GMOA bites the dust..! Says we cannot reverse government’s decision now - Joker Padeniya who begged for a discussion from Ranil lands on a tragicomedy stage !

(Lanka-e-News - 26.June.2017, 11.00PM) The failed leaders of the GMOA that has become the laughing stock of the country owing to their own ruthless, senseless, meaningless strikes  are by now via sly and scheming methods trying to portray that the policy decision taken by the government pertaining to private Medical College SAITM in May are the result of their  diabolic strikes and threats. The public no matter , the Inter University buffoons  who stoop to do the sordid biddings of the GMOA however via  that portrayal  are being taken for a ride. 

This was clearly confirmed when  the official  communique was  issued by the president’s secretary. 

Though GMOA issued a communique day before yesterday that their  decision was following a discussion held with President , in the communique issued by the  president not a word is mentioned which has reference to the discussion with the GMOA.  Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , the president gave his consent to a discussion on two strict conditions : The GMOA must call off the strike before coming for the discussion , and the discussion will not be on official terms.

It is then  the GMOA which bit the dust before meeting with the president day before yesterday, revealed to the media that they are calling off the strike, while adding that a further  communique will be issued . It was based on that the media via  a news alert  reported that the doctors had called off the strike. 

The GMOA which has become a confirmed pack of jokers , tricksters and liars after meeting with the president told the media that the president has agreed to  their four conditions . This was in fact an absolute lie , and a face saving exercise of theirs , for the president did not have  any need   to agree with any conditions anew. Nalinda Herath of the GMOA speaking like a great hero said , ‘students will not be enrolled to SAITM , degrees will not be awarded, and there won’t be a SAITM   again .’

Though this zero tried to show off as a hero , the government made its  decision not to enroll new students to SAITM ,  and suspend   medical degrees being awarded by SAITM as far back as in May this year. The statement made by the minister of higher education in this connection was : ‘Government’s instruction  is not to enroll new students’ which was reported by the Dinamina newspaper on the 15 th of May. This can be read by clicking what is within the brackets .. (පුවත්/34107)  

 ‘There will not be another SAITM in this country ‘ stated by Nalinda Herath the unmasked  zero pretending to be a hero is an absolute lie vis avis the  communique issued by the secretary to the president which  clearly states : ‘Solutions will be provided to  change the SAITM administrative structure in order that  it will function as a State and private  joint project.’ In other words it will not be closed in the manner the GMOA mafia is demanding. 

The full text of the secretary to the president’s communique is hereunder  , and the government had made these proposals  to these buffoons  about  two months ago , and these are the same proposals which were rejected by these two legged  buffaloes.

Although the GMOA said they agreed on four grounds  ,  the main grounds of the president’s secretary  are five.  In order to dupe the Inter University imbeciles and gullibles,  the GMOA has not disclosed the fifth ground.  That is ,  “the course followed by the present students at SAITM shall be so arranged  that it will be compatible with  what are accepted by the SL Medical Council , and  a system shall be devised  whereby the students of SAITM who complete their degrees now can be registered with the SL Medical Council.”

In  the communique of the president’s secretary ,there are 8 reasons stated which were announced earlier  (read the communique hereunder) 

True story behind the GMOA mafia fiasco

The GMOA mafia  commenced the strike on  the 22nd to end it at 3.30 p.m. on the 24 th targeting their annual conference , and thereby  to pose of as heroes. 

However when the provoked public that stormed into the hospitals mounted  threats of attacking the doctors on strike , and a group of  genuine doctors who did not yield to the pressures of the GMOA mafia returned to work ignoring the strike , the diabolic aims and agendas of the mafia began to fall to zero level, and so was the morale of selfish  self centered Dr. monster Padeniyas. 
The GMOA president Padeniya  and secretary Soysa (the face that attracts nothing but a good pummeling) who were going behind the president and the prime minister begging for a discussion were in the ready to somehow hold discussions , and make that an excuse to call off the strike because they were aware if they  go on with the strike for one more day , they were headed for a good thrashing .

Neither the president nor the P.M. invited the doctor monsters for a discussion. The president told those who brought the message begging for a discussion that only after the strike is called off , any discussion will be considered. Besides,  that discussion will not be official, and it  will be only to give consideration to their  woes , because the government has already done its best via its  policy decision in that regard. In fact , already with a view to standardize SAITM and private Medical Colleges , a cabinet paper containing the 8 reasons was in the ready to be tabled at the cabinet meeting , with a view to issue  a gazette notification . That discussion was scheduled for 27 th (Tuesday) of this month. What was stated in the communique of President’s secretary are the 8 grounds mentioned in the cabinet paper to be gazetted ,  in respect of which  the GMOA mafia has nothing to do. 

When the GMOA mafia was trailing and going  behind the president and the P.M. to request for a discussion  , a most interesting and intriguing incident happened. Dr. Amal Harsha is a friend of Vajira Abeywardena . The GMOA secretary Soysa ( face that attracts nothing but a good pummeling)  had spoken to Harsha and wanted him to arrange a discussion with the P..M. through Abeywardena.

When Harsha told this to Abeywardena , the latter had replied , he cannot make a request for a discussion with Padeniya from P.M. who was described by Padeniya in public as a mental patient who should be treated by a psychiatrist .
Meanwhile  Dr. joker Padeniya developed a strong  itch in his panic  to speak with the P.M. He had then spoken to Malik Samaraweera (minister) with a view  to  meet and discuss with Ranil Wickremesinghe P.M.  Padeniya who is always looking for scapegoats to pin the blame for wrongs committed by himself  had said , it is Rajitha the health minister who pushed him to this strike mania , and hence  to somehow get him an appointment with the P.M. for a discussion . 

To Padeniya’s utter dismay the  individual answering the call at the other end had a different voice , and his response was  ‘ Mr. Padeniya …I am not the Malik you wished to speak . I am Dr. Malik Samaraweera attached to Kalubowila hospital.’ Padeniya who is always in a state of mental imbalance  was so baffled he immediately terminated the call .
Padeniya who was by then in a deep predicament because of his disappointments in his efforts to get an appointment with the P.M. for a discussion had in the confusion spoken by accident with  Kalubowila hospital paediatrician and surgeon  Dr. Malik Samaraweera . He was a most bright medical student who entered the medical profession , and being a genuine doctor loyal to the oath of Hippocrates , he was  one of those who  did not support   the GMOA mafia machinations.

In  any event , Dr. joker Padeniya who attended the annual GMOA conference in the evening spoke for one and half hours. (He does not even  know talk is cheap) . Finally he said , the decision taken by the government to open private medical Colleges cannot be reversed by us now. 

If only the GMOA mafia had not opposed the use of ambulances and  the trade agreements about which they have no knowledge;  from the outset had not been  villains pursuing  the evil political agenda  to bring corrupt criminal Rajapakses back to power ; and been honestly following the  policy to raise the standard of education of private medical colleges all along , the GMOA hadn’t the need to get humiliated and insulted  to this disgraceful extent among the people. It is a pity Padeniya and his group of moronic villains must blame themselves for their present plight as they are the architects of their misfortunes. 

If the doctors were  not like  Soysas who are marauders  and hooligans, not like Heraths who are downright scoundrels , not like Padeniyas who are out and out villainous  opportunists, the trade union in the name of GMOA could have maintained  its prestige and reputation .

Meanwhile the government’s salutary aim and agenda is to maintain the standard of private Universities , and open another 15 such Universities in the future. 

In the end , the JVP the party with Neanderthal policies not in conformity with the advanced modern world  , which always takes wrong decisions and always sides with the wrong group to the detriment of its own party and the people , by trailing behind and supporting these GMOA villains has proved once again to the whole world and the people they are still in the stone age , and prefer that primitive way of life . 

Even uncouth  Sunil Handunetti making a most uncivilized and barbaric  statement ,‘it is a matter for regret the students who caused damage to the health ministry did not carry iron rods too’  only goes to confirm to what disgraceful level Handunetti and his party can  descend by encouraging immature students to resort to violence. Their becoming genuine Buddhists  by 2020 was further postponed .

Indeed it is this demonic and despicable attitude of the JVP and its leadership that led its innocent youth members  to unnecessarily die in the stupid failed JVP insurgency in the past . The JVP  sacrificed the lives of thousands of innocent youths at the altar  of their foolish selfish political agendas.
(The communique  of the president’s secretary is in the image hereunder . By clicking the small icon , it can be read after magnification. )

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