SAARC offers a full bundle of grass to our bullocks -those protesting against SAITM !

(Lanka-e-News - 31.July.2017, 6.30AM)  While a group of opportunists which includes  the Neanderthal revolutionaries and   GMOA terrorist team of doctors are staging murderous protests only  against the  private medical education in the country ,the SAARC general secretary Amjad B.Sial has proposed to launch a SAARC medical College in SL for students, in line with International standards at economical  rates for students .

This proposal was made at the international conference of health ministers of SAARC countries which was  held in Colombo on the 29 th.

SL which accepted this proposal wholeheartedly has agreed to take the responsibility and play the lead role in this undertaking, the  SL health minister Rajitha Senaratne who participated in the conference   made this revelation.

Though our Nenderthals cannot understand anything in the right perspective , the intelligent  State diplomats of South Asian countries  have understood there is a huge demand for medical education and a great many are seeking it in  wealthy European countries. Therefore it is their view  opportunities and  facilities should be provided to our students to receive medical education of  international standard  based on  reasonable charges within the zone. 

While such concern is being shown towards SL and its medical education , in contradistinction , our own so called doctors of the GMOA ( government medical officers association ) now better known as government medical oppressors association owing to their heartless attitude to suffering  patients in hospitals ,  have never ever thought of making any sacrifice on behalf of the country or the patients . They only jeopardized the lives of patients by staging anti SAITM  strikes with hypocritical motives and to serve evil  political agendas.    While enjoying free education at tax payers’ expense,  raising their private channeling fees unendingly  and demanding perks and privileges from the government unrelentingly these medical officers now rightly  dubbed medical oppressors have never asked what they can do for the country or the sacrifices  they can make  even in a health crisis when the country is facing an epidemic.
Amjad the secretary of SAARC is a foreign service officer with a wealth of experience . He was in Pakistan’s foreign service for 33 years and has a thorough knowledge in his sphere of operations. India,  Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Bangla Desh , Bhutan ,Nepal , Afghanistan and Maldives are the South Asian countries coming under the SAARC organization. SAARC is represented by 21% of the world population , and it represents 4 % of the world economy. Such a community with that infinite capacity deciding to launch the first  international medical College in SL is indeed a blessing .

Yet to the two legged  buffaloes of SL who are staging protests to close down SAITM this blessing is another bundle of grass for them to devour.  Undoubtedly going by their puerile conduct and mental imbalance  , these imbeciles and idiots are going to stage protests in front of the railway  station and scream through a megaphone that ‘SAARC organization is a tool of the imperialists ,’ and ‘ Amjad Thambiya should resign forthwith from the SAARC secretary post’ 

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