''80 Ambulances already obtained from Rs. 1 billion granted by Mody: So don’t object to this service'': Dr. Harsha’s answer to heartless GMOA mafia doctors

(Lanka-e-News -02.March.2016, 11.30PM) Is there anything wrong in signing an agreement with the largest ambulance service country in the world , to  launch an ambulance service in Sri Lanka (SL) ? Mind you it is only the technology ownership of this ambulance service will be vested with the foreign country, and that will also be only for one year.Deputy minister of foreign affairs , Dr. Harsha De Silva addressing a media briefing yesterday(01) revealed while urging those who are indulging in stupid arguments not to obstruct this launch devised and designed in the larger interests of the nation .

Nalin De Herath the secretary to the GMOA ,-the mafia organization of SL doctors of the government ,convening a media briefing recently , uttered a profusion of lies and bluffs ( the only thing the GMOA mafia group can do well) to defend  the foolish contention  that this ambulance service to be introduced will be a threat to national security, while also alleging that it will be  a betrayal  of the country to Indian security .

What this buffoon of a doctor who is accustomed to tomfoolery all the time had not understood is , at present  a poor patient is transported in a three  wheeler because of the lack of this ambulance service. How can these  self centered doctors alias mafia gang  operators understand the sufferings of the poor when their gaze are fixed only on  their self fattening aims and objectives of getting a ‘pinnady car’ (free cars and permits) and other unreasonable perks at tax payers’ expense ? It is very unfortunate that there was no one to ask this buffoon of a doctor Herath , is it alright to use the Indian  three wheeler while rejecting the Indian ambulance?

Dr. Harsha replying to the stupid and fallacious arguments advanced by moronic inhuman Dr. Herath had this to say ……

 “Four children died recently following a vehicle accident  at Bandaragama, and seven others sustained serious injuries. At that moment when the acciident occurred , a mother cried and screamed , ‘please get an ambulance’ ”

Sadly , an ambulance could not be got down until the children died.  This is the actual situation in this country. When an accident occurs or somebody gets a stroke , there is no ambulance to take the victims  to hospital.

On the other hand there is another group , when they fall sick they get admitted to hospitals such as Apollo, Durdans and  Lanka hospital .They can even get down an ambulance at their will and pleasure from these expensive hospitals. Besides , when they go to those hospitals , they can even speak to the ‘Insurance’ and get their matters attended. But an ordinary average citizen cannot enjoy these facilities. 

Charles N. De Silva donated a large plot of land to build the Colombo general hospital.World famous business tycoons like Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have donated 90 % of their wealth towards the people of the world.  Hence , I am hereby openly inviting our country’s affluent individuals with huge wealth to join with us , and contribute towards  helping  the country to have an ambulance service .

Right now there are only 80 ambulances, therefore please join with us to swell that fleet to 300. Many groups are blabbering and bluffing linking the ambulance service with the  ETCA agreement. I say taking full responsibility that the  ambulance service has nothing to do with  the ETCA. We are all aware that the primary health service won international  acclaim.

In 2015 , when prime minister (P.M.)Mody  came to SL , he granted a sum of Rs. One billion to commence an ambulance service. In the first phase  , 80 ambulances were purchased. Similarly an agreement was signed with the country that has the largest ambulance service for a period of one year. With the assistance of their technological expertise an agreement was signed to introduce their ambulance service in SL. What is wrong in that ? Mind you the ownership of these ambulances are vested with our health sector . We are only securing the technology of the foreign country. Hence , we wish to tell those who are creating issues and concocting stories , please immediately discuss with the Director General who is functioning as the chairman of this project , and  the other committee members , and try to understand the facts in the right perspective. Do not disrupt or express displeasure at this most friendly service agreed upon between the two countries.”

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