Gammanpila’s fraud : Pro MaRa judge ‘Pissu Poosa’ blabbers about saving culprit even before verdict is given

(Lanka-e-News- 30.June.2016, 10.25PM) Supreme court (SC ) judge Upali Abeyratne known among the legal fraternity as ‘Pissu Poosa’ owing to his unscrupulous and slimy ways is engaged in a conspiracy in collusion with the defeated and discarded  pro MaRa group to grant bail to Udaya Gammanpila the notorious  fraudster , based on reports reaching Lanka e news.

The lawyers for Gammanpila who is now in remand custody filed a fundamental rights petition in the SC against the remanding of their client. It is learnt , they are waiting  until a judge who is a stooge of  Rajapakse mounts the bench , and are holding back the filing of petition until the date on  which the two judges ,Upali Abeyratne and the chief justice (CJ) (not three judges ) hear cases ; and on that date to file Gammanpila’s petition.
It is a well and widely known fact that Upali Abeyratne was one who was appointed illegally by Mahinda Rajapakse as a SC judge on 2014- 12-17 .This appointment was illegal because , when there ought to be only 11 judges in the SC ,  Upali was appointed as the 12 th in excess. Moreover , he was such a bootlicking lickspittle and stooge of MaRa that while there were two judges above  Upali in seniority , junior Upali  was  still appointed ignoring  the seniors.

The judges were told 28th to look for ways to release Gammanpila .The lawyers for Gammanpila via a motion filed 27th made the request with supporting evidence to produce Gammanpila in the supreme court.  But the true position is , there is no such procedure. The Fundamental rights (FR) petition of an accused who is remanded on the orders of a lower  court is not examined by summoning him before the SC. It is common knowledge that the Supreme court does not have a place to detain  the prisoners . Besides , bail is not granted by the SC.  Even if the Supreme court  decides that the remanding is illegal , the bail can be secured only from the lower court that remanded the accused.

In the circumstances and  despite these glaring facts , it was because of the conspiracy hatched in collusion with  Upali Abeyratne , the request was made via a motion to produce Gammanpila before SC,  in order to secure  a judgment in favor of Gammanpila ,and thereafter make a huge publicity ‘circus’ via the media  .

Sadly , that conspiracy proved unsuccessful yesterday.

While Upali Abeyratne the infamous Pissu Poosa who is blabbering foolishly about the verdict even before the case is  heard , the people are on the other hand watching intently  whether Pissu Poosa  would  stoop to the level of trampling  justice  despite being a judge and overriding  the CJ in order to  shamelessly  carry out  the sordid biddings of Rajapakses .

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All the Judges and magistrates are running amoc now Assaulting, and Raping in the country no wonder UN is asking for international Judges to intervene ,Mr.President,what are you doing about these games,over to you Ranil,It is a disgrace to justice and liw abiding citizens, remember the international Community is watching Our Miserable Country,
-- by Trevor on 2016-06-30

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