Conspiracy hatched by SC judges to save Rapist Abrew and thereby Rajapakses in their crimes !

(Lanka-e-news -21.Dec.2015, 5.00AM) A Supreme court (SC) conspiracy to provide relief  to notorious judge of the SC , the rapist Sarath Abrew and thereby to Rajapakse corrupt brutes is under way , according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

While a case has already been filed by the Attorney General (AG) against Abrew on heinous charges of rape ,Abrew has filed a fundamental rights (FR)petition in the SC in which Abrew is himself a judge on the grounds that the charges against him are based on political revenge .This has been handed over to the SC registrar , and the preliminary inquiry is scheduled  to be held to determine whether this shall be heard or not 

Meanwhile, Priyantha Jayawardena, a lawyer who was languishing in Rajapakse Walauwa doing nothing except bootlicking the Rajapakses , and  was made a president’s counsel and then a SC judge by the Rajapakses, now having laid hands on this FR petition is deeply in his toils to blow this ‘dead’ case out of proportion, and revive it.

While an accused in a criminal case cannot file a fundamental rights petition, manipulative attempts are being made to take up Abrew’s petition and deliver a decision ; and thereafter in order to  rescue Abrew , falsely  show  that charges against Abrew were  politically motivated and was  to take revenge on him . Incidentally , Abrew has made a request to retire , and that is take effect on 6 th January.

Abrew in his petition had stated that after he forwarded a letter of retirement based on  an undertaking  given to him  that a case will not be filed against him , he was deceived , and a case was filed. Though his plea is of no relevance to a case of heinous crime , pro Rajapakse judges led by Priyantha Jayawardena  whose brain and law books are moth eaten are conspiring to make a bloated  case out of this , take it up for inquiry , and prove this is indeed a political revenge against Abrew.

These conspirators are aiming at killing two birds with one stone. After a decision is somehow delivered in favor of Abrew , to use this as a precedent . It is their motive to cite political revenge as a grounds and  rescue the accused (Rajapakse crooks and corrupt scoundrels) when cases are filed shortly against them by the FCID. 

In the event of those cases filed by the FCID against the Rajapakse crooks being dismissed by some chance  consequent upon these subterfuges, it is their earnest hope to drive the government of good governance into a state of severe unpopularity among the masses taking advantage of that. This in other words is to pave the way for the defeated discarded  Rajapakse crooks to get a stranglehold again in the political arena. This is the plan and plot of the conspirators , but with  this report  their  clandestine and conspiratorial actions and intentions stand exposed.

In the backdrop of these  calculated  conspiracies and machinations  of these conspirators and traitors  , the masses will be able to understand  what difficulties and setbacks are faced by the good governance revolution to destroy at once  the evil apparatus created and maintained by  corrupt ,criminal, brutal Rajapakses over many years.

 A government of good governance  that has just come into being and is obstructed from all quarters  by the corrupt , criminal and the crooked , cannot act rashly or hastily to combat the growing conspiracies . These have to be handled cautiously , cleverly and calmly without playing into the hands of these traitors , villains and scoundrels , and without administering saline wittingly or unwittingly, which can only revive them.

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I voted for yahapalanaya. but I will not agree with all that they do. my voting for them does not I will be voting for them ever after. mahinda was good man who saved the country and I still love him. but that does not mean I should make him president for the third time. when he got the parliamentary mandate for it he got two thirds. but where are those who wanted him so much now? it is the same with the budget. people should know this. our representatives in the parliament do not do what we want them to do. they do what they feel is best and say they did it for us. once again I will say that I loved this website. but I feel you are biased. I feel it is not democratic. why being anti mahinda and anti doctor? haven't they done anything to this country. even gota. maithree is a great man and there is no argument as I too voted for him. give permission for private medical college. ok. then why clinicals in government hospitals? then that is not private. the government will win this and cut off permits and abolish pension.that is because it gives them the support of those who don't have pension, permits and who are jealous. but in the end they too will get it on both their sides.remember these are weapons of governments. pension is given after deducting from salaries. most go on pension after working for about 35 years. they will then live for another 10 to 15 years. by that time their children will be aove 18. how can it be a cost. I think the government earns from it. when permits are given to politicians no one talks. doctors got a tax concession and not a free car. but politicians get tax free cars. why be jealous. even your children might achieve the same. it s a benefit open to all. how can a doctor go for a child birth at night where their are no quarters? 5% of doctors have quarters. this is informed by phone. has the government given them a phone? but i guess it is ok giving phones to journalists. doctors are expected to have latest knowledge. but what would happen if they are given laptops and internet? the rich who do not go to government hospitals like politicians will not understand this. if they demand it they will say that doctors are playing with peoples lives and the few jealouse people will blame while innocent poor civillians who are 99% of the country will worship the doctors who treat them. that was why pradeep rangana was voted by common man. if people are against doctors he would not have been super star. the commenters here are not common man and their opinion is of those with jealousy. free education is open to all. some use it to achieve targets while majority waste it. is it the fault of the ones who achieve? when doctors, engineers, accountants leave the country to go abroad and earn some money they are money minded. when they come back and buy houses and cars jealousy ignites and free education talks start. but when house maids go to Saudi it is ok and they say rata wiruwo. when farmers strike, three wheel drivers strike, free trade zone workers strikes, fishermen strike no one talks of free education and common mans tax. the say they are fighting for rights. this is professional jealousy and ultimately politicians will win at the end. just wait and see. i will advice my children to learn buddhism, study hard and achieve. if not later when we are not there they will have to live a life hating successful peoples privilleges.
-- by thushan on 2015-12-21

This legal case is somewhat similar to when the United States Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas stood accused for sexual harassment of a female Law Professor. It was hilariously refered to as "the Coca Cola case".However, all comparisons end there. De Abrew is already a SC Court judge who is accused on RAPING none other than his lowly kussi amma. Considering what ENews has been divulging so far, this case might be ultimately refered to as "the Fanta -astic case" because of rhe real possibility of people attempting to pull strings in an attempt to influence an outcome that pleases rogues and criminals. Hope the strings get tightened around the correct persons neck.
-- by K. Appu on 2015-12-21

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