Minister of Justice Wijedasa Rajapakse the Judas among disciples..! Shocking details herein...

(Lanka-e-News -10.Oct.2016, 11.55PM) In the multiple murder of 10 students who were most ruthlessly and brutally killed after collecting extortion monies by officers in the Navy during  the nefarious decade of the corrupt criminal Rajapakses  , it is the present minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse who had given counsel on the sly to the murderers , based on shocking reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. 

It is most clear based on  the shameless , sly and shallow conduct of Wijedasa Rajapakse while being within the good governance government by resorting to this nefarious and illicit activity, he has indulged  in a most dangerous and despicable conspiracy to disloyally cripple the very government he is serving . This is akin to biting the hand that feeds . Even a stray dog in the streets would have  a better  sense of gratitude than this type of scoundrels. 

The  ex Navy commander Vasantha Karannagoda was interrogated for 5 long hours recently by the CID over these ghastly murders committed during the period 2008-2009

Shockingly , on the night before the day Karannagoda was questioned , Wijedasa Rajapakse the shameless corrupt wolf in human clothing  and ex Chief justice Sarath N .Silva the most notorious and infamous CJ Sri Lanka ever produced had met with Karannagoda in a chalet ( navy officers’ home) , and proffered advice to Karannagoda on how to escape from the arms of the law. 

Both these rascals have instructed Karannagoda not to give any answers beyond what he has already furnished in writing  . Indeed Karannagoda even before he was questioned had told the CID ,Wijedasa and Sarath Silva are his pals. 

It is a well and widely known fact ,  Wijedasa  was the villainous,  slimy ,scoundrel  who made a statement in parliament that he would not  allow the arrest of corrupt Gotabaya,  a name synonymous with  murder and mayhem during his heydays.  

However this was the same Wijedasa , and not any other ‘ Baludasa’ who at the Human rights conference in Geneva gave a solemn promise that he would conduct an  impartial and independent investigation into the brutal murder of 10 students (Tamils and Muslims) committed by a group of Navy  officers  after collecting extortion payments during the Rajapkse regime ,  and the culprits will be brought before the law. 

Hence , this minister Wijedasa giving counsel on the sly to the culprits after giving such solemn assurances internationally is to disgrace and denigrate the government of good governance while still shamelessly  remaining as a minister of that very government . This  is a deliberate treachery and hypocrisy that can totally overturn  good governance and disorientate the government’s  salutary policies locally and internationally. In fact it is placing the vey government of which he is a minister in dire jeopardy. 

Above all, if such a shameless , slimy and shallow  individual is to proffer advice to criminals  while being a minister of justice of the government that came to power after promising justice , fair play and good governance to the masses , such a rascal does not deserve to be kept back in the  post of a  minister even for a second within the government of good governance.
What’s more ? his son is holding the post of media secretary at the defense ministry .  Following the father’s betrayal it is now crystal clear and confirmed beyond doubt  they cannot be trusted , and no faith can be reposed in them  that they will not leak  out confidential state information to the enemies of good governance government .

A brief account of Vasantha Karannagoda’s student murders and infamous white Van crimes….

During the period when Karannagoda was the Navy Commander he was  bitterly hostile to Sarath Fonseka who was the army commander then. Their embitterment  was so grave  they were not even on speaking terms.  Under those circumstances Karannagoda ingratiated  himself into the favor of Gotabaya whom he thought is a better ‘catch’ to serve his selfish and sordid aims . Thereafter  , what Karannagoda did was , carrying out all the illegal orders to the letter of Gotabaya the devil incarnate. 
Tamil youths  suspected of having links with the LTTE were abducted via the white van , killed and after severing their bodies were hurled into the sea so that those bodies will not be discovered . These operations were conducted by a group with the knowledge of Karannagoda .This bestial group who got the sweet taste of criminal operations like their mentors started abducting youths to collect extortion payments.  But the worst cruel and brutal operation of theirs was , abducting innocent youths , and killing them after collecting extortion monies . 

Right now , investigations are being conducted into only ten children (Sinhalese , Tamil and Muslim) of affluent families from Dehiwala, Mattakuliya and Trincomalee who were killed during the period between 2008 -2009 since  evidence are available only in regard to those ten children. They were children who had successfully completed the GCE adv. Level and seeking entrance to  Universities . There are also another about 38 children who were abducted to commit extortion. 

The suspect who truly led this mercenary cum murder team is Flag Officer Captain Sampath Munasinghe , who was the personal assistant to Karannagoda. Unbelievably , it is Karannagoda who had made his most closest crony and personal assistant Sampath the leader of the murder gang .This murder gang was comprised of  12 murderers attached to the Navy including Commodore D.K.P Dissanayake and  Lieutenant commodores , Ranasinghe and  Hettiarachi .

As it often happens , while Karannagoda was busy with his murder operations with mercenary objectives , his wife turned  busy starting  a torrid illicit love affair with his closest personal assistant Sampath Munasinghe . The latter who was a skilled murderer and extortionist had demonstrated  to her another skill of his by  plumbing her depths well and thoroughly. However when this came to light , Munasinghe now turned enemy of Karannagoda had fled away. His whereabouts are unknown. Karannagoda  who realized a trifle too late how much ‘plumbing the depth’ Sampath had done on his wife , gave strict instructions to Navy media spokesman  , Commodore D.K.P. Dassanayake to assassinate Sampath wherever he sees him . 
Instead of carrying out  Karannagoda’s instructions , Dassanayake  on the other hand took steps to smuggle Munasinghe out of the country. The Navy Commander Karannagoda , who got wind of this ,  in order to take revenge on both Dassanayake and Sampath , handed over the identity cards of the students who were liquidated to the CID during the Rajapakse administration.

Munasinghe after coming to know that information along with evidence had been passed to the CID ,adopted a queer methodology to overcome his dire straits. He made a confession to the then army commander Sarath Fonseka . The latter and Karannagoda were deadly enemies.
Munasinghe in his confession said , the white Van operations at that time were conducted with the knowledge and consent of Karannagoda , while also requesting for  security protection.  Sarath Fonseka who gave Munasinghe the best possible advice to find an escape   route had surrendered  him  to the CID.

It was when Sampath surrendered to the CID that the media reported during that period ,  ‘Navy Sampath’ who operated the white van crimes was  taken into custody. 

Sampath  was married to the daughter of Raja Collure , ex M.P. cum member of the Communist politburo. Because of those connections , and he had committed murders on behalf of Gotabaya , he was held in  custody of the CID  until the memories of the people regarding the crimes faded . Thereafter he was released during the nefarious decade of the lawless Rajapakses without any charges being filed.

Now this incident has surfaced again. After the advent of government of good governance , at the Geneva Human rights conference , the  government of Sri Lanka,  promised that the criminals involved in this  barbaric brutal killings which are  supported with  adequate evidence will be brought before the law .It was Wijedasa Rajapakse who attended the conference as minister of justice , and hence he is fully responsible as part of the government  , and has subscribed to that view.

Currently however , Wijedasa along with Sarath Silva has made it a nocturnal habit to give counsel to the aforementioned criminals after creeping into the chalets of the Navy .

If the president and prime minister continue to remain deaf and blind even after all these treacheries, villainies  and conspiracies surfacing of  Wijedasa Rajapakse who is like a malignant cancer destroying every cell of the government while pretending to be a benignant part of it , all what we have to say is , doom and gloom is for sure looming over the country.

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Disgraceful : The Minister of Justice of Sri Lanka , his main agenda is heaping injustice on the masses and the country. ' Helping the crooks' is not without rewards ??? Its time the President and Prime Minister wake up from their deep slumber.
-- by Senaratne on 2016-10-12

Para jada wijedasa Rajapaksa must be exposed to the GOVT and the public,this bastard of a Justice minister musr roasted in oil in the viharamahadevi park and thrown to the Kalu ganga bodily and absolute para jada Pakaya filthy bastard
-- by sumoith on 2016-10-12

Rajapakse is a personification of corruption. He should be charged for aiding and abetting Criminals
-- by K.Anaga on 2016-10-14

Kick him and his son out, pronto. These Jekyll and Hyde characters deserve to be in office anymore. If they have some sense of shame they should resign immediately.
-- by aru on 2016-10-14

It is high time the Good Gov. get Dealdasa out of the Cabinet.He is a deadly poison in a candy cover.
-- by suri on 2017-01-17

this currupt bastard wijedasa rajapaksa must be skinned alive,he is an absolute para jadaya,this fucker must be openly executed he is an absolute traitor this fellow must be burnt alive in the parliament,a sinhala buddhist para jadaya,we curse him and his filthy family
-- by sarath on 2017-02-01

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