Sampanthan thoroughly disillusioned with president after discussion – leaves venue most disappointed..!

(Lanka-e-News - 03.April.2018, 10.30PM)  The leader of TNA and the  Opposition R. Sampanthan who went to meet the president this noon regarding the no confidence motion , was  thoroughly disillusioned with the president following the discussion  , based on reports reaching Lanka e news . 

‘As Tamil people we extended support to appoint you as the president , and Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister (P.M.) . We did that hoping that both of you would get together and resolve the issues of the Tamils, and we even told that to the international community .

Hence without leaving room for issues like this, both parties should go ahead in harmony  to resolve the issues of the country .Both sides should get together and resolve  a number of outstanding matters  including  a new constitution and    the land issues of the Tamil people peacefully. We therefore ask you to carry on the government in harmony  without creating issues like this ‘ Sampanthan  , SL’s oldest politician at present had urged the president. 

The president has at once replied, he has nothing to do with the no confidence motion. The president in an effort to save his skin has told , he has allowed the UPFA and SLFP working committee to take  a decision , and accordingly they will decide.

The TNA leader who was disappointed with the president had come out , and informed, the decision his party will be taking in regard to the no confidence motion will be conveyed to the president tomorrow.
A member of TNA speaking to Lanka e news said , his party cast the votes to make Sirisena the president because they trusted Chandrika’s word ,therefore it is Chandrika who should be thrashed with the tail of the Sting ray .
Meanwhile , a website run by the media secretary of Mangala Samaraweera had revealed that there was a heated  altercation between the president and Mangala Samaraweera over the TNA voting in favor of the P.M. It reported thus.

It is the opinion of a majority of the UNP ministers that with the support of the TNA to defeat the no confidence motion , and these ministers have therefore related this possibility to the president this morning. The president who got panicky had told the P.M. directly ‘ don’t  get ready  to play games after getting around the TNA MPs.’ 

Before the P.M. could give an answer , the minister of finance and media Mangala Samaraweera  had given a terse  reply reminding the president of the history many have forgotten.

‘It is because of the game with the TNA you are in that seat . Most people have forgotten that past  , if not they have purposely expunged that from their memory . You won because of the votes of the people of North and East. If the TNA had not played the game , if the TNA had not extended the support , still Mahinda Rajapakse would be the president , and if that happened you cannot even imagine where you would be.’

Mangala had directly asked from the president ‘ how did TNA which was good then become bad now  ?’

Meanwhile a state media chief expressing his views to Lanka e news revealed ,  because the president is supporting Mahinda’s  no confidence motion he has alienated  even that little  sympathy he had that stemmed  from the sentiment  ‘ after all he is the president we appointed.’ 

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