‘Why are you more worried than the inmates of the house of the deceased ?’ Ask Weerawansa’s murderers and threaten Website editors

(Lanka-e-News -31.Oct.2016, 11.30PM) The Editors of websites (not Lanka e news) that reported the news pertaining to the alleged  murder of the youth Lahiru Janith that occurred  within the house of Weerasangili Panikkiyage Wimalasena alias Wimalasiri Gamlath alias Wimal Weerawansa  M.P. under most mysterious  and suspicious circumstances have received death threats from Pannikiyage murder squad . It is specially noteworthy , these threats have been made after the seminal fluid on the private parts of the youth was exposed. 

While the details regarding the investigation of this mysterious murder of the youth in the prime of his life are being suppressed by the newspapers owing to pressures exerted , it is only Lanka e news and a few news websites that are publishing those facts and details. 

The threats and intimidation have been directed against the editors of the website Gossip99 in Sri Lanka. The murderers who had intimidated and threatened many times via the phone have asked ‘ why are you more worried than the inmates of the house of the deceased ?’ ‘You are at Narahenpita , aren’t you’. “Within the next hour we shall ‘take you’ ” ‘We have now entered the ‘game’ ’ the callers have threatened. 

They have again phoned and demanded that the news report be withdrawn , if not woe betide , they have warned. The editors who had got alarmed by these threats have withdrawn the news reports regarding the mysterious murder within Weerawansa’s house.

According to information reaching Lanka e news , the murderers of Panikkiya have threatened via the following phone numbers :

071 2478111
071 8687728
072 6781841

At least the police that are supposedly  conducting the investigations duly  into this mysterious death can probe into these threats with the aid of these phone numbers

Lanka e news deems that an answer should be furnished to the question ‘why are you more worried than the inmates of the house of the deceased ?’ posed by the threatening murderers of Pannikiya …

The deceased Lahiru who was allegedly murdered within the house of Panikkiya on that fateful night has no father and  only his mother is living. They are poor  and hapless relatives of Panikkiya. 

It is Panikkaiya’s wife Sashi who has created an avenue of income for this family through  sewing clothes . Lahiru was found a job in a hotel when Panikkiya was a minister . Lahiru has resigned from that job later .

Moreover it is Pannikkiya’s family that has found a house for Lahiru’s family close by . They were  earlier residing  in a remote place .Hence , the mother of Lahiru who has lost her son now will have to take to begging and die  eventually if she gets angry with Panikkiya’s family. It is also  learnt Panikkiya who has money for jam  had spent lavishly to shut the mouths of those who suffered from this tragedy as well as the witnesses. In the circumstances the public can gather  why,  ‘those in the house of the deceased are not worried’

The mass media do not report  incidents based on  private  issues.  But when a media does  not take an interest  to report the mysterious death of a youth and the discovery of the body within the residence of an M.P., political party leader , ex minister and  a self proclaimed  ‘patriot’ ,then  surely that media cannot rightly call itself by that name.

Thereafter when the investigations are not being conducted duly ,and the main media Institutions are suppressing the truthful  information , and if the news website is ceasing to probe further into those  , then that cannot be rightly describe itself as a  news website.

Since the day this mysterious death occurred until today , it is the family  of Panikkiya  , the suspects who have made statements. Therefore  when  the responsible medical officer or any  police officer has not made any statement in regard to this death that occurred under most suspicious circumstances , the suspects are naturally  having fun and frolic while exclaiming ‘ we are innocent ‘

What Weerasangili Panikkiya says is , death was due to cardiac arrest as mentioned  in the judicial medical report . Yet this was  an open verdict that was delivered, and a part of the body was ordered to be sent to the Government analyst department. If the victim has died due to a heart attack , the matter ends there, and an  open verdict will not be delivered .  That means , Weerasangili Panikkiya alias Wimal Weerawansa in keeping with his favorite  hobby has told a deliberate lie and is duping the public.  
As revealed by Lanka  news previously , by not interrogating Wimal Weerawansa the chief occupant of the house where the mysterious death occurred , the police investigation itself is drowned in suspicion. 

On the contrary if a medical examination had been carried out duly in regard to the seminal fluid all over the organ of the deceased , bleeding nose, swellings  and injuries on the body which are telltale signs of assault , coupled with proper police investigations , the editors of the websites certainly would not have had any cause  to be  ‘ more worried than the inmates of the house of the deceased’ 

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Well done Lanka e news. Other news sites/papers are silent on this issue !! Strange yahapalanaya. He was JVP man who was responsible for more than 75,000 deaths between 1971 & 1989. So what do you expect ?
-- by Mahadenamutta on 2016-11-01

This para jada weerwansa must be skinned alive in public sinhala buddhist filthy bastard murderer.para jadaya
-- by sarath on 2016-11-01

some brave man, should pull out Pnnawanses teeth out with a set of pliers andd boil this para jadaya in oil to 100 centigrade,this so called sinhala buddhist paraya must be taught a lesson very soon strip him naked and kick him to the kalu ganga
-- by jagath on 2016-11-02

Take this fellow cold blooded murderer para wansa to custody
-- by wimal on 2016-11-02

If this matter took place in a ordinary mans place, House holder will be arrested for suspicious murder. where is the common law in this country. This could be cover up by a deal . Disgraceful politicians in SriLanka. j Journalists attached to main news papers are doing the oldest job in the world.
-- by Lal Abey on 2016-11-03

Arrest ponnawansa. Knows only to kill, cannot take care of the wife's needs.
-- by Hapun on 2016-11-05

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