Namal and five others arrested and remanded over Hambantota violence !

(Lanka-e-News - 11.Oct.2017, 1.30PM) Namal Rajapakse and five others were arrested on 10 th night for attacking the police ignoring the court order and unlawful assembly at Hambantota. 

The suspects were summoned to the Hambantota police for an inquiry , and after their statements were recorded they were arrested. Namal Rajapakse , D.V.Chanaka, Prasanna Ranaweera , Western provincial council member Upali Kodikara , Sampath Atukorale and ex major Ajith Prasanna were among those arrested. 

They were taken into custody based on the following charges :

Acting in violation of the court order ; unlawful assembly ; causing damage to public property; assaulting police officers ; and obstructing them in the execution of their duties. They were remanded until 16th after being produced in court .

Prior to their demonstration the court had issued a restraining order on the group including Namal Rajapakse and  D.V. Upul . Despite being lawyers they behaved most disgracefully without abiding  by the laws and staged the protests throwing the court order into the dustbin.

On the day of the protest 28 others were arrested. 

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LeN: This uneducated, uncultured synthetic "lowyer" Namal Rajafucksha should be hung by the scruff of his neck or the least castrated for abusing many young women (including his flying angels) during his father's reign of terror!
-- by shiranthee pusee on 2017-10-11

Namal, taken into police custody?Was it really MARA's podi putha Namal or Bob Ripley the American tourist who went berserk?Hasn't anybody understood why there is a word called "bail" that takes precedence in Sri Lanka law?
-- by Indra G. Paala on 2017-10-22

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