20 officers of intelligence division of the forces were among Gnanassara supporters in court : Gnanassara urinates with robe on

(Lanka-e-News -29.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) The police had been able to identify that about  20 members of the intelligence divison of the armed forces were among the civilians who were present on the day Gnanassara the robed drunkard monk was remanded by the Homagama court  . These members of the forces had come there to extend support to the robed hooligan monks , the  ‘Henchassaras’ who asembled at the court premises to create bedlam.

The police when preparing the report of the incident to be forwarded to the government , the group of the police force are fearing to incorporate this discovery in the report  because they suspect that these officers  have  been present there with the knowledge of the ministry of defense, president Maithripala Sirisena. This group of police officers are afraid that if they discharge their duties duly , their jobs are at stake.

5 months ago , when this notorious hololigan monk Gnanassara contested elections he could poll only 600 votes in the whole ditrict , while his lay henchmen who contested another district could poll only about 70 votes, which is clear demonstration to what extent the people are rejecting this monk despite wearing the most sacred saffron robe. 

It is the view of the investigators that while this is a monk  who is discarded , and more abhorred than a monster by the people , still could muster this amount of courage to barge into the court most rudely and rowdily is because   of the president , who sent  the officers of the intelligence division to support this murderous  monk Gnanassara who is insulting  Buddhism every minute of the day based on his most anti - Buddhist evil conduct. 

If Sirisena can  provide legal aid to  murder suspects,   sending the intelligence division officers on behalf of hoologan Ganassara the devil incarnate   is unsurprising , they added.

Prior to ths incident,the media reported that Gnanassara met with the president on the 18 th, and this was not refuted by any side .

The people protested that Gnanassara who is a disgrace to Buddhism and a very antithesis of a true Buddhist should not be given luxury comforts in the hospital when he was being remanded , yet he had been provided with those comforts and admitted to hospital after being remanded. It is reported that Gnanassara had begun urinating with  his robe on , and had to be admitted to hospital for urinary infection. 

It is Prison officer Emil Ranjan who is functioning as the Prison authority (administration)- a bootlicking lickspittle of Gotabaya Rajapakse who had made available all the comforts to Gnanassara . It is learnt that Gotabaya had phoned Emil Ranjan many times after this hooligan  monk who is disgracing and disparaging Buddhism was remanded. 

Sadly , despite Nishan Dhanasinghe being  appointed as the   Prison Commissioner General , it is Emil Ranjan who was bootlicking  Gotabaya all along is still holding sway over  the prison. The government of good governance instead of meting out pnishment to this scoundrel of a prison officer most notorious for his worst corrupt activities , has elevated  him as the Prisons Aunthority (administration ).

It is on the orders of  Emil Ranjan who acted high handedly ignoring the Prison Commissioner General, the disgraceful monk Gnanassara  urinating with his robe on was admitted to the hospital .

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In the enews photo, we see Gnanassara practicing Chinese-style Buddhism i.e. karate, judo, jijutsi etc.Now one may question, why does such a foolishly- bold yellow-belted thuggish-rowdy-of-a-monk want to urinate so timely and suddenly in his half-robe?What was that ridiculous diagnosis to be deemed bedridden?Only improperly weaned imbiciles bedwet.What I think is that Gnanassara likes being mollicoddled by some pretty nurses while he is served a buffet-dhane by a prostrate Baya Gotha whose very name wants people to vomit.Should Gnanassara be given a light prison sentence, he is sure to head off to a cushy hospital bed once again, only this time for soiling his half-robe even more yellow than usual.Don't be suprised if the diagnosis will be worm-trouble.
-- by Karate Khidd on 2016-02-01

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