President Srisena who appointed and motivated rogues and murderers de -motivates FCID , CID and courts ! (Video)

(Lanka-e-News -13.Oct.2016, 7.00PM) Gotabaya Rajapakse the ex defense secretary who was  a byword for murder and mayhem during the nefarious decade of corrupt lawless Rajapakse reign was summoned to court recently based on a relatively less serious charge of causing loss to the country filed by the Commission inquiring into allegations of bribery and corruption.

President Maithripala Sirisena who was  hurt over  Gotabaya being summoned to court  expressed his bitter resentment yesterday(12) in this regard.  The president made these comments when he attended the “ Sathviru Heritage ‘ function held at the Colombo Foundation organized to transfer ownership of houses and properties to the security divisions. 

The president in his speech made some silly and stupid remarks which were absolutely contrary  to the hopes and aspirations of the masses that elected him to power on 2015 -01-08  ,risking even their precious  lives . 

The president who after becoming president  gave  appointments to  notorious criminals including murderers , rogues, rascals and rowdies of the nefarious decade , blabbered and made blundering irresponsible statements during his speech  while  the FCID , CID, Bribery and corruption Commission,   and courts are taking action against the culprits and discharging their tasks most  responsibly . Obviously , this attitude of the president irked and irritated the people’s force that was responsible for throwing out  the most  cruel , corrupt , despotic and lawless Rajapakse regime lock ,stock and barrel  on 2015-01-08, and expected a cleaner ,better and saner  administration from Maithripala .. 

President re echoes the accusations hurled by  the Rajapakses …

The accusations made  against the aforementioned independent Institutions  by the Rajapakse ‘rogues on behalf of rogues’ that those are only serving the  political agendas being echoed by the president himself of the government of good governance is most reprehensible and shameful. 
President Maithri went on to make comments which were not only self contradictory but even directly detrimental to  independent law enforcement and dispensation of justice  now in progress in the country. 

It is a pity the president did not have even that little  grey matter to realize he was directly interfering with courts  when he said he does not  approve of the hauling up of criminals Gotabaya and the ex Navy officers before courts on charges of causing loss to the country , also blabbered   in the same breath that , as president he will  not interfere with the judicial processes of the country .

If the president is hurt and his sensibilities are bruised because the criminals  Gotabaya and ex Navy officers were summoned to court for their crimes (causing loss to the country) ,  the people for good governance are justifiably questioning how much more hurt he will be ,  and what acrobatic clowning  he would  perform in his worry and anxiety  for   the culprits ,of all people , when they are made to  appear in court over the gruesome murder of ten innocent students after collecting extortion monies ; over the MiG jet colossal fraud ; and over the cold blooded murder in broad daylight of Lasantha Wickremetunge  ?

Maithripala Sirisena who went into hiding even without attending the crucial concluding election rally at Maradana on 2015-01-05 in fear that Gotabaya would kill him with a sniper weapon , is the same Maithripala who is today feeling sorry and hurt over Gotabaya being hauled up in courts  for the crimes Gotabaya  and none other committed .The disillusionment and disappointment of the  masses for good governance over the silliness of the president are therefore unsurprising .

President Maithri’s self contradictory statements …

Another contradiction made by the president was : Since the Director Generals and the secretaries to independent Commissions  are appointed by him as the president , their actions must be reported to him . While saying that he also charged the independent commissions are functioning according to political agendas. Therefore he may have to take certain measures against them , he threatened .

Maithripala who said  he was unaware of Gotabaya and the ex Navy officers being hauled up before courts , instead of praising  the Bribery Commission for its impartial and bold actions sans outside influences , claimed and blamed  that action of the Commission was in pursuance of  political agendas .

It was most rudely shocking  and even most shameful  to all law abiding citizens of the country and pro good governance masses who propelled Maithri  to power to hear the latter  speaking with great sorrow ,and sympathizing with  the army intelligence division criminals who are held in custody over the ruthless brutal murder of Ekneliyagoda . This rude profound shock stemmed from the fact that it was  Maithri who made  solemn promises a countless number of times that he would see to it the culprits involved in the Ekneliyagoda murder are duly punished  when he comes to power.  

The president  even claimed  the Ekneliyagoda murderers  being held in remand custody for 16 months is wrong .The CID initially said , it would be only two weeks , then it became one month , and now it has taken 16 months , a most sympathetic president erring on the side of criminals instead of the victim  lamented . 

This is a most outrageous  interference by the Executive with the affairs of the courts though the president in his egregious aberration could not realize.  

May  we recall  and remind the masses  , the daily reports  which contained the record of the daily activities of the aforementioned suspects on the day Ekneliyagoda was abducted , was not made available to the investigators.
Mind you , even though the court ordered the army commander on several occasions to furnish those records , the order was not carried out. Let us also refresh the memories of the people lest they have forgotten , during that period it was president Maithripala who was the commander in chief of the forces and defense minister who did not instruct the army commander to provide the relevant report promptly , and did not extend support to the investigations.

The president who always squeaks like a  pet mouse that he is the humble servant of the public , today roared like a  Lion trapped in a cage , and arrogantly said, he is under obligation to none and fears none.  It is a pity that he had so soon forgotten his obligations even to  the people’s force that installed him in power on 2015-01-08. At least he should realize he must fear that benign force which he depended upon fully to seize power, and disregard  his evil and fragile force on which he is now  trying to ride the high horse only to have a heavy fall.   

President unwittingly confirms the need of a mixed court recommended by IHRC

No matter what , president Maithripala Sirisena based on his remorseful  speech today full of pathos for the scoundrels , rascals and criminals who drove   the country to the brink of total   disaster , has confirmed that it is none other than himself who had impeded the investigations so far into the monumental crimes committed during the nefarious decade of the Rajapakses .
Following these  enunciations , the president himself has confirmed wittingly or unwittingly  the need to appoint a mixed  court  recommended by the Geneva Human Rights Commission   to hear the crimes committed during the nefarious lawless decade of the Rajapakses.

Miathripala Sirisena also today made several loud and proud announcements about what he ought to do as the president . It is very unfortunate however Maithripala forgot a most paramount duty of his which he failed to carry out  :  the people of the country installed him in power on 2015-01-08 to completely abolish the executive presidency within 100 days of his coming to power , and not to augment it  through  him.

It is a well and widely known fact that Maithripala since the day of his investiture as president , has been conducting himself in a manner most hostile to the masses and hurting the pro good governance force  that put him on the pedestal, by giving appointments to the enemies of that force. Yet the masses who steered him forward and  made him the president  bore with patience , and had stood by him . 

In any event , president Maithripala Sirisena yesterday by expressing his sorrow over Gotabaya the notorious ex defense secretary , better  known as the devil incarnate , being hauled up in  court , had not only turned his back shamelessly on the very masses who made him the president but has also displayed that hideous back and bottom which  he strived hard to hide hitherto , and what the masses most hated to see in all their lives. 

President's Speech as follows 

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Disgraceful .... Now the President Sira is trying to protect the crooks.. Wonder what's' his take. He should be made accountable for all robberies that have occurred in the country if he does not come clean on this. It seems he has been protecting them all along. As mentioned by the UN time and again, an international panel of judges in the only way to solve the issues in Sri Lanka.
-- by Citizen on 2016-10-13

Is this man the President or joker ? The man who came to catch the crooks has turned out to be a bigger crook. It now appears he was supporting them all along and taking the public for a ride.
-- by Sarath on 2016-10-13

Disgraceful President of Sri Lanka - He owes an apology to the masses of Sri Lanka or should resign from his position. This is the most treacherous statement he has made, shows his real intentions.
-- by Percy Perera on 2016-10-13

I am a keen follower of your beautiful island's politics which is not yet streamlined well. Isn't this president Sirisena implicated in human rights crime with Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as acting defence minister? Good tactic by Rajapaksa dynasty in threatening to pull everyone down with them. President is exempt from prosecution but others are not. It is the others like Wijedasa Rajapaksa that are very desperate and will even ruin the country to survive.
-- by Delroy on 2016-10-14

The audio seems a bit edited and choppy. Nevertheless, the gist of what he's saying is extremely worrisome to say the least. Here's a man who clearly has no idea indeed of what he's doing for his country and mandate right now, or has no real care for them. It's one thing to be unassumingly charismatic, it's another thing entirely to be an arrogant, clueless idiot and it shows here. We are all to blame for this unfortunately, all of us living in this country. The PM, UNP, Mara, SLFP, JVP, TNA etc along with we the citizens who votes for all of them. We can't wash our hands away with this one. Sure, we got rid of Mara and that's great but is this guy the only option we are left with? Isn't there seriously a national leader in SL who we can all trust completely? The answer is sadly no right now and I'm afraid that it's probably going to stay like that for quite some time too. Either someone entirely new, bold, responsible and honest to the bone comes from within the people themselves or we are all clearly doomed before too long. The trouble is, these ridiculous speeches aren't the only things he's doing to show his incompetence. Take the issue of carbonic manure for example. This guy banned chemical manure, the lifeblood of modern SL agriculture for decades now, in one day without introducing a solid alternative. Result- utter chaos for local farmers and the agro market. And why? All because an extremist monk managed to convince him without proof that glyphosate is the root cause for the recent undiagnosed local kidney disease, for said monks' political vendettas. And this, our President, is supposed to be a diploma holder in Agriculture, hark the lark. He should be held responsible for these remarks and actions. This has gone far enough, the people didn't vote for this and he should realize it. At the very least, he should make an apology for what he has said or resign before he turns to face the people again. The people aren't so patient with their politics like a few decades back now, they won't stand this. They are awake and are always fully responsible for their country even if their politicians are not. They know when to give power to these "leaders", as well as when to take it all away. And the truth of the matter, no matter how hard anyone would try to deny it is, that this guy would never have left Mara if he had been made PM during Mara's last years. That's the political motivation driving this guy, pure power and nothing else. Do your job or stay out of the peoples' way please!
-- by Curious Partaker on 2016-10-14

President should apologize to public for making such a horrific statement. Being elected to uphold the democracy and good governance, he should not feel that independent agencies such as FCID , Bribery commission etc should ask his direction and permission before take actions. This indicates that he wants to control these agencies although they are labeled as independent and free to act as per the rule of the country. So he can protect his friends and relations are getting arrested or charged by these agencies. This is very odd behavior by President which warrants investigation. Is this to take people attention away from recent night club brawl said to start by son of VVIP ?? If so tactic that is chosen to divert the public attention is of very low quality without any class. It is like asking the person known as good governance to raise his both hands and in a very vital movement pulling out the sarong that he is wearing.
-- by Piyal on 2016-10-14

Sirisena Resign,you have lost all credibility you are an absolute idiot,Gotabaya is a full blooded Murderer' you have no interlect ,you idiot
-- by sunil on 2016-10-14

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