Do not open the country now and kill the helpless man -Specialist Dr. R.N.G. Rajapaksa

(Lanka-e-News -10.May.2020.11.45PM) Now we are planned to open the country but have we combated the virus?

The answer is simple, look at the chart taken at 12 midnight on the ninth. 

The virus is continuing to grow. We still have not faced the virus but we only hid ourselves. That’s why the patients and the deaths are low.

When we found the first patient on the 11th of March we hid. After hiding what we did? Did we able to assemble the required weapons and the man power to attack and defeat the enemy? Did we create plan?

The politicians got divided on both sides and began to hold the polls pulling from each ends. Whoever interprets differently the fact was that. However it must be acknowledged that the country has already survived to the extent that the highest leadership has taken steps with the academics, the high commitment of the Armed Forces, the Police and the Health Sector, as well as government, private, sector workers and the farmer community.

But we still don't have any tools to deal with the virus today. What are these tools? I'll say it again briefly because it is well worth knowing.

1.      A vaccine to prevent the disease, then we get immunity
2.      A medicine that cures the sickness
3.      Details about the virus from start to end, knowing its weaknesses will make it easier to suppress
4.      A very accurate set of tests which can find the disease. If found that can be multiply tests
5.      Testing should give quick and accurate results
6.      We all should have have the mentality of "we are not helping to spread the virus". For the moment all has the mentality of how to "get away from the police"
7.      Upgrading the facilities of the hospitals
8.      Providing PPE or security equipments such as face mask, gowns, goggles and boots for employees
9.      We should create a plan to combat the enemy
10.     Over the time people would get herd immunity. This would be the real situation

But today our situation is worse than 11th March; some specialists without knowing the real situation say that they have eradicated the virus.  We just hid ourselves. Now we are trying step out with the same situation.  What changes we have today? Have we got all the above tools?

What can we expect when innocent people are put out without security tools (even for a war)? Aren’t we exposing the innocents to death? Would this bring any other results? Economy is irrelevant here. Economy is about how people live. Is economy much important than to see sick people in every other corner of the country and cities. If so the economy would be destructed more. If the country is going to collapse like Ethiopia or China, haven’t they developed their country? Does it make sense to save money by losing our loved ones and children? Ethiopia has saved lives and made it better than we are today. Does anyone think that with the rapid increase of corona the economy will go up, and the rest of the sicknesses and the maternal mortality rate would decrease? We can take China for example. Let us be patience until the correct time comes, then we can step out. In my professional language, a healthy baby cannot be delivered in six or seven months. This effort is a step against nature.

We can rebuild the country but let us first save the lives. Let us be patience like China. Can we enjoy the freedom of living without fear and death amidst so many laws? If we can be patience for a while like the Wuhan city in China, it is truly liberating. This is my opinion and some people may find it wrong. That's the nature of the world.

Dr. R.N.G. Rajapaksa

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Translated by Robinhood

by     (2020-05-11 02:04:19)

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