Can you beat that ? two SC judges aid and abet Visakha mafia in school admissions..! Aggrieved hapless parents left helpless

(Lanka-e-News- 17.July.2016, 11.55PM)   Can you beat that ? Two judges of the Supreme court (SC) had assisted the principal (female) and the old Girls’ mafia of Visakha Vidyalaya in connection with school admissions thereby disgracing the hallowed bench they are expected to grace, based on reports of Lanka e news inside division of courts.

Shockingly , the two judges are ,  Upali Abeyratne  alias ‘Pissu poosa’ and Buwaneka Aluvihara of the SC- the highest court in Sri Lanka (SL) !

The two daughters , Mihiri Abeyratne and Isiri Abeyratne of Upali Abeyratne  are activists of the Visakha old girls association, while Lilanthi  Aluvihara the wife of Buwaneka Aluvihara is a prominent  officer of the association. These three girls are close cronies , stooges and members of  the corrupt Visakha principal Sandamali Aviruppola mafia.

It is a well and widely known fact that the corrupt snob of a principal  had been for some time when admitting children to Visakha given preference to children who attended the Carlton pre school Montessori run by ex president’s wife Shiranthee Rajapakse. Consequently ,children who were truly  eligible and capable were deprived of their opportunities to gain admission to Visakha.

As if to prove and confirm beyond any doubt  that the news reports published as of late in the media ( Lanka e news) highlighting   that justice is made  a mockery , and justice is a travesty in Sri Lanka are true , whenever  a fundamental rights petition is filed in the SC by parents of children of the parents who have been subjected to injustice , these two judges Upali Abeyratne (Pissu poosa) and Buwaneka Aluvihara jointly have eagerly taken up those petitions  for hearing to deliver verdicts in a manner that are  favorable to the old girls association which is dominated by the daughters of these two judges , wife , and the notorious principal constituting the school admission mafia.

As a rule  an honorable  judge who respects his profession and ethics , and treats the bench with honor keeps himself out from cases in which he/she  has unofficial or personal links. In the case of Upali Abeyratne the shameless unscrupulous notorious judge who is faceless , lawless and policy-less , those professional ethics and honor have no place in his career because of his overriding selfish and  self degrading traits. It is therefore little wonder he tumbled over  the other judges to grab the Visakha cases . He had also exerted pressure on the other judges who heard the cases . 
Unsurprisingly these nefarious activities have been carried on with impunity during the entire nefarious decade of the lawless corrupt Rajapakses. But what is most irksome and detestable is , these activities are continuing even after the advent of the government of good governance.

The corrupt principal Sandamalie Aviruppola  when rejecting deserving children who are denied admission because of these rackets , has a stock answer ‘ You go to the SC  and see. There too what happens is what I wish’ . This is her proud and arrogant  reply to the parents of the rejected children. The children of these parents had all the eligibility requirements , and what they lacked was only the ‘ Carlton’ qualification  to admit the child.

It is a well and widely known fact that Upali Abeyratne was appointed as SC judge on 17 th December 2014 unlawfully by Mahinda Rajapakse  just before the presidential elections .When the number of judges of the SC cannot exceed eleven  ,Upali the lickspittle and lackey of Mahinda was appointed as the twelfth unlawfully when the presidential elections was just around the corner.

Upali this  junior judge and Mahinda’s stooge was appointed by Mahinda Rajapakse overlooking two other judges who were senior to him , because  Upali was an accomplished bootlicker of Rajapakse. The attesting witness at the wedding of Upali’s daughter too was Mahinda , who was  the president then.(photos bear testimony). 

A judge of integrity and rectitude will not invite politicians for their private functions. In any case , better conduct cannot be expected from a judge like  Upali who is as faceless and  policy -less as the unscrupulous corrupt politicos  in the country.

Buvaneka Aluvhihara the other unscrupulous judge was elevated to the SC bench from the Attorney General’s department by Mahinda as a reciprocal gesture to show gratitude to him for his contribution towards the jail sentence delivered against  Sarath Fonseka .

It is high time the chief justice (unlike the thief justices of the past) took stern and strong measures to put a full stop to  the nefarious and surreptitious actions of these judges compromising the lofty ideals of justice  and sacrosanct laws. Surely , the parents will otherwise yearn for the day , foreign judges are here to  conduct trials – the Hobson’s  choice !

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