Most deadly and crafty conspiracy to weaken security of VIPs , and thereby create mayhem and bloodshed unearthed..!

- ‘Serpents’ are crawling on president’s bosoms

(Lanka-e-News -14.Aug.2016, 11.55PM) A conspiracy of most alarming proportions has been hatched to weaken the security details of VIPs of Sri Lanka and create an environment of murder and mayhem, based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. 

This conspiracy is  aimed at weakening the police STF  which is a main  division   engaged in providing security to the VIPs., and it is a plot  orchestrated to appoint a Mahinda Rajapakse henchman as the new STF commandant instead of appointing senior DIG M.R. Latheef who was recommended by the Independent police commission . The potential danger in this conspiratorial plan  is multiple fold because it is the lethal venomous ‘serpents’ that have  already crept into the bosoms of the president which   have manipulated these sinister and deadly moves.
Latheef was the officer  who provided security to the VIPs against terrorist attacks , and has earned international fame. He is the Sri Lankan who won international recognition by presenting the No. one plan against potential  terrorist attacks during the Olympics games , at the workshop held along with the other  chiefs of international security.  Hence such an internationally recognized security personnel becoming the chief of the STF  division to provide security to the VIPs is advantageous from the standpoint of  safety and security of the VIPs and not vice versa. The Police Commission which clearly understood this decided , Latheef is the most suitable officer to the post . He was to take over the duties on the 9 th . Yet , because of the pressures brought to bear by the IGP , until the time of writing this article it has been stalled.

If there is a group of conspirators within the presidential secretariat which is obstructing this appointment of Latheef , their actual aims and agendas are not to safeguard and secure the VVIP or VIPs but to create risks to their lives .The evil sinister objectives of the deadly pro Mara serpents who are stealthily and craftily crawling on the bosoms of the president are no secret. 

It is therefore the  responsibility of the President to avert and ward off those dangers .Otherwise he is only carving a short cut to disaster and death . In short ,  he is digging his own grave  .The deadliest serpent always comes close as most innocent . It always takes the form of a friend and not foe.

Lanka e news  , the  media which is a friend and promoter of good governance  deems that it  is its  responsibility  to expose ahead the most portentous and cruel conspiracy with traitorous goals .It is no point talking about something after that has happened. That is precisely why Lanka  e news is exposing this so that the government of good governance will take pre emptive measures. This is also why LeN is  running an inside information division which is  solely and wholly geared  to safeguard the Democracy in the country , and for no other reason . Those responsible bigwigs of the country  must have by now understood  this.

Let us also emphasize and remind that  senior DIG Latheef was an officer who was most targeted by the Rajapakses on  their vindictive agendas. 

Moreover , Independent Commissions were empowered by the Rainbow revolution of 8 th January 2015  not to subject and subordinate  their decisions again to the powers of the Executive . Let this be remembered well and truly, and paid heed to thoroughly , lest that is forgotten.

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Yahapalanaya govt.please open your eyes before it is too late.
-- by suriya on 2016-08-14

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