Yet another cutie of Namal who extorted Rs. 1700 million trailed- Police after Rishni Weeraratne !

(Lanka-e-News -21.Aug.2016, 11.30PM) Yet another cutie Anushika Rishni Weeraratne of Namal Rajapakse who collected extortion monies to the tune of over Rs. 1700 million ! from various businessmen of this country on behalf of Namal has  now come under the surveillance of the investigators of crimes. Having got wind of this , she is running behind ministers of the government of good governance , in a desperate and determined  attempt to  circumvent the laws based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

Rishni is the sister of Iraj Weeraratne . Rishni received a well deserved hooting welcome from the students when  she went to Balika Vidyalaya to campaign along with Namal during the last presidential elections. 

Anushika Rishni is the daughter  of Prithiraj Weeraratne. The latter about a decade ago  began a celluloid tape in the name of 'Number 17' , which led to introduction of  new innocent actresses into prostitution by providing lodging in brothels.

It is Rishni Weeraratne who organized all the ‘events’ of Namal Rajapakse from Carlton super seven tournament  to St. Kist Island party. The aim of the Rajapakses  via this party  was to  get the commonwealth games to Sri Lanka in 2018  . It is said that she is   the Director of several  establishments including  ‘Red Cherry’ and ‘Il Noise Entertainment’ launched by her.

She fulfilled her father’s desires by serving  as the procuress to the artistes of sleazy dark alleys of foreign countries supposed to be  singers and actors who were got down to Sri Lanka in connection with the ‘events.’ Though she was incapable of doing anything worthwhile , she still held the post of Director of the ‘Thaaruniyata hetak’ organization of Namal Rajapakse.
During that period , while saying ‘ this is a Namal Rajapakse task’ to businessmen she had extorted  large sums  of money in slabs of  Rs. 2.5 million , Rs. 3.5 million and Rs. 5 million from the  businessmen , according to reports . The sum demanded had been decided by herself. The businessmen who fell victim and made disbursements in fear at that time are now furnishing  evidence.
It has now come to light , via  these events (tamashas) alone  a colossal sum of Rs. 1.7 billion had been collected during the time when Namal and his clan indulged in selfish  mirth and merriment  while enjoying joy rides  in the ‘train’ of fun and frolic  along with the other culprit -the ex governor of Central bank.

Upon hearing that the first and second cuties of Namal were  being arrested , Rishni has got panicky when   her own rackets also  got    exposed. She is now trailing behind ministers of the good governance government for favors through intermediaries  in order to circumvent the laws.

According to a report reaching Lanka e news , one minister had inquired from her , ‘ didn’t  you know , when you sleep with the dogs , you must wake up along with the fleas ?’ Perhaps , the minister  who asked this was not aware ,  to daughters of families that  have slept with the ‘dogs’ from the time of their parents, fleas are hardly a matter  concern.
In any event , based on the speech of Maithripala at Matara , the masses must issue a warning to the powerful middle-aged politicos whose every part stands erect  from top to toe before cherry complexioned cuties !

…..‘If you put your hand in the wrong place and get involved, be careful..!’

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