Incredible but true ! Rajapakse lackeys and lickspittles taking Commander in chief for a ride..!!

-Rajapakse bootlicker in Navy delivers judgments against good governance innocents..!

(Lanka-e-News- 08.June.2016, 11.30PM) It is true the  pro good governance masses threw out the Rajapakse regime lock , stock and barrel  via the Rainbow revolution to make  the common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena the executive president of the country and the commander in chief of the armed forces , but what is most saddening is the pro Rajapakse scoundrels and rascals are still  taking the commander in chief for a ride . A growing conspiracy in that direction has come to light , based on reports reaching Lanka e news.

This report is about Yoshitha Rajapakse who conducted himself as the unofficial commander of the Sri Lanka (SL)  Navy . The pro good governance masses will be shocked beyond belief , if it is revealed even now , judge advocate of the Navy is a lawyer who appears on behalf of the court cases of Rajapakse family. This may seem  incredible but it is true!

This bloke is none other than Shaveendra Fernando the former additional solicitor General who  unofficially represented the Rajapakses in the Attorney General’s department  during the nefarious decade of the Rajapakses when they were keeping the people trampled under their ruthless despotic boots . When the Rajapakses were thrown out of power and when cases were getting piled up  against them unendingly , it is Shavendra who  in  order to appear for their cases even resigned from his additional solicitor General position last month despite having  three more years for retirement. In other words he proved beyond doubt he is an alloyed shameless bootlicker and lickspittle of the Rajapakses. 

While he was in the AG’s department he was also performing the duties of Judge advocate in the Navy. Judge advocate in the forces is the chief of the legal division.

During the Rajapakse era a group of murderers that was operating under ex Navy Commander Vasantha Karannagoda ,28 persons including 7 students were abducted in 2010 in Trincomalee  , and after collecting extortion monies they were murdered . An investigation was later conducted into this .

An honest officer , a Lieutenant Commodore  by the name of K.C. Welegedera though he was associated with it , he made a statement to the CID . He also exposed the business of human smuggling carried out by the Navy. That is the business of smuggling people via the refugee boats to Australia by the Navy  with the support of Vasantha Karannagoda , Thisara Samarasinghe and  Yoshitha Rajapakse from behind the scenes.

While the international community was exerting pressure and questioning why the investigation into the student murders is not being conducted, after the good governance government came into power , during the investigations conducted by the  CID , Shaveendra Fernando ,while being  in the AG’s department pressurized the CID against the investigations and hindered the summoning of  witnesses from the Navy .

Based on the evidence recorded of Welegedera,  when  Navy officers were being summoned as witnesses , the pressures exerted by Shaveendra  were so intense to prevent them from being summoned that for the first time in history the CID had to submit a B-report and make their submissions to the Fort Magistrate court against Shaveendra Fernando the additional solicitor general at that time. This was clear testimony what a despicable shameless stooge of the Rajapakses he was.

Now , after quitting his post as solicitor General , he is throughout appearing on behalf of the Rajapakses in respect of their cases . While functioning  as the judge advocate he is still hampering the investigations aforementioned conducted against the Rajapkse stooges in the Navy . Doesn’t this mean by   these  actions the  Rajapakse lackeys and lickspittles are taking the commander in chief of the armed forces down the garden path?

The worst treachery  and the biggest deception that is going to be practiced on the commander in chief of the armed forces is the conspiracy hatched to court martial Lieutenant Commodore Welegedera and jail him.  Based on his earlier foreign travel  amidst threats he faced at that time as  he was an honest officer in the Navy , and was exposing the crooks , he has been court martialed on a frame up. It is none other than Shaveendra the  Rajapakse bootlicking stooge who is hearing the case. This case is being heard just like  the case of ex CJ  Shiranee Bandaranaike ,that is on fast forward track . The case was heard yesterday and the judgment was to be delivered  today. 

At any rate, since Neil Rozairo who is appointed as the next in line for the post of Navy commander, by the present Navy Commander , is a strong pro Rajapakse lackey , it will be easy to successfully accomplish  their conspiratorial aims. 

Let it be understood very clearly it is the bounden duty and responsibility  of the good governance commander in chief of the forces Maithripala Sirisena to immediately act and defeat this grave conspiracy which aims at rescuing the corrupt like Yoshitha Rajapakse in the Navy and murderers like Vasantha Karannagoda who abducted innocent students and murdered them after collecting extortion monies. The commander in chief of the forces cannot but  live up to the hopes and expectations of the 6.2 million people for good governance who have reposed implicit faith in him..

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