Sorry plight of SLT and Mobitel ! IDD earnings drop by 50% : president’s bro via ‘call termination’ gobbles up in millions

(Lanka-e-News -03.Feb.2016, 9.00PM) Kumarasinghe Sirisena the chairman of SLT and younger brother of president has lined his pockets by siphoning off the revenue  of Rs. 2 million to 3 million  per day of the SLT via the ‘Call termination business’ into his pockets, based on copious and cogent evidence which substantiate the accusation.

One clear evidence bearing testimony to this accusation is , the SLT that was earning on 30 million minutes on IDD calls before Kumarasinghe became its chairman dwindling to 17 million minutes after Kumarasinghe’s advent to the SLT . That is the business has dropped by as huge as 43 % !  

The Mobitel Co. which also comes under the purview of Kumarasinghe is also in a sorry plight,  much worse – the business drop is as huge as over 50 %!

Though  new international call changes  and their usage could engender some losses , this monumental loss is impossible under any circumstances , because the international minutes call usage  has not declined this steeply in respect of other international telecom  companies. This is because the international call business of SLT and Mobitel having been  entrusted to wheeler dealers in the name of ‘ call termination business.’ There is strong evidence in support of this accusation.

Before the president’s younger brother Kumarasinghe Sirisena forcibly took over the post of chairman SLT , during the Rajapakse era , Namal Rajapakse was paid a sum of Rs. one million per day to divert  the ‘Call termination business’ into the hands of wheeler dealers. But that time , the IDD calls usage in  minutes  did not decline by so many millions of minutes as at present. This is clear further evidence that the present wheeler dealers are  racketing and earning two or three fold even more  than the Namal Rajapakse  ‘Call termination’ business culprits. The inference is : If Namal was paid Rs. 1 million per day , now , president’s younger brother is being paid  two or three fold more than that now.

If the Call termination business is to be carried out ,a sub contract to sell international calls on wholesale has to be signed with the Telecom or Mobitel Co. In the past that was secured via the E I technology . Through  that 30 calls could be simultaneously obtained via one E 1 line .But under the new SIP technology there are facilities to obtain a large number of calls at once.

What a   wheeler dealer who is involved in the call  termination racket does is he takes  the calls using this facility , and on the sly without the knowledge of the Telecom and Mobitel , pockets the entire money collected. Though these rackets can be trapped and equipments as well as teams are available for that , the president’s brother Kumarasinghe has de activated all those  equipments and that division. Obviously this is to give protection to his wheeler dealers and to allow them to carry on the rackets without let or hindrance. 

During the Rajapakse era  as this racket was on going and  this was operated by Namal Rajapakse , Thusitha Haloluwa and Krishantha Cooray of Director board of SLT under the government of good governance agitated for the removal of Ranjith Roobasinghe of the Mobitel board because there was room for him to persist in  his perfidious activities . (His frauds and rackets are already under investigation at the FCID and CID !) . Yet , the president and his younger brother are together turning a blind eye . 
Finally , instead of ridding the Institution of the rogue, Halloluwa and Cooray who demanded the clean up were removed. Later when the cat was out of the bag  Roobasinghe was dismissed  from the post of Director SLT and appointed to the Telecom Campus of SLT. Since president’s brother is the chairman of SLT and Mobitel , this dismissal of Roobasinghe  is to say the least most fraudulent. That is dismissing Roobasinghe from one post only to  appoint him  to another at the same time. 

It is hard to believe that out of the huge amounts of monies gobbled up by Kumarasinghe , a portion of it does not line the pockets of president Maithripala going by the monumental efforts made by the latter to whitewash the glaring frauds and corruption of Kumarasinghe his younger brother .  

It is not known whether minister Harin is pretending not to know even after knowing well of these massive illicit collections , and since  the president’s brother is acting by passing the minister , the latter too is unable to do anything .  

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