Can you beat that ! Doctor who is running a sordid rest house backed by a conspiracy ,defies Minister’s order !

(Lanka-e-News - 24.Sep.2017, 7.45AM) The acting chief medical officer of the Prison hospital Dr. Nirmali Thenuwara ,the most infamously famous corrupt doctor who has been  running  a ‘sordid  rest house’ for super prisoners of her choice for about three and half years was transferred   by the Health minister Rajitha Senaratne  because of her illicit activities . Yet , unbelievably this corrupt  doctor’s transfer has not yet taken effect . Against this obstruction to the transfer  the doctors within the prison hospital have staged a strike. Consequently , for the last about 5 days , no medical treatment is being provided to the patients.
This most abhorred  mafia that is obstructing  her transfer is so powerful that , while putting aside the minister’s transfer order , they are even leaving no stone unturned to  get another equally or more corrupt scoundrel of a doctor who was earlier in the prison hospital back in her place ,based on reports reaching Lanka e news. 

Dr. Wijesinghe the notorious  corrupt scoundrel  who was in the prison hospital before Nirmali was found unfit to treat patients , and he was therefore duly recommended for only  administrative service by the Medical Council .The Medical Council arrived at that decision , because when he was in the prison hospital he faced charges of molesting women prisoners ,as well as  taking out  prisoners who were incarcerated on charges of sex workers who are unable to pay fines , and selling them in the night after taking them in his vehicle. There was an investigation into this and Wijesinghe was found guilty. 
In addition , when Wijesinghe was a doctor at the Prison hospital , he was charged with robbing Tsunami donations and proved guilty. Because his vehicle was caught transporting Tsunami donations through the rear gate of the prison , doctors’ vehicles  are now prohibited from using the rear gate . It is despite this putrid antecedence of Wijesinghe, efforts are being made again to get back this Doctor rascal  to the prison hospital , and appoint  Nirmali as his assistant  with a view to cancel her transfer . There is a vicious conspiracy to appoint this Bonnie and Clyde (Wijesinghe and Nirmali) ‘doctor double’.

It is Dr. Jayasundara Bandara the Health ministry secretary ,Dr.Priyantha Atapattu Director health service , and Amal Harsha De Silva  who have hatched this conspiracy completely ignoring the health minister’s orders,  based on reports reaching Lanka.Priyantha Atapattu  is vigorously opposed to the transfer of Nirmali , it is learnt. Nirmali who is not fortunate enough to have a legitimate husband  however is  in fact not that unfortunate. She has found in Atapattu widely known as her paramour the necessary tool to plant brinjals in her wildly growing garden full of weeds , no matter how illegitimate such arrangements are   from the point of view of decent society. 

Though Nirmali was transferred to National hospital  with effect from 2017-01-01 , the GMOA and Atapattu have seen to it that is halted. Recently when the Neville Fernando hospital was acquired by the government , Atapattu was appointed as its Director.  

After Dr. Lakshman Jayamanne and Dr.Malinda Wanasinghe were removed earlier when they were found guilty following a disciplinary inquiry , it was Dr. Nirmali  Thenuwara who was appointed  to the prison hospital. Nirmali instead of eradicating corruption and rackets in keeping with her inborn squalid traits preferred to perpetuate those   which  prevailed in the prison hospital under them . The main illicit activity was making the prison hospital a ‘Royal rest house’ for ‘super prisoners’ after collecting huge kickbacks. 
She made that a sordid rest house. Producing false medical reports to courts , creating the environment in prison to commit sexual abuse on women prisoners and other illicit activities raged.

12 other doctors who are affiliated to the prison hospital staged a strike recently . After meeting with the Health minister Rajitha Senaratne they handed over a complaint with 26 charges . The Minister thereafter ordered that Nirmali be removed and another medical officer shall replace her.

Accordingly a suitable medical officer was appointed , but the corrupt mafia is resisting this appointment , and moving heaven and earth to appoint another notorious confirmed corrupt rascal .Consequently , the strike is continuing.  

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Can't we write a big letter blaming the doctors who are striking in prison hospital who are putting the innocent ( when blaming doctors the other party is always innocent ) and poor prisoners lives at risk after getting free education form peoples money( assuming that only doctors have got free education)
-- by dileepa on 2017-09-24

Can you beat that. Selling the female prisoners for money. What kind of animals are these. These are the people who run about in super luxury vehicles . Shame on this country and your profession. Do these people have a family. How do they face the world
-- by Sambo on 2017-09-25

This Dr. Nirmali looks uncannily like a sister of Mervyn Silva.Common to both of them is that these two inhuman beings are some of worst rascals Sri Lanka has produced in the 2000s. Good luck Mr. President for your most esteemed Yahapaalanaya.
-- by Sanath Mulli on 2017-09-25

long live doctor nirmali. we need people like you and institutions like saitm to get our things done our way. that is why I like this government. they don't care about the smelly beggars. they like the rich.
-- by dileepa on 2017-09-27

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