The PSC secretary who appointed Anusha Pelpita the Sil cloth racketeer as a ministry additional secretary is also a crook..!

(Lanka-e-News -25.May.2016, 7.15 PM) The secretary of the Public Service Commission (PSC) that  authorized the appointment of  Anusha Pelpita  the notorious Sil redhi (cloth)  racketeer as the additional secretary to the ministry of home affairs is himself a most corrupt scoundrel , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

There  is a case filed in the high court against Pelpita, the notorious  crook in connection with a fraud (Sil redhi) and misappropriation of public funds to the tune of Rs. 600 million , and he ought to be interdicted under the Establishment code by  the secretary of the PSC finally . Instead , without interdicting him , it is the secretary of the PSC who has appointed Pelpita as the additional secretary with the approval of the minister of home affairs. (with Commission’s green light). This is an absolutely wrongful action.

H.M. Gamini Seneviratne the secretary of the PSC under the present government is a State administrative service officer. He was a former district secretary , Kandy. There is  an investigation  at the Bribery and corruption commission against him  pertaining to a financial fraud committed by him involving public funds when he was the district secretary, Kandy.( a detailed report thereof shall be revealed later).

To Gamini Seneviratne  who brags and poses off as a great Karate exponent , indulging in unlawful and perfidious activities are  his favorite pastime. This is borne out by the  copious information received  by Lanka e news inside  information division exposing his financial rackets and misappropriations involving precious public funds.

Gamni Seneviratne is at present residing at the official quarters  at Summit housing complex , Jawatte , Colombo. He has deployed three workers (male and female) of the private janitorial service of the PSC to clean and maintain  his residence . On top of that he has deployed an officer of the PSC to oversee them .

This is obviously  waste of public funds of the PSC. There is no law that permits Seneviratne to use the workers of a private Co. that has entered into a contract with the PSC to work at his home , because all those workers get paid out of public funds – and not out of his pocket.

It is best if these corrupt officers and scoundrels realize sooner than later that the present government did   not appoint the Public service commission as an independent commission for these racketeers to waste public funds according to their whims and fancies .

According to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division , not only Anusha Pelpita the corrupt scoundrel who has not been interdicted despite a case being heard against him in high court , there are so many government officers similarly enjoying illicit benefits at the expense of public funds. Some of them while the case is being heard against them have gone on pension and are collecting the full pension happily. This is because one scoundrel is helping the other rascal of his  ilk. Buddies of a feather are robbing together.

If the independent Public Service Commission even at this belated stage does not take appropriate action immediately in this connection , the trust and confidence reposed by the public in the Commission will be eroded. 

Lanka e news  reveals with pleasure and in the best interests of the nation that like  our  countless instances of exposures  in the past  which bore fruitful results , our recent  exposures pertaining to the illegal appointment  of  Anusha Pelpita as an additional secretary to a ministry against whom there is a case pending in high court , the intense attention of the president has been drawn to this grave wrongful action . It is being inquired how this came about?

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