Conspiracy of Wijedasa , Pilapitiya, Pamila, Poojitha, Hettiarachi to save Elephant rogue judge Thilina Gamage exposed..! Justice made a mockery..!

(Lanka-e-News -20.may.2016, 7.20AM) While the attention of the people is focused on  the present catastrophic situation following  the natural disaster  ravaging the country , and the impending Wesak celebrations , the inside information division of Lanka e news is in receipt of a most rudely shocking report of a wicked conspiracy to make a mockery of justice and usurping  the legal foundations of the country thereby subverting  the very  course of justice in broad daylight by  the combined efforts of minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse , the Colombo chief magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya, Judicial service commission (JSC) assist. Secretary Pamila Rathnayake , defense secretary Karunaratne Hettiarachi , IGP Poojitha Jayasundara and magistrate Thilina Gamage . 

This conspiracy came to light day befre yesterday (18) in  the Colombo chief magistrate court , and its aim was to save Thilina Gamage (magistrate) the Elephant rogue from being arrested .

Herein is the report  on the verdict illegally delivered by Pilapitiya without  Attorney General department’s representation which broke  all ignominious records on this planet..!

While the case of the Elephant rogues was  scheduled to be heard at a future date ,Gihan Pilapitiya the chief magistrate advanced the date of this case in much the same way as street urchin   jumping over the forbidden railway crossing ,  because Pilapitiya wanted to hear it yesterday (18) itself . The most irksome and unlawful feature of this hearing was , this case was taken up without even the knowledge of the AG’s department , that is  in the absence of the prosecution (AG’s department) ! This  constituted a most cruel conspiracy and  a travesty of justice .While  Dileep Peiris the crown counsel representing the  AG’s department had gone to Anuradhapura yesterday for another case , Pilapitiya jumped over the forbidden railway crossing like street urchin , to hear this case yesterday.

Believe it or not ! even after the CID  that  conducted the investigations making a request to Pilapitiya  to postpone the case as the AG department was  not represented yesterday , Pilapitiya unheeding the request, took up the case for hearing. Such a controversial hearing   and such a  deplorable and despicable  conduct of a judge had never been witnessed before  in the sacrosanct courts. The  controversial decision taken too  in the absence of the AG ‘s department representation never  ever had taken place in the whole planet ! Yet that was the most reprehensible scenario witnessed in fact yesterday to the rude shock of  all present in the chief magistrate court , Colombo with the chief magistrate  himself at the epicenter !

On top of his topsy turvy behavior, the judgment delivered by Pilapitiya was even most ludicrous  – it surpassed the mockery judgments of Kekille Court of ancient times. That is , the interim decision taken to hand over the Elephants that were held captive by the Elephant rogues without license  (which are now in the custody of the Wild life department) to the elephant rogues themselves after signing the ten million rupee bond until the Elephant Perahera concluded citing the reason that they are to be used for the pageant.

This is analogous  to a situation in which the robbed gold articles are kept not in the custody of  the court but handed over  to the rogue  himself  subject to signing a bond, until the court’s judgment is delivered. 

No judge is permitted to  deliver such a verdict , and it is absolutely unlawful. Despite being a judge, Pilapitiya took advantage of  the piety of the Buddhist people to distort the true picture by lying that the  Elephants are to be used for the hallowed Elephant Perahera . But the true position is ,the   Elephants that are   in the possession of  the rogues are not  what are  used in the pageant .There are 110 Elephants used for the pageants , and these Elephants of the rogues are not among them .

The verdict of Gihan Pilapitiya is based on a conspiracy

The main objective of their  manipulations  was to save Thilina Gamage from being arrested. 

When the CID summoned Thilina the Elehant rogue to come and make a statement  with a view to arrest him on the 13 th , Thilina kept away .Again the CID summoned him on the 18 th (yesterday) . 

Through an interim manipulated  judgment on behalf of elephant rogues , the gravity and seriousness of robbing Elephants was played down and belittled. It was in order to achieve this dastardly goal , even when the crown counsel was absent to prosecute , this elephant rogue’s case was heard the whole day , and a judgment delivered in his favor. Unbelievably , prior to this Gihan Pilapitiya engaged in another unlawful act too.

That is summoning 16 Wild life officers who are future witnesses in the elephant rogue Thilina’s case , to his chamber privately and putting through a ‘deal’. This is an unethical action on the part of a judge since a judge cannot invite the witnesses to his chamber and have secret discussions in the absence of the lawyers.

Following the decision delivered by Pilapititya , the accused Thilina the Elephant rogue informed the CID which summoned him , that he cannot visit the CID yesterday and would arrive there on the 27 th.

What’s more ?The IGP too has extended a lot of support towards  this conspiracy. He has also exerted pressure on the CID against taking Thilina into custody. Wijedasa Rajapakse  the corrupt minister of justice too giving phone calls (having nothing better to do) to the CID had said ‘ Do not take Thilina Gamage into custody ,we are taking court action,’ based on reports reaching Lanka  e news inside information division. In addition , the defense secretary Karunasena Hettiarachi too has instructed the CID not to arrest Thilina. From these maneuvers , one can imagine the double standards practiced when enforcing the law in Sri Lanka , and the extent to which the law enforcing officers are hampered and hindered when executing their duties duly owing to the  interference of politicians , the police higher up and others who are having vested interests in the case. 

The conspiratoral gang 

Thilina Gamage and Pilapitiya are two pals are so close they wear only  one pair of jockstraps for that suffices for both of them because of their such close proximity . Pilapitiya is related to the IGP .. The other Elephant rogue in this case apart from Thilina is Dela Bandara who is also a relative of Pilapitiya. It is therefore no wonder saving  the  Elephant rogues was their  fundamental goal , and claimed their  full attention. Thilina Gamage got his training as a junior lawyer from Wijedasa Rajapakse, and therefore the latter had motive to save Thilina on that ground.

Moreover , Thilina before his judicial appointment ( he was introduced to  the judiciary by infamous ex chief justice Sarath Nanda Silva), he was the working Director at the low lying reclamation Board during the period when his elder brother was a provincial council member under the political party of Dinesh Gunawardena, and it  was Somaweera Chandrasiri a   sidekick of Dinesh who was the chairman of the low lying land reclamation board at that time .

When Thilna was a working Director of the board , he sold  low lying lands of the government to several bigwigs of the legal sphere at very much low prices compromising national interests . Indeed , the present CJ Sripavan is one who gained on Gamage’s illicit land deals. At that time SriPavan was a deputy solicitor General  ,and Thilina had sold a state land for a song to him.. It is therefore understandable why these conspirators made a stampede to save Thilina the Elephant rogue.

This is a sordid drama which is sadly  a clear portrayal of unlawfulness at its worst by so called legal heroes  ,  and in the   second episode  of the drama the main role was played by the Judicial service commission (JSC). 

The only other place the  inquiry can be held is the JSC . Unfortunately the president of the JSC is the chief justice , and he is none other than the  one who secured aforementioned land benefits from Thilina . On top of this ,a bosom pal of this group is Pamila Ratnayake ,the Assist. Commissioner of the JSC.

Moreover Pamila , Gihan and Thilina are pals who eat and drink together more often than not. The JSC which postponed often  the investigation into Thlina’s criminal involvement , met yesterday (18) evening .Pamila at the meeting informed that Pilapitiya spoke to him , and the latter instructed Thilina to appear in court on the 25 th. The CID too had given the consent to it , and therefore Thilina shall  not be arrested , he had elaborated. 

The above announcement was a  blatant lie of Pamila because such a thing never took place in the court. If he is to insist  that it actually happened , and since it certainly did not  happen in the open court ,  possibly  that arrangement Pilapitiya explained could have taken  place in the closet or latrine of Pilapitiya’s home .since no permission was obtained from the CID , nor was a  request   made in open court as  was claimed by Pilapitiya ..   

This spurious drama enacted in the magistrate court yesterday at the expense of  sacrosanct justice and sublime laws of the country was confirmed as a mockery of justice at its peak , and a cold calculated judicial conspiracy  vis a vis the news report that was published in a news website of a spy of Gotabaya Rajapakse on the 17 th ( that is before ) which fanned  an opinion well ahead of  this case .

The bottom line is , if this is how the judiciary of the good governance government going to function , that may well  be the beginning of the end of the Rainbow  revolution. 

Lanka e news inside information division is not sure whether the story doing the rounds which  Thilina Gamage has told his friends is true. He had related to his friends  he met president Maithripala Sirisena  on May day at Polonnaruwa and came to a settlement . Whether this story is true or false can be figured out by the public based on the response shown by the president . Interestingly and intriguingly , the Elephant calves are now under the ministry of environment belonging to the president.

By a special correspondent 
Translated by Jeff

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The Commonwealth Lawyers Assoc. will take note of this. Of course the UN will insist on International Judges, citing this as the standard of Justice even now, as Humanity is the object in the UN Resolution and not baby elephants!
-- by punchinilame on 2016-05-20

Interestingly The President who attended the anticorruption forum in UK remains silent in his own country in terms of the scoundrel ministers Wijedasa, Ranatunga, etc in his cabinet. Is thisd what we voted you for and what you promised Mr President.
-- by I O Sirisena on 2016-05-21

Please don't realease these elephants where they will be cruely abused! They deserve a good life ,and why the hell do you even allow humans to own these magnificent creatures. The world is cruel and out of control abusing these poor elephants:(
-- by Dawn hirano on 2016-11-15

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