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BBC Sandesaya in a crisis: media personnel in hot water
(Lanka-e-News 25.July.2010 -1.10PM) The BBC Sinhala service including ‘Sandesaya’ and other miniature services and groups world wide are to be closed down in September 2010, it has been decided, according to reports reaching Lanka e news.

This is a sequel to the recent policy of the UK conservative Govt. to minimize the release of funds to the BBC with a view to curtailing unnecessary expenditure . The new contract between the Rajapakse Govt. and the BBC was signed recently . Owing to the closure of this Sandesaya service , the SL residents in UK who are working in it and reporters from SL supplying news are likely to lose their jobs. The unions in BBC have begun discussions with the Authorities regarding the issue. However , the workers are seeking to continue the English website even if the Sandesaya Sinhala broadcasting service is terminated. The administration has , in spite of it decided to close the service.

Meanwhile, a Sri Lankan journalist who is a permanent employee of the BBC Sandesaya and is an executive member of the Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka (JDS) had been critical of the Democracy in SL in the recent past and been in the midst of a storm of controversy . The Lanka e news understands that SL is making efforts to complain to the BBC against this journalist .

The complaint is to point out that this journalist has represented the Executive Committee meetings of this media Organization (JDS) on two occasions in Germany. According to the BBC rules and regulations, an employee at the BBC cannot hold any post in another Organization. The reason adduced in support of it is , there can arise a conflict of interests because a media personnel must first conform to the basic customs and ethics. Earlier ., when a Tamil national journalist , George Alagaiah got embroiled in a similar conflict , the BBC gave notice to him to resign from the other post he was simultaneously holding.
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