As truth triumphs so does a man of probity in his trials ! 14 TNA members to support Ranil

(Lanka-e-News - 04.April.2018, 2.00PM)   Even before the debate on the no confidence motion that was propelled by the corrupt and the crooked to oust the prime minister (P.M.) could be taken for debate  , the motion was defeated . This was confirmed yesterday night (03) .

This is following the 14 members of the TNA which was with the rainbow revolution on 2015-01-08 deciding yesterday night to extend unconditional support to prime minister (P.M.) Ranil Wickremesinghe ( during the debate today , the conditions will be known). This decision was reached after a discussion between 13 members of the TNA including its leader R. Sampanthan, and a group of the UNP which comprised Ranil , Kabir, Mangala, Malik, and Ravi . The 14 th member of the TNA who could not be present physically, via phone intimated his support .

At the same time , the SLMC of Rauff Hakeem as well as Rishad Badiudeen group have stated they would  support Ranil.

The group of opportunists led by comedian president Pallewatte Gamarala who were anxiously waiting for Range Bandara to deliver his promise that he would  come with 20 UNP members to join Gamarala’s  herd of buffaloes were disappointed as never before, for until yesterday evening , neither the 20 members nor Range Bandara  the buffoon best known for tomfoolery appeared to cheer the buffaloes in the Gamarala race. Range Bandara  was untraceable yesterday .Apparently Gamarala had swallowed the rope Range Bandara  gave him to tie around his neck. 

Though yesterday morning it was said the SLFP team of Gamarala was  threatened to decide unanimously that the P.M. should resign , in the night when the same group  met they could not decide on what stance they should take pertaining to the no confidence motion, and therefore had to postpone the meeting  to  the following day (03). This was because the TNA deciding to support the P.M , and Range Bandara doing the vanishing trick.  Consequently ,the task of searching for Range Bandara  had to be entrusted to a light foretelling goddess. 

The UNP In response to the so called threat of the SLFP  , convening  an official  media discussion yesterday (03)  noon announced , ‘those within the government who are against it , shall resign and go home’. Accordingly , it is now confirmed, today (04)  is the D day for Gammanpila and  Weerawansa led by Gamarala , as well as S.B., Susil, Thilanga , Dilan , and Lakshman Yapa  the pinnadi  ministers ( who became ministers by begging)  who are taking refuge under them .
An SLFP stalwart and powerful parliamentarian  speaking to Lanka e news said , if  any rascal is trying to keep scoundrels like Thilanga and S.B in the ministerial posts still, it would become necessary for him to take  clubs and go to parliament .

In the circumstances ,undoubtedly , a majority of shameless villains enjoying ministerial portfolios with the patronage  of Gamarala is likely to flee without voting during  tonight’s no confidence motion .

It will be best if  the JVP before it bathes  itself with the ‘no confidence shit bucket’ of Rajapakse –Gamarala walks out of parliament , in which case  they have a chance at least this time to escape from the stench and mudslinging against them that they are traitors because they have already fastened that  label of traitors on themselves. 

Impeachment motion against Gamarala 

Doubtless , this no confidence motion will be permanently  changing the composition of this government. At the same time following the defeat Pallewatte Gamarala will have to face  , he  will have to hang the impeachment motion against him in his  own  backyard , and take treatment  for his loose motions . May be he will even  have to  hang himself. It is for Gamarala  to decide when that impeachment motion is going to crash on his head.  

Moreover , if he continues  to act counter to the mandate of 2015-01-08 , and takes one step in the wrong direction , the speaker will be accepting the impeachment motion against Gamarala bearing signatures more than the number of signatures (over 50 %) in respect of  today’s no confidence motion which is going to be victorious for the P.M. Lanka e news had already reported on this , citing the two grave charges against Gamarala in that event. Those charges relate to  appointing of two ministers on two occasions by Gamarala unconstitutionally.

Undoubtedly such unconstitutional actions of the president will be considered as serious violations by Supreme court (SC )during an impeachment motion .When that happens ,  the Rajapakses will have no grounds to hesitate to support  an impeachment motion  against Gamarala while  they are aware there is going to be a presidential election in 3 months. In those circumstances , following the SC decision , a two third majority in parliament in the second round in favor of the impeachment motion will be no issue  at all.

The company of a serpent that gobbles eggs is safer than the company of a serpent which gobbles hoppers !

Pallewatte  Gamarala who ate hoppers ( hopper gobbling  serpent) before turning enemy of the SLFP on the earlier occasion , later began  to display his treacherous and deadly  nature stemming from his innate traits of a snake under the grass , by ruthlessly turning hostile against the very group which installed him on the presidential throne . It therefore became very clear following his treacheries , hypocrisies and betrayals , that even a filthy fly that swarms over stinking excreta has better qualities than this two legged serpent . Sadly this realization dawned a trifle too late on those who trusted him implicitly. 

Another opportunity for Gamarala ….

Another opportunity will present itself to the people soon to gauge the amount of affinity of Gamarala for the revolution  because the SC has now decided that a two third majority is needed for the proposed bill for establishment of special high courts  to eliminate delays in the administration of justice , and to try the crooks and the corrupt  expeditiously. 

It is a well and widely known fact , Gamarala made loud and proud announcements that until the corrupt are jailed by him after the 10 th , and they are even driven to infernal hell beneath  the earth , he will not relent or relax.  Now it is the turn of the people to watch  to decide for themselves whether Gamarala is going to fulfill his grandiose promises  by mustering  the two third majority  necessary to establish the special courts against the corrupt scoundrels or going to resort to tricks and treacheries as usual. 

Believe  it or not famous political analyst Wimal Dheerasekera of Lanka e news made mention of Gamarala’s lonely , selfish and disastrous journey in his article as far back as August last year. He forewarned  that this uncivilized uncouth  Gamarala who is accustomed to biting the hand that feeds , may bring a no confidence motion against his own P.M. , joining  hands with  the corrupt and crooked Rajapakses who were thrown out lock, stock and barrel by the people .

Amidst all these odds arrayed against Gamarala , he still has an opportunity to prove he has not missed the last bus even though he has missed the bus . That is by abolishing the executive presidency  during the next few months  which he promised solemnly and an umpteen number of times during the run up to the presidential elections. At least  by that he can demonstrate , he is not any longer a zero but a hero , and he is not a masquerader but a ruler who  is still able to fulfill promises even at this belated stage. 

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