Gagan Bulathsinghala the corrupt and crooked Air Force Commander sent home ! Air Vice Marshal Kapila Jayampathy takes over !!

(Lanka-e-News -13.Sep.2016, 3.00PM) Air Vice Marshal Kapila Jayampathy was appointed as the new Air force Commander by president Maithripala Sirisena on the 11 th evening.

His predecessor infamous Gagan Bulathisnghala a most corrupt fraud  was appointed as Air Force Commander during  the nefarious decade of the Rajapakses despite the fact Gagan was a commander who  ought  to  be in jail for all the offences he committed.  

Though Gagan made a request to extend his service , the president discarding the request , appointed the new Commander.Though Gagan nursed hopes that his extension in service will be granted , the president taking a correct decision packed him off on the 11 th without  an extension.

In addition , Gurusinghe who was carrying on duties as Gagan’s chief of staff was also dismissed at the same time , and a new officer has replaced him.

Accordingly , the new Air Force Commander will be assuming  duties on today 13 th .

May we recall ,because Lanka e news was exposing in detail all the rackets and  corruption of Gagan within the Air Force , accessing Lanka e news within the Air force was banned  by him. By alleging that via phone Lanka e news face book page was logged  , officers were punished by him.  We did not expose these details hitherto because innocent officers we feared innocent officers will  be punished by him on the allegation that they had ties with us.   

It is the people’s plea that an immediate probe be launched into the corrupt and crooked officers including Gagan of the Blue Brigand who indulged in frauds and malpractices during the nefarious decade of the Rajapakses. It is the belief and hope  of the people that Jayampathy will have the courage and backbone   to pursue that action.  (if necessary we can provide a list of all the corruption beginning with Gotabaya’s MiG jet transaction)

The   low rung officers and soldiers claim in  unison  , if Jayampathy cleans up the Air Force which was contaminated to the maximum by his  corrupt and cooked  predecessor for so long , it will be a victory that would not only take him on a plane to new heights  but even to the heaven , for the merits he would accrue on that account. 

The president Maithripala Sirisena who appointed Gagan Bulathsinghala as the Air Force Commander at that time owing to the exigent circumstances surrounding the president’s  sudden  rise to power , having understood the mistake he made then  , rectifying that  at opportune moment  , is most appreciated and admired by one and all . The people  are profusely thankful to him.   This  move of the president is most salutary and stands out most conspicuously  vis a vis the efforts taken by the Prime Minister to save  the corrupt Governor of the Central Bank , and the spurious drama that was enacted to keep the governor back in his post .

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Hi Kapila, This is Zinnoon, your neighbor from Kolonnawa now residing in USA. I am a witness for your parents straight forward and no nonsense approach in teaching you and your three siblings good manners, ethics, and morals. I am sure you will be a bright star, uplifting this privilege office for future commanders too emulate you. Wish you the best in your new endeavor. Zinnoon Nissar
-- by Zinnoon Nissar on 2016-09-17

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