A retired army officer leaves a note ‘I killed Lasantha’ and hangs himself under suspicious circumstances..!

(Lanka-e-News -14.Oct.2016, 11.50PM) An individual has hanged himself after having  supposedly left a letter saying that it is he who committed the murder of Lasantha Wickremetunge and not   sergeant Major Premananda Udalagama alias Ananda Udalagama who is now in remand custody .
51 years old Edirisinghe Jayamanne a father of three children  residing at Dehipitiya road , Karandupane , Kegalle who is supposed to have left this letter had killed himself by hanging from a beam of the roof of his kitchen .His body was found this (14) morning.  

Based on reports he is a retired certified officer of the army  ,and his wife is abroad .In his letter he had stated ’I murdered Lasantha . Hence , my friend Malinda Udalagama is not the wrongdoer. Free him. Please arrange to hand this over to the Intelligence division’ the police revealed. 
The gravest suspicion aroused following this episode is ,   it is Premananda Udalagama alias Ananda Udalagama and not Malinda Udalagama who is now in custody . If this individual who committed suicide is such a close friend , why did he mention the name Malinda Udalagama ? An individual who even does not know the name of his close friend , will he commit suicide on his friend’s behalf?

Investigations are now under way to ascertain whether the true assassins of Lasantha in order to save themselves have committed another murder ?

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This an another game the Rajapakshas are playing. This is the plan to kill the evidence.. of the murders committed by the despotic regime. Either this man has been blackmailed or all is debts settled and immediate relatives rewarded by the hidden hand.
-- by Franklin Perera on 2016-10-15

Very very fishy incident for the eyes of a retired detective. Why is the sucide victim's goodbye letter so short?Maybe he could have revealed a little more details of how the murder took place and who gave the orders etc.or said something nice about his family. My LEN friend, dead men don't walk no more just as they talk no more.Incidentally, sometimes the crazed also claim to have murdered high profile victims just to achieve fame.
-- by Mark Biggles on 2016-10-18

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