When cat is away rats at play at Rupavahini : chairman abroad , so ‘rats’ invite notorious traitor for live telecast

-Media chiefs asleep at the wheel

(Lanka-e-news -25.Aug.2016, 4.30PM) Yesterday is a most crucial day for National Rupavahini television . This is not  for reasons which would make the nation happy but rather because a traitor has been invited for a live telecast over its channel to the dismay and  rude  shock of the nation and the world ! 

The present administrative authority has taken steps  to invite the most infamous Major General Shaveendra Silva to participate in the Nugasevana program of the Rupavahini despite the well and widely known fact that Shaveendra tarnished the image of Sri Lanka (SL)  before the entire world based on charges of direct violation of human rights, in addition to his involvement in a multi million rupee fraud while he was serving in the SL office of the United Nations( UN) New York in connection with which an investigation is under way.

Shaveendra has been invited for the Rupavahini program to promote the ‘Gajaba Supercross’ event which in fact was a ‘headache’ for the soldiers in the army though to  those in the higher rungs of the army during the Gotabaya Rajapakse lawless era , it was something for them to rejoice and revel ( being an opportunity to plunder ).

Shaveendra created  history as the one and only who  gave precedence to self fattening by exploiting   the war rather than fighting the war . The foolhardiness of Shaveendra can also be clearly understood vis a vis his imbecility of  having  a posse of media henchmen around him ,lavishing them with  black label whisky and  trying  to boost his image using them , which on the contrary finally led to  the war crimes and those criminal orders given during the war to be marketed and  circulated internationally.
While journalists were banned from  entering  the battlefield ,still the confidential reports were made possible to be sold at colossal rates internationally with the knowledge and approval  of notorious Shaveendra the   traitor . Moreover , it is this same traitor while embarking on bogus  foreign tours soon after the war ended ,  who sold war video footages to LTTE sympathizers at extremely high prices . The video footages that are telecast via channel four are  those footages sold by the Shaveendras and not those given to the LTTE sympathizers by any  other .
It is because of these betrayals of the country and his own nation that Shaveendra was able to freely stay in New York city
where exist large pro LTTE groups .

Shaveendra while  masquerading as a patriot has all along been a traitor out and out, and a double agent. Lanka e news at that time had reported incident after incident in this connection. We have all the evidence even now in our possession .If it was in another country he would be behind bars , whereas sadly in SL like in a nudist camp where nudity is honorable, criminals are treated honorably by our media channels. 

During the run up to the last presidential elections it was this unscrupulous traitorous Shaveendra in official uniform unlawfully mounted the political campaign platform of ex corrupt brutal president Mahinda Rajapakse who was a presidential candidate then ,violating army disciplinary code and election laws flagrantly . Moreover he disgraced the uniform and the army by doing all the sordid and unlawful biddings of the Rajapakses who were finally thrown out lock stock and barrel by the people on 8 th January  2015 . In any other country such a scoundrel would now be behind bars for betraying  the genuine forces and the nation , and for high treason.

Incredible but true ! it is this scoundrel who is a disgrace to the army , the nation and himself who has been invited to address the nation  live on channel one of the National Rupavahini from 9.30 a.m to 10.00 a.m. though the  pro good governance masses have expressed their utter displeasure against the satanic spirits of Rajapakse still haunting the Rupavahini channel. 

It is learnt that this is a deliberate attempt and a calculated conspiracy to create  alternative and misleading opinions among the pro good governance masses who are treading the right path of the incumbent government of good governance. This is a cold calculated conspiracy  because this program had been organized during the period Rupavahini chairman Ravi Jayawardena is out of the Island.
Those of the Rupavahini behind this conspiracy are :
Director General Professor Sunil Shantha
Programs division chief  Wimalaratne Adhikari
Nugasevana supervisor Dharshana Piyaratne ( the one who participated in all the malpractices within Athugalage’s Institution  during the nefarious Rajapakse decade) 
Sports unit Director Palitha Senarath Yapa and
Marketing Manager Anil Sirimalwatte

At a time when the government is taking great pains to establish reconciliation ,is this the message in favor of reconciliation  that is being conveyed by a leading national television to the group of people who were victims ?

The minister in charge of the media , deputy minister, media secretary and the Director General information who are in a deep slumber while allowing a locally and internationally discarded  scoundrel like Shaveendra who brazenly and brutally violated human rights to speak let alone hold the mike of a main  electronic media of the State  must hang their heads in shame ( whether they have their heads in the right place is another question) . 

At this rate , if the Rajapakse stooges and lickspittles while taking these administrators for a ride  sooner than later  take control , these sleepy Joes will still be sleeping like Rip Van Winkle .

Lanka e news that espouses truth and nothing but the truth frankly, fearlessly and forthrightly , and which is always with the people for good governance wishes to issue a dire warning : this is just one incident , whereas there  are similar incidents occurring everywhere every now and then , which can , if allowed to escalate reach alarming proportions so much so the government itself can be brought to its knees. 

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Shaveendra Silva is a WAR HERO. If not for Commanders of this calibre who led the fighting units against the terrorists, we would still be fighting the war against the EALAMISTS The traitors and sympathisers of LTTE have raised their head once again with the weak leadership of Ranil Hell with reconciliation
-- by Jay Wanni on 2016-08-26

We know how Shavendra promoted himself during the war, using media and painting "58 DIV" in areas and military assets captured by others. Also it is a fact that he stole gold,computers and large sums of foreign currency from Puthukudurippu. And the fact that him and Ramakumara of Rupavahinin sold damaging video clips to LTTE ,NGO and other foreign actors. He also scammed money from Army using fake lease of trucks. This is not a HERO. Should be in jail!!
-- by SURANGA PERERA on 2016-08-28

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