IGP’s brutal attack :Police media spokesman lied blatantly and shamelessly ! Proved by victim’s complaint…

(Lanka-e-News -26.Aug.2017, 2.45PM)   The statement made by police media spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera at the cabinet media briefing on 2017-08-16 that the IGP Poojitha Jayasundara did not assault or inflict torture on the lift operator Samarakone Banda at the police headquarters, has been proved to be an absolute lie supported by palpable cogent evidence . It has now become very obvious  the police media spokesman told that lie on purpose to mislead the public and the cabinet. Appended herein is a true copy of the  complaint made by Abeykoon Mudiyansalage Samarakone Banda to the speaker of parliament and constitutional assembly president Karu Jayasuriya on 7 th June regarding the torture he faced on   11 th April .

In the complaint Banda has mentioned on the day the IGP assaulted him he lodged a complaint with DIG Ravi Seneviratne in charge of the CID. Because no action was taken based on his complaint he had to make a complaint to the speaker too , Banda has pointed out. Since a copy of the complaint has been sent to the president of the  Police Commission , Banda revealed  he has complained to the Commission too.

Following the exposure of the incident by Lanka e news along with a video footage , police media spokesman who addressed the media briefing on 16 th  August, in order to falsely prove  the video was bogus, lied blatantly and brazenly : ‘ that individual until today  has not made a complaint. I checked on this even today. But there hadn’t been any complaints.’ 

It is therefore now most clear Gunasekera has intentionally told a deliberate lie to deceive the public and the cabinet. 

Gunasekera at the same media briefing shamelessly told another lie. That is, 17 police officers who are lawyers including himself are running a legal association  in the police. This is impossible because within the police force forming unions is absolutely prohibited. There are only  three official associations in the police. Those  are :

1. State proclaimed  officers association of the police ( There are officers of ASP rank  to IGP rank in this association)
2.Inspector  grade officers association (there are officers of SI grade up to CI in this)
3. Junior police officers association ( this includes police constables and sergeants)

There is also  the retired officers welfare association. Any officer can join this after retirement. 

Otherwise than these associations , unlike in other government Institutions , in the police force,   forming different  unions for various  grades  is barred. 

Therefore Gunasekera’s revelation that there is a ‘Police lawyers association’ in the police is a figment of his imagination and a lie.  

To have such a liar who manufactures lies on the spur of the moment as the media spokesman is a disgrace and a danger to the entire police and the state at large . He should be immediately packed and sent home. 

The image below depicts the full complaint in Sinhala language lodged   by the lift operator Samarakone Banda with the  speaker over the torture and grave insult inflicted on him by the IGP who thereby violated section 22 of the  Prevention of torture and cruelty Act of 1994

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