Incredible but true.! Basil the criminal in robust health becomes ‘critical’ as he takes first step into prison !!

-Doctor mafia that neglects poor patients helps the powerful to circumvent laws


(Lanka-e-News -20.July.2016, 6.48PM) Basil Rajapakse the criminal who walked into the remand prison on the 18th as fit as a fiddle and as strong as a rock, and  in much the same way as he was when he was committing all the treacheries and frauds on people’s monies while  he was outside , has  unbelievably within just 24 hours after entering prison, that is yesterday evening (19) become ‘fatally ill’, and been admitted to the General hospital ,unheeding  the laws and legal procedures most disdainfully , and thereby  making justice in the country a mockery .
Right now he is receiving medical treatment in ward 15 of the National hospital . (Its paying ward) .

Might we recall ,Lanka e news foretold this spurious drama in its news report yesterday .We revealed ,  ‘Basil Rajapakse who was to march from Kandy to Colombo , as soon as he is remanded will admit himself to hospital- people are watching.’ As we presaged so it happened !

When Lanka e news probed into this dramatic turn of events , it was discovered that it is none other than the corrupt  mafia of infernal ‘Padeniya sons’  that was responsible to fasten the ‘stray dog’ label on the justice and judicial processes too of Sri Lanka (SL) via their dubious and devious manipulations, after having fastened the ‘Doctor mafia criminals’ label  on themselves shamelessly.

It is to be noted that the prison hospital and its doctors are under the administration of the Colombo National hospital and not the Prisons Commissioner, and the health condition of those remanded is reported by Dr. Nihal Senadheera, and it is he who had given the order that Basil who was as a strong as a rock when he was remanded is sick and be admitted to the prison hospital.

Subsequently , it is Dr. Ms.  Sujeewa Jayawardena of the prison hospital who had diagnosed that  Basil is in a ‘critical’ condition, and he should be admitted to the National hospital since  he cannot be treated at the prison hospital. Both these doctors are serving under Dr.Lakshman Jayamanne , a specialist the chief medical officer in charge of the prison hospital. It is Dr. Jayamanne who makes a final decision.

It is worthy of note that like the National hospital , the prison hospital too is equally well equipped . It has all the facilities  to treat patients undergoing surgery  in 23 wards ,and of them three wards are meant for women. . In the circumstances unless he /she is a terminal patient he/she need not be dispatched to the National hospital. Above all it is a criminal and not a terminal patient who was remanded , and therefore  he/she  cannot be allowed to be stationed  outside the walls of a prison , for if that facility is to be granted to the criminal , the whole purpose of remand custody is defeated, not to mention  the whole legal procedure and process.

It is most unfortunate , the chief medical officer Dr.  Lakshman Jayamanne is  a most notorious corrupt bribe taker affiliated to the Blue Brigand. He had been serving in this place for donkey’s years , and having got the sweet taste of monumental corruption ,  even when he is transferred he somehow creeps back to his favorite haunt to carry on his favorite habit ( bribe taking and corruption regardless of laws , medical ethics and professional dignity) unhindered and gleefully . In other words despite being an infamous medical scourge , he is very   powerful – naturally being a member of the Blue Brigand.

During these days when the prisons are getting filled with rogues and rascals specially with those  belonging to  the Blue Brigand , Dr Jayamanne’s pockets too are spilling over with filthy lucre. His loot is shared among the other doctors . He collects a bribe even to make a prison cell into a bedroom.

All these rackets of the rascals  in the medical profession are rendered possible because of the Padeniya mafia  association comprising the ‘infernal sons and scondrels’ . The health ministry has no control over the transfer of doctors even if these corrupt and crooked doctors are brazenly indulging in bribery , crooked and corrupt activities to the detriment of the country, the  people and patients. The Padeniya mafia has to give the consent to effect the transfers.. Since these rogues and rascals of the medical  profession  and the association are of the same ilk  , like the birds of a feather flocking  together , all these scoundrels  together are duping  the entire population ruthlessly and shamelessly sacrificing medical ethics , professional dignity , and even the sacred oath they have taken when  launching on the medical career, at the altar of overriding selfishness , self gains and lure of filthy lucre , while caring least for the genuine patients and the nation which in fact should be  the primary and paramount duties of these medical practitioners.

Padeniya a lickspittle and lackey of the Rajapkses who has the rare ability not only to lick the boots but even the stinking  hindquarters of the Rajapakses , no sooner he heard Basil the crook who is now a prison ‘frequenter’  had been ‘welcomed’ into remand prison by his newly befriended inmates , than he had through  his mafia cronies arranged for Basil to be admitted to the National hospital by making him  a ‘ critical patient.’ The mafia cronies at the hospital had then ensured Basil is admitted to the paying ward. Basil the criminal thereby gets the opportunity to turn   the ward into his office to conduct  his political activities inside the ward most happily like any other political ‘animal’ of the Blue brigand outside .

Come to  show the way to hellfire for these infernal beings…

It is these scoundrels alias doctors who after completing their medical studies out of honest ,hard earned monies  of the struggling people of the country, have made a scramble to rescue the corrupt rascal of an ex minister  who robbed over Rs. 65 million of the funds of the very people who helped  the doctors alias scoundrels to complete their medical studies . These doctors therefore should be ashamed to act this way unlawfully  compromising the professional integrity and their national duty. . Even an ordinary  dog in the streets has a better sense of gratitude . 

Then are these doctors worse than the stray and rabid dogs roaming the streets in search of discarded food?  by rescuing this criminal ex minister when  the whole country has discarded him  who had been remanded more than once  for frauds and robberies, ( many more cases  are following) , as well as  his elder brother the ex president who pilfered public funds as though the public treasury is his dowry property  
This doctor mafia therefore under Padeniya the infernal son of condemned hell by  doing their utmost  to save these  worst criminals while neglecting the genuinely  sick patients who are part of the public  that funded their medical studies are knowingly and deliberately  doing the greatest disservice to the country and the nation .

After a specialist doctor confirms that a patient is suffering from an illness , not even the courts can say ‘ no , that is not true’. This is based on the premise that no reputed specialist in the whole wide world  would stoop to tell a lie regarding his patient no matter how crooked and mendacious the patient is. This  is because the medical practitioner  is expected to care for his professional dignity and honor more than anything else. 

It is a pity , when this rule was introduced  , and  it  is being followed , the founders of the rule forgot that Sri Lanka should be treated as an exception . It is only in Sri Lanka there are specialists and doctors  who not only aid and abet criminal and feigning patients , but also  act worse than the ordinary crooks and corrupt in the streets by not caring for the genuine  patients. These are the medical practitioners who are lured by filthy lucre and are corrupted by evil power.

It is by now well and widely known that Dr. Laksman Jayamanne whose medical College course expenses were met out of   the funds of the law abiding public is now biting the same hands that fed him .
If the public want to show him the way out from the prison hospital where he is a doctor to  incarceration within the four walls of the prison the place he richly deserves for the rackets and crimes he is committing , he can be contacted at 0777 77 57 58  - his telephone Number.

No matter what, we wish to   issue  a stern and dire warning to the despicable mafia of the doctors who are denigrating  the rule of law and disgracing their own noble profession who are indulging in subterfuges and camouflages  to convey the wrong impression to the people and rescue the corrupt rascals and scoundrels  who are incarcerated for crimes by terming them   ‘critical’ patients , in order to take the people of the country  for a ride 

Please for god’s sake  do not dare to think or act in  a manner that would  deceive the majority of people who emerged victorious in the fierce battle against the cooks , corrupt and the criminals . Hence , please put a full stop right now to your sordid and corrupt activities aimed at safeguarding and shielding the criminals , the corrupt and crooks for  your own good . For the moment we have only revealed the names and phone Nos.  of only three of them and the leader.  Our next step will  be exposing the lurid details of their families , addresses and their murky activities , which will render it very easy for  the law abiding people to identify and chase out these infernal beings back into  the fire of hell . 

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Well, well Dr. E-News, do you know the synthetic-name of a suspected money launderer, who is, by the way, the son of a woman who is worth her obese body weight in gold, who is queuing up to be airlifted to an American ER? Clue: This suspect is already warded in a minor hospital for being very very seriously allergic to prison food (hira bath). May be this cowardly kunu karolaya needs some private tuition by MP Fonseka on how to survive in prison with bath and karola while acting like a real man.
-- by Paala Duradeniya on 2016-07-21

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