Minister of home affairs Abeywardena pulls the wool over eyes of good governance government !

-Carries Pelpita from latrine cesspit to ministry cockpit !!

(Lanka-e-News -24.May.2016, 9.00PM)    Minister of home affairs Vajira Abeywardena has pulled the wool of over the eyes of  good governance government by appointing Anusha Pelpita  ,an accomplished  rogue of the Rajapakse Blue Brigand  of the ‘nefarious decade ‘as the additional secretary to his ministry.

It is this Pelpita  who is named as the second accused in the biggest financial fraud amounting to Rs. 600 million dubbed as Sil redhi (cloth)  fraud. Already a case is on going in the court and its next date of hearing is on the 25 th (tomorrow).

When Lanka e news inquired from the minister on why such a crook was selected for this responsible post , he gave  a most  perplexing answer :

''During the disaster struck situation , it s impossible  for me  to carry on the ministerial tasks . There is a staff shortage of about 30 in number. There is a shortage of three additional secretaries. No accountant. On Audit officer. No engineer. How can  the ministry be run under these circumstances? Anusha Pelpita was in the pool.  He is not interdicted. I studied his case , there are no charges against him. The charges are there against the former secretary of the president Lalith Weeratunge  . Anusha has only carried out  Weeratunge’s orders. This case  will be dismissed''  Abeywardena related. That is the latter  had even decided and concluded the case. 

Vajira Abeywardena who took oaths as the minister of home affairs on 4 th September 2015 had for 8 long months failed to fill the vacancies in his ministry. That  lapse is his and not ours. It only demonstrates how ‘efficiently’ (deficiently) he is running his ministry .

On the 21 st , Lanka e news published a report ‘ rogues have even taken advantage of the disaster’. It was revealed via  that report the crooks and the corrupt of the ‘ nefarious decade’ are taking advantage of the current disastrous situation and indulging in all the vile and corrupt activities when actions are being taken by the government  casting aside political differences in the larger interest of the abysmally suffering people of the country and to tide over the dire crisis. Vajira Abeywardena ‘s  action is a perfect illustration of such exploitation , and it is crystal clear he has cashed in on the situation well and truly. 

The minister’s claim that there are no charges against Anusha is a blatant and brazen lie .On the 12 th of February , the Colombo High court judge read out the charges  in court to Anusha and Lalith Weeratunge. The charges are hereunder.

 ‘The Attorney General had filed  indictments against the accused based on charges of committing financial irregularities during  the period between 30 th October 2014 and 05 th January 2015 ,  a sum of Rs. 600 million in cash belonging to the Sri Lanka Telecom Regulatory commission was transferred or to be  transferred to  account No. 7040016 maintained at the Taprobane branch of Bank of Ceylon  in the name of a Sil cloth program in violation of the SLT Commission Grants Act  No. 25 of 1991  ,  jointly with persons  in Colombo not known to the prosecution.’

In addition the AG has named 21 witnesses and included 15 articles  as ‘court productions’ against Pelpita and Weeratunge in this case.

Minister Abeywardena despite these glaring facts said ,’ I read his case , but there aren’t any charges.’ 

We can understand if Abeywardena had made these utterances after putting an infant’s soother in his mouth. We know Abeywardena completed only half of the term of the Diploma  at the Moratuwa NDT technology Institute, His passing the  law exam or when he passed is not known.

‘Anusha Pelpitiya was in the pool . He was not interdicted’  - Abeywardena 

Previously the ministry of public administration and ministry of home affairs were one. When the joint government separated the ministries scientifically , the ministry of public administration was allocated to Ranjith Madduma Bandara , and the home affairs ministry was entrusted to Abeywardena. When this was being done , Pelpita a government officer the  accused was not interdicted. This omission was  simply because of  the ‘ ‘deeds’ of minister Madduma Bandara , but that  does not give cause to Abeywardena to act this clownishly and stupidly  as he did, because  under the Establishment Act  second part (1999) 27 : 10 and 27 :11 relating to the disciplinary conduct of a government officer , it is clearly explained what action shall be taken against Pelpita. 

27:10 This section clearly states as follows : 
If a case is filed in court  against a government officer based on a crime committed  or on charges of Bribery and corruption , the official in charge shall with immediate effect interdict that officer involved’

In the circumstances , Pelpita ought not be  in the government administrative pool , neither can he be  the additional secretary of Vajira Abeywardena . Instead he should be  at home under interdiction orders. If Yoshitha Rajapakse a Naval officer was  interdicted even before the case which is still not   filed  , surely Abeywardena must be suffering from mental decay or acute  dementia to appoint Pelpita as additional secretary even while  a case is already  being heard against him in court.

‘Anusha Pelpita has only carried out Lalith Weeratunge’s orders’ - Abeywardena

Abeywardena trying to white wash and defend Pelpita , the former has fallen from the frying pan to the fire . He had only betrayed his abysmal ignorance of the basic laws of the country despite being a minister. There is no law to excuse an officer or  exonerate him who acts on the illegal orders of a  superior officer .

When Pelpita was the chairman of the SLT regulatory commission , he was such  a low grade scoundrel who went out of the way and outside the law to carry out the politically motivated orders of Rajapakses .The case in point is , Pelpita banning the news websites in SL without any legal base. Because of the dastardly action of Pelpita in order to bootlick the Rajapakses , the entire country earned the disrepute internationally as  a country without media freedom .

To Ministers like  Vajira Abeywardena the wheeler dealer who knows nothing about good governance  what matters most is , getting together with racketeers like Pelpita and pulling   the wool over the eyes of the government of good governance . His aim and objective is to thereby alienate the people from the good governance government , and form a ‘deal putting through ‘ government . May we recall Lanka  e news reported earlier on , it was Vajira Abeywardena the notorious wheeler dealer  wizard who acted as the intermediary to put through the infamous ‘deal,’ that is, when  filing the case against   Pelpita and Weeratunge , they were not to be taken into custody. 

While those with brains are flushing out the excreta in the latrines , Vajira Abeywardena on the other hand prefers to take up the role of a latrine coolie . He is with his own hands carrying the excrement bearing the name Pelpita  and placing him in his  compound  . Not enough the insult he is inflicting on the government of good governance via  his latrine coolie activities, he is even going so  far as to  proudly and strongly defend Pelpita  ‘ See this excrement does not stink. It is fragrant,’  he argues.

The Prime Minister turned red at more than one place when a pro government of good governance media secretary was being appointed .Now the good governance community is anxiously and intently watching which part of his will turn red when a rogue of the Blue brigand is being appointed as the additional secretary of a ministry against whom there is even a case  pending in high court . 

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It appears to me that your high-ranking government-appointed officers are sooooo crooked and corrupt. Your Prime Minister has cultivated many friendships to his advantage while he was dealing iwth Norwegians during the Cilivl War in Sri Lanka. Norwegians have built a rich nation and they are in the top 5 in Tranparency International's list.I am sure that there are several unemployed Norwegians willing to work for free if they are afforded the prime benefit of spending a lot of free time on the beach.In such a case, your Prime Minster can maintain his sublime dusky skin tone while it will be the unwitting Norwegian consultants who will be turning red due to tropical sunburn
-- by Ambros Adelstein on 2016-05-26

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