Arrival of Chinese nuclear submarine and warships prior to Chinese President’s visit confirm SL is a Chinese colony

(Laka-e-News- 15.Sep.2014, 11.30PM) While the Chinese President Shi Jinping is scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka (SL) tomorrow(16) , this evening a Chinese nuclear military submarine made its appearance at the Colombo harbor CICT Jetty belonging to China, Read more >>

Last updated :   16-09-2014

Sri Lanka Fact Sheet: Violations of the Right to Freedom of Religion and Attacks on Religious Minorities: March -August 2014

(Lanka-e-News- 15.Sep.2014, 6.00PM) Notwithstanding the local and international pressure, violations of the right to freedom… Read more >>

Lawyers Collective Condemns Death Threats to Attorneys Namal Rajapakshe and Manjula Pathiraja

(Lanka-e-News- 15.Sep.2014, 5.30PMM) The Lawyers Collective strongly condemns death threats to two of it's leading… Read more >>

Yet another Sri Lankan spying for Pakistan against India trapped in Chennai confirming LeN’s previous exposures

(Lanka-e-News- 15.Sep.2014, 10.30PM) The exposure made by Lanka e news during the recent past that the Rajapakse regime had provided facilities to the Pakistan intelligence divisions to use Sri Lanka (SL) as a headquarter to carry out its espionage activi Read more >>

Two unidentified men threaten Namal Rajapakse with death by pointing a knife at him!

(Lanka-e-News-14.Sep.2014, 11.30PM) Two unidentified individuals wearing helmets covering their faces completely had last evening (13) accosted Namal Rajapakse (lawyer) and threatened him with death after pointing a sharp protrusive knife (kinissa) at the Read more >>

Regime’s hidden rifts surface : Basil disappears deserting the Uva elections campaign: Poor treatment to Japanese PM

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Sep.2014, 11.30PM) While the Uva provincial elections (PC) is around the corner , the conflicts within the Medamulana Rajapakse family had deepened so much so that the SLFP national organizer and economic development Minister Basil Rajap Read more >>

SIS latest report on Uva PC: Govt. losing in Badulla; Kasippu Nilame in 3rd or 4th slot on preferential votes

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Sep.2014, 5.30PM) The defeat of the MaRa government at the Uva provincial council (PC) election had been foretold in the latest (fourth) survey report conducted recently by the State intelligence service (SIS) , according to Lanka e news Read more >>

Sashindra Rajapaksha a law unto himself : stokes violence and threatens SSP, ‘will remove your uniform if you don’t follow our instructions’

(Lanka-e-News- 11.Sep.2014, 6.30PM) The IGP of Sri Lanka Ilangakoon who made loud announcements before political party representatives yesterday (10) evening that action he will enforce the election laws duly and take action against violence had himself a Read more >>

Elections commissioner dancing with Medamoolana Devil

(Lanka-e-News- 09.Sep.2014, 11.00PM) The Elections Commissioner who woke up like Rip Van Winkle after a deep slumber had suddenly announced , because of the violence prevailing in Uva province , elections cannot be conducted in Uva , and it should be held Read more >>

The speech to be delivered at the 27th session by the new high commissioner of UNHRC

(Lanka-e-News- 06.Sep.2014, 10.00PM) The below text is the opening statement by High Commissioner of United Nations for Human Rights, Al Hussein; will deliver on the 8th september 2014 at the 27th session. The text of which will be distributed in the ro Read more >>

As Gota’s kudu (heroin) image reveals itself so he makes new diabolic plans to conceal –creates new unit under Wakishta

(Lanka-e-news- 29.Aug.2014. 1130PM) Following Lanka e news exposing kudu (heroin) Gota’s kudu business with photographs testifying to it , Gota had given orders to the police to arrest ‘kudu Nuwan’ who everyone know is a second row heroin... Read more >>

Medamulana MR refuses to undergo surgery and returns: Prior to his illness has revealed his self sought disaster

(Lanka-e-News- 28.Aug.2014, 11.30PM) Medamulana Percy Mahendra Rajapakse who flew to America most secretly to obtain medical treatment for his blood in urine disease (hematuria) has refused the conventional medical treatment , and is returning to Sri Lank Read more >>

Elections Commissioner’s sordid and unscrupulous conduct opposed from within his own department – rebellion within

(Lanka-e-News- 26.Aug.2014, 11.30PM) It is a universally acknowledged fact that an Elections Commissioner ought to be absolutely impartial given the fact that he holds a most responsible position , and any corrupt activity of his can bring ruination on a Read more >>

Elephant stuck in mud dies: Crane that could save her taken to construct Wild life Minister’s building (vide pathetic photos herein)

(Lanka-e-News-14.Sep.2014, 11.30PM) This elephant (in photo) belonging to the endangered species in Sri Lanka on the road to extinction lived in the wild life park at Uda Walauwe. Following the droughts , this elephant which traveled to the middle of a v Read more >>

MCSL Special General session: Keynote address by Ven. Prof. Kotapitiye Rahula Thero

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Sep.2014. 6.30PM) Special general meeting of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka to be held at the committee “Room A” of the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) on Sunday the 14th of June 2014 at 9.30 AM. The meeting Read more >>

Gotabaya throws inaugural party to mark his entry into politics – no SLFP Colombo district leaders invited

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Sep.2014, 5.30PM) Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapakse the notorious criminal defense secretary heading the list of the legion of criminals of the Rajapakse regime, whose not only the hands but even the face is bloodied due to crimes committed h Read more >>

SC disfavors fair and free elections! Elections Commissioner’s FR petition decided by Basil’s ex secretary

(Lanka-e-News- 12.Sep.2014. 11.55PM) The Sri Lanka Supreme courts (SC) that has turned into a stinking garbage bin of the Temple Trees contributing further to the already existing stench of the latter , dismissed a fundamental rights (FR) petition within Read more >>

Long awaited news for viewers! we are now with a refreshingly new look and IP number –convey to us your sentiments

(Lanka-e-News- 11.Sep.2014, 8.30PM) The Lanka e news website which braved every monumental storm it faced had been able to survive ,in order to serve our countless and faithful viewers , could not however renew the website for the last six years .Our webs Read more >>

Spoken like a diplomat

(Lanka-e-News- 10.Sep.2014, 11.00PM) Diplomats invariably have to lie through their teeth to protect the stance taken by their respective governments. In instances where governments are renowned for human rights abuses or crimes against humanity, foreign Read more >>

Statement on meeting between Defence Secretary and NGOs at the ministry of defence on 04.09.14

(Lanka-e-News- 10.Sep.2014, 11.00PM) Representatives from eleven non-governmental organisations who were engaged with CHOGM 2013 and the associated Commonwealth People’s Forum met with Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and other officials from the NGO Read more >>

Good Bye Comrade Sarath Justin Fernando, Founder –MONLAR - By Lionel Bopage

(Lanka-e-News- 09.Sep.2014, 9.30PM) Comrade Sarath Justin Fernando and I met as students of the Engineering Faculty in Peradeniya campus in the late 1960s. Justin as we came to know him was from a very well-known leftist family from Kegalle. Together we w Read more >>

Gota convenes special security meeting: government to solve its election violence with answers more criminal

(Lanka-e-News- 30.Aug.2014, 11.30PM) At the brainstorming special meeting summoned by Sri Lanka (SL) criminal defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse last 27th, the reports pertaining to the election results furnished by the defense Ministry intelligence div Read more >>

Behind Uva escalating elections violence is none other than the President –Glaring evidence

(Lanka-e-News- 28.Aug.2014, 11.55PM) During the last two days since the Uva elections campaign began , the elections violence had risen meteorically as confirmed by the elections monitoring report released today- it has increased by 76 more cases of viole Read more >>

...and now Namal and Nimal to plunder Kotalawala’s remaining business companies too

(Lanka-e-News- 26.Aug.2014, 11.30PM) Namal Rajapakse the synthetic lawyer of Sri Lanka (SL), son of MaRa and Nimal Perera , a notorious racketeer who indulged in a number of fraudulent transactions when involved in the Colombo stock... Read more >>

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