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Lands of the people of North plundered ruthlessly without any control: families of Forces settle down forcibly –Tamil MPs protest
(Lanka-e-News, Aug. 03, 2010, 1.10PM) The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) alleges that the settling of families of the Forces in Mannar and Kilinochchi and the denial of ancestral lands of the displaced Tamil refugees in the North and East as a most cruel injustice perpetrated on the Tamils.

At a Press briefing on the 2nd in Colombo, Jaffna District M Ps Suresh Premachandran and M T Suvendiran pointed out this grave injustice. There is information that lakhs of families of the Forces are being settled in those areas. Consequently, the percentage of Tamils is being greatly reduced in those areas, they added.

These ancestral lands are not being restored to the Tamil people and the Govt. has appropriated those lands and is demarcating them as High security zones. When the President came to Kilinochchi to hold a meeting, he was questioned about the restoration of the ancestral lands to the Tamil people, he then assured that they will be given back to them for re settlement. Yet, the Army Commander when he met the Malwatte and Asgiriya Chapters Ven. Theros, said, for the security of the North and East, families of the Army will be settled there. Meanwhile the media Minister disclosed that the ancestral lands in the high security zones will not be given back to the owners. Therefore, President, Army Commander and the Minister are making open contradictory statements. In the circumstances, in the future, the Tamils are going to encounter tremendous hardships and living there for them will be a grave difficulty, the MPs lamented.

Suresh Premachandran addressed the media briefing as a spokesman for the TNA. When the refugees are told they can go back to their places for residence and when they have erected temporary shelters after getting back, 3 to 4 days later, they are evicted on the ground there are landmines in those places. If there are landmines in those areas, why are they made to go back for re settlement?, the MP asked.

A report compiled by the TNA MPs, Suresh Premachandran, M A Sumanthiran, S. Sivasanthi Anandan and Sridharan after they toured Shanthipuram District on 29th July 2010 was also distributed to the media. It is on the way to Shanthipuram, the welfare camps of Indhipuram and Thirumarukandhi are situated. When they were nearing the Shanthipuram Vidyalaya they met a group of Tamils carrying bags and baggage, the MPs stated. When they inquired from the group as to why they are traveling with this heavy load, those people had explained, because the Brigadier had told them they could go back to their ancestral lands, they went back. But, when they were there after erecting temporary shelters, a few days later, some soldiers had come in the morning of 29th and told them they cannot re settle as they have no permission. Hence, they had to carry this load of things and travel back. This episode had been included in the report. This was the third such instance of sending back of refugees who were re settled contained in the report.

The report contained tales of tragic scenes of weeping and wailing of the affected people when relating their woes.
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