neguma were siphoned to the private construction of the Deniyaya ‘Palace’.
By a Cabinet paper, Rs. 10 billion worth machineries and equipments were passed for this Maga neguma which had violated all the financial and administrative regulations of the country, he lamented.

The President who is only preoccupied with perpetuation of his despotic power has not implemented the 17th amendment. Owing to this non implementation there have arisen acute crises in the Police Dept., Health sector, and all Govt. sectors for non appointment of the Police commission and Public service Commission, not to mention the other commissions, under the 17th amendment, he pinpointed. Police promotions are held up. There is a huge backlog of files in the Health sector too for the same reason, he regretted.
(UNP Media)
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