Kaveendra Nanyakkara the play boy magazine twilight model who insulted the AG and overturned all professional ethics and sacred judiciary !

Judge Ms. Kaveendra obstructs commemoration of the dead at Rathupaswela and insults AG : This ‘twilight judge’ shall be punished!

(Lanka-e-News -31.July.2016, 11.05PM) A cruel brutal judge Kaveendra Nanyakkara  denied the residents of Rathupaswala to commemorate the deaths of the unarmed victims ruthlessly killed by the erstwhile despotic rulers who were also responsible for permanently maiming some others too , when   the residents asked for some pure drinking water .  This refusal  by this heartless judge thereby depriving  the residents to commemorate the dead victims who are no longer among them is something most reprehensible and abominable specially  among a society for good governance.

The Rathupaswala murders and violence  committed by the previous regime took place on the 1 st of August 2013 , that is three years ago as at 1 st of August 2016.  The residents have been commemorating this tragedy every year.  This year too the villagers have got ready to commemorate their dear ones and relatives who lost their lives , and with this in view they have pasted posters, and had hoisted black flags in the usual manner to signify mourning in their  village. 

While these usual arrangements were in place , because the murderers of these victims who  were staging a march were going through that village on that day , the police and the judge (female) who had acquired a notoriety based on her perverted ways of life and living   have obstructed their ceremony.

The police fearing that there could  be a clash had requested an injunction order from the Gampaha chief magistrate Ms. Kaveendra Nanayakkara .The latter however issued a most bizarre order. 

The order was , the residents should put in abeyance their ceremonies and should be conducted either two hours before or after the march is staged by  the heartless murderers of the three Rathupaswala  residents .That is the murderers shall be allowed to march without any encumbrance. In addition pasting of  posters were disallowed and even hoisting black flags were banned by her. Based on this ridiculous court order , even a poem in memory  of the dear ones who died  cannot be written and pasted on the walls. What is the justice in this judge’s order and what is the civilized norm  followed by her?   

This order is not only bizarre but also contemptibly preposterous   because she had all the room  to give an order requesting  the marchers (murderers)  to take another route without interrupting the commemoration ceremony which cannot be held in another place. Yet , this callous judge chose to ban even the pasting of posters  on behalf of the dead to allow the murderers to march freely.  She had in her villainy  mixed up the priorities.

Is preference to be given to an annual event that is taking place regularly or to a sudden event which involved idlers who have nothing better to do than staging marches  idly  on  the streets? Isn’t it the duty of the magistrate to first and foremost study the cherished traditions and practices of the residents of the area?

Under the circumstances , surely Kaveendra Nanayakkara the demon cannot be a human daughter  who is born to a Sri Lankan  mother because only animals obstruct the sacred ceremonies commemorating the dead relatives and dear ones.

In the circumstances the people should  know what category of ‘saleable  good’ she belongs to ….

‘Professional cutie’ alias illicit pleasure provider

Kaveendra is one of those many ‘keeps’ of infamous ex chief justice notorious Silva. She reached this official position not by demonstrating her academic attainments or talents rather by these illicit relationships , the direction in which Silvas and Jilmals turn their erections.  Earlier on she stooped even to the level of being a  mistress of a senior lawyer  which status she enjoyed more than that of judge. 

Having such disgraceful and despicable traits , it is unsurprising that she was shamelessly ready to do any sordid bidding and unlawful activity for the Rajapakse regime . Lanka e news is revealing this taking full responsibility because she in her face book account  criticized  the Attorney General   casting away the legal  and sacrosanct legal traditions  to the garbage bin during the time elephant rogue Thilina Gamage’s controversial case was being heard . Moreover she is a member of the brigand  of crooked judges alias elephant robbers.

If a chief magistrate had berated and castigated an Attorney General the way she did via the face book, in any other country she/he  would have been sacked from her post then and there. In Sri Lanka however , she was summoned by the Judicial Service commission (JSC) and given a dire warning only , and ordered to withdraw those posts . May be because they saw in her a rose bud invisible to others  , apart from her rose complexion.  (a copy of her most  insolent and reprehensible  post made by her in the face book is herein)

When one accesses her face book  one is led to believe that she is more a debauched model after vulgar values rather than a judge of moral values. Since the face book is not confined only to personal contacts and is accessible to all , and based on the comments made by the viewers  it is obvious she has no concern for the lofty official position she holds-the position  in which dignity , morality and integrity count most. She had even used photo shop to enhance her cosmetic look so much so that a viewer was titillated  to make the following comment 

 ‘You are very beautiful but your forehead has turned black  ?’

The frustrated judge’ s  answer was fascinating ..

‘Hey hey , that is a shadow because my hair had fallen on my forehead . Were you misled ?’

This is the caliber  of conversation that is exchanged by her, and those  are many. These conversational  exchanges carried out  publicly is not  by a body peddler , but by a chief magistrate of Gampaha court though those exchanges are usually expected between a whore and a prospective client - a  method adopted by such women to  advertise themselves and solicit clients. In other words she is telling ‘I am a professional cutie.’ Some of her photographs in different  poses ( thank god ,not in compromising positions ) are herein.

Kaveendra who views Rathupaswala case with a vengeful eye ..

Interestingly, the Rathupaswala murder  probe is being conducted before Kaveendra the judge , who conducted herself in a  savage manner and most partially unbecoming of a judge.

After the advent of the good governance government , on the second round , when it was taken up , , on the very first day she remarked , ‘the Rathupaswala killings do not appear to be murders’

The crucial question is , can a magistrate  before the case is over make such a comment although a lawyer can ?

From her comment it is abundantly clear this whore of a judge must be thinking that the killing of two students and an  employed  youth in cold blood who were all unarmed,  died just  in an accident. It is surprising why on that very day , a protest was not staged against her based on her incompetence and ignorance of the law over her comment. Since that day , this frustrated playboy magazine  ‘model’ had been impeding the CID investigations most unashamedly. 

Let us without wasting time on a useless worthless judge by  trying  to expose every putrid aspect  of hers , confine ourselves only to the obstructions and obstacles she placed on the final day of the case on 28 th.

She declared  , the CID  investigations have not  impressed her , and the reason cited by her to substantiate that  was most intriguing and rudely shocking. 

When  CID that conducted this investigation during the Rajapakse regime , it was only the firearm 98 that was used during the conflict which was sent to the government analyst for investigation although the video footage clearly showed many more firearms were used .  This was clear to any fool. 

After the new government came to power the investigations were entrusted to the CID . Earlier the CID told court the army and the police STF appeared on the scene during the conflict.

 It  was revealed in court the army comprising 289 members in  several  small groups , the police STF comprising 134 members , as well as about  16 unarmed members of the army and 7 unarmed members of the police  were present , and everyone else also had weapons in their possession . Hence all the weapons shall be investigated and be dispatched to the government analyst department , the CID told court. This revelation of the CID is what irritated Kaveendra the playboy magazine  frustrated model.

Kaveendra who performs  better as a model for a playboy magazine rather than as a magistrate , nursing a grudge against the Rathupaswala residents , even obstructed the ceremonies to commemorate those who died in the Rathupaswala tragedy. Hence she  deserves a place not on the sacred bench hearing the Rathupaswala case , but outside among those roaming  the streets at twilight. She should therefore  be immediately taken out from the case  as a judge.

This Kaveendra who publicly insulted the A.G. , publishing photos of her ‘modeling’, engaging in cheap low grade conversational exchanges via the face book , cannot be condoned any more . As it is  the duty of the JSC to take action immediately to interdict her , it will be best  if the JSC is pressurized to  take action.

By Lanka  e news courts inside information service
Translated by Jeff


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She is a well known bitch who bends her backbone to everyone. This bitch had an identity crisis from the begining of her profession. Her father is a well known police ralahami who got promoted as an IP of Wellawatta. Since then she hates all the police because she is called her self madam thanks to Sri Lankan Judiciary. She had an identity crisis from the begining of her career and she wore striped longs without a panty to please the members of the Attorney Generals Dept, especially Sarath Jayamanne whom she fondly call uncle.
-- by Toga on 2016-07-31

This woman has the requisite qualifications and a natural aptitude as cover girl for "Playboy" magazine !
-- by mike on 2016-07-31

It is true that private life of a public figure is public interest. But she has her rights too as human being so can act in her personnel life the way she chooses. But if these actions are not in line with the dignity of the role she is holding , it is in hand of JSC to take appropriate actions. We should not be sit on judgment on these things. I personally feel her judgment with regards to commemorative ceremony of Rathupaswala incident is right and should be praised. It is in line with Kandy magistrate ruling on Pada yathra should start from Kandy city limits and not within Kandy town where UNP is having membership drive program.
-- by Piyal on 2016-08-01

The caption of this news is terribly misleading. These photos are photo shopped. In naturel look she will not be taken at least for a fancy dress parade in hell.
-- by Sampath on 2016-08-01

I see an another side of the story which have to be corected in future. the latest information says ? that the water in the district was acidic and not due to the factory. If so the media is responsible for irresponsible behaviour in information distribution (without going through all available infomation). Also the NWSDB too responsible of providing incomplete info ( same happened in Pahathgama where police officer was killed) with out checking all district water sources. So why don't we direct fingers to the above two parties too?
-- by Thilak on 2016-08-02

Niyama Eladena wage thamai paanneMe gonawa kauda Usaaviyata damme? Niyama Baduwa wage thamai Peenaa
-- by Trevor Lord on 2016-08-02

This is not even worth commenting. When you mention Palyboy, yes you will see the hottest women, this one can't be even get chosen for a low grade magazine like Grease Monkey. She is fugly.
-- by Gramaya on 2016-08-05

I understand that this chief magistrate's decisions deem to be controversial I do not however understand why LEN is 'slut shaming' this lady because of her professional decisions. Don't journalist see that there is a fine line between professional and personal life. besides i feel like whoever wrote this article have never sighted a play boy magazine . is this responsible journalism when you write about a woman - "she deserves a place not on the sacred bench hearing the Rathupaswala case , but outside among those roaming the streets at twilight" ? Women in this country struggle with extreme discrimination as it is, must you feed this kind of lowly misogynistic idealism? Isn't it quite primitive to comment on how a woman should wear or how she should pose for a photo? Disgusting LEN, shame on you!
-- by know your place! on 2016-08-11

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