Sirisena’s foreign envoys are crooks ! P.M.’s advice ignored ; wheeler dealer Kili Maharaja given precedence !

(Lanka-e-News - 13.Nov.2017, 11.30AM)  It is an unalloyed, unexaggerated and undisputed truth that Maithripala Sirisena became the president of the country on the votes of the UNP.  Yet , sadly the president taking  full control of the appointment of foreign envoys to diplomatic missions is  totally disregarding  UNP leader’s wishes.
Though the president has powers under the constitution , since it is a consensual government with UNP its  main constituent party and the foreign ministry is that of the UNP , it is nothing but fair and ethical for him to consult the prime minister .

 It is well to recall during the tenure of office of former president Chandrika Bandaranaike under the UNP government , even though she had the powers under the constitution she did not interfere in the appointment of foreign envoys. Yet President Sirisena has now commenced appointing foreign envoys in order to augment his selfish  powers and  to use the crooked foreign envoys to  swell his coffers. 

It is also becoming increasingly clear , notorious wheeler dealer Kili Maharaja too is interfering with ulterior motives when certain diplomatic appointments are being made to foreign missions. It is therefore very evident in the future , even the appointment of foreign diplomatic envoys will be done according to  the whims and fancies of infamous Maharaja. This is because the list of foreign envoys that was recommended  by the P.M. was rejected by the president.

The president has said the  appointment of  diplomatic envoys to Russia and South Africa will not be entrusted to anyone . It is learnt the president is readying to appoint two of his henchmen for those posts.  Meanwhile Saman Weerasinghe who is the present SL ambassador in Russia has made a request to extend his term to the president through Kili Maharaja of all people. . This is of course to facilitate the Russian warship deal for Maharaja while Saman is  there, and for no other reason. 

Ravinatha  Ariyasinghe who is the present SL ambassador in Switzerland is also crawling on the laps of president Maithripala Sirisena .According to Geneva based  sources he has started  bootlicking  the president via flattering announcements with ulterior motives sidelining the  foreign minister ,who in relation to Reconciliation and human rights  is supportive of  the  policies of the government  .Ravinatha is obviously trying to  curry favor with Maithripala as a cover up methodology because Ravinatha is guilty of befouling everything in the past in the discharge of his duties.
In this backdrop , it is likely many senior officers who worked in the foreign ministry for long periods will be   deprived of  the opportunity of getting appointed as foreign envoys.  At the same time the name proposed by P.M. to the post of foreign ministry secretary has been rejected , and Prasad Kariyawasam who is always   on all fours before the president has been appointed.  Saman who was to go  home and kindle the fire , owing to this new appointment has been  further encouraged to continue with  his despicable arse licking habit with greater vim an vitality  - just within this short period his tongue has elongated so much so owing to this arse licking, it is now protruded out permanently. 

Prasad’s only ambition is to secure a foreign diplomatic appointment again within another year.

It is the general consensus , the  international image which was in tatters but  restored under the good governance government, is being placed in dire jeopardy  again owing to the latest  obnoxious trend and stupid selfish moves. In short , the foreign policy of the country is being reversed uncaringly to the detriment of the country . These portentous moves are in fact overturning the successes SL achieved in the recent past – these moves  are now turning victory to defeat.
Copious details about the movements of the P.M. and the activities of the foreign ministry are being secretly  passed to the president . A good many are engaged in that villainy. Because of president’s lopsided  ‘ vision’ of his future plans  , a  number of double faced,  double dealing officers who are benefiting from  both sides clandestinely have emerged, and among them Hassen the protocol chief plays the key  role.

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