Bribery Commission 'Dil' turns Nil (nought) - Stormy but empty !

(Lanka-e-News- 28.Aug.2016, 11.30PM) The Rainbow revolution of 8 th January 2015 had by now appointed all the independent commissions. Yet, though these commissions were a great expectation of the Rainbow revolution ,some of the Commissions  appointed have not lived up to expectations. Neither have they produced the desired results.

Lanka e news earlier on reported, the Pubilc Service Commission(PSC) is the main Independent Commission that has betrayed this expectation of the people. Now , it is with deep regret we have to break the news  that ‘Anti Bribery and Corruption Commission’ is holding the second odious  position after the PSC.

Initially Lanka e news proudly wrote about the Director General of the anti Bribery and corruption Commission , Dilrukshi Dias Wickremesinghe alias 'Dil' , a president’s counsel. However because of her actions based on her ignorance of administration and laws while riding the high horse , not only she but even the Commission is headed for a great fall. The Commission owing to her inefficiency and insanity fits has turned into a virtual lunatic asylum. When independent Commissions turn into a madhouse and are wreaking havoc , those can be rectified and remedied only by the people and civil organizations because neither the Executive nor the constitutional body   is vested with powers legally to issue directives to or exert pressures on  those commissions that  are appointed as independent .

Dil 's eccentricities and insanity drives…

The government of good governance had duly appointed a number of Institutions to investigate the countless corruption and frauds that raged during the nefarious decade of Machiavellian mendacious Mahinda Rajapakse. Those are the FCID (Financial crimes investigation division) ,Presidential special investigation Commission , the Special presidential Task Force  for Recovery of State assets , Independent Bribery and Corruption Commission and so forth. 

It is the Attorney General and his department that  is the natural co ordinator in regard to all these commissions because finally it is from him advice has to be  sought pertaining to every investigation. Hence,  if just one Institution  is not duly functioning the entire ‘edifice of operations ’ collapses and overlaps. The main reasons for this are : several Institutions are involved in  a single investigation , and the other is, if the information received by one Institution is not shared with the others , the evil fallouts are disastrous.

Dil’s abysmal ignorance regarding  impounding of passports 

Dilrukshi Dias Wickremesinghe (PC) alias Dil who is the Director General of the Bribery and corruption Commission had befouled and bungled the entire operations : She has not been reporting to the AG on the investigations conducted by her department which are carried out according to her own whims and fancies. She hasacted as though she is the alpha and omega , and she has need to know nothing more .Because of this stupid mentality or rather eccentricity while assuming she is not answerable to anyone , everything coming under her purview had been messed up due to  her messing about with her grave responsibilities and duties.

A case in point which best illustrates her arrogance, ignorance and hollowness….

Dil the Nil (nought) took  into her custody a passport belonging to an individual. She has  legal power to do that only if the individual is a government servant , since only the courts can impound the passport of an individual who is not a government servant . Therefore by impounding a passport of an individual who is not a government servant she had betrayed her ignorance despite being a president’s counsel and demonstrated  she is rather a joker and not a lawyer , and much worse , she has made the sublime Commission also a ‘joke.’

Double standards practiced – one for Namal and another for Rajitha…

Besides , while the other Commissions appointed by the good governance government to probe frauds  and corruption had made progress or achieved its targets somewhat  , the independent commission of Dil the Nil (nought)  had failed to achieve any tangible positive results in the best interests of the people or the country.
Dil the Nil’s commission that went to courts against Namal Rajapakse for not  responding  on a single occasion when summoned to the Commission , has not gone to courts against Rajitha Senarathne even when he did not respond  after  being  summoned nearly ten times .Even as this report is being written , Dil has not taken any action so far. In other words Dil the Nil has degraded and disgraced the sublime bribery and Corruption Commission  to the lowliest of low  level before a criminal suspect , of all people. 

Whether Dil the Nil  is already in hell or is headed for hell notwithstanding , it is important and imperative that she understands the Commissions were created at the behest of the people even risking  their lives not for nothing – not for those at the helm of the Commissions to serve as  lackeys and lickspittles serving the sordid biddings of rascals , rogues and rowdies however powerful they may seem .She must therefore hold herself answerable to the people , and us. 

No cases yet all money exhausted …brief-less lawyers are better !

Believe it or not , so far not one case had been concluded in respect of the so many complaints lodged with Dil the Nil’s commission ,and it is now over one and half years. It is being widely questioned whether she is waiting until her rotten dhell fruit (breadfruit) on her tree planted in her God’ s little acre shrivels and  drops  down.  The most shocking part of this Dil and her Dhell drama is , even though not a single has case been concluded , her Commission has exhausted all the funds by August allocated annually by the government .

By this charge we are not trying to suggest that she is fraudulent or she misappropriated the Commission’s funds, but to  simply expose her egregious maladministration and inefficiency. It is because she does not know her priorities , and has not heeded the advice of those responsible for fiscal administration , this catastrophic situation has been precipitated.

There is much more than what we have revealed herein regarding eccentric Dil’s inefficiency and ineptitude, but for the moment let us stop at this . Of course she ought to be granted some time  to rectify her faults. However , if Dil persists in her wrongs and desires to be a Nil (nought) even after giving this opportunity , we shall be reluctantly compelled to reveal to the people  the  rest of her stupidity and imbecility one by one . 

In conclusion , let us record  this :  a swelled head is more empty than a balanced head. Besides  physical stature and mental power are inversely proportionate as a rule..  Merely having a prodigious chest does not mean the heart is proportionately large unless one fills it up with magnanimity . Otherwise , everything  will end in despair . This is the Universally accepted truth.  

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