Weerawansa’s daughter complained to Children and Women’s Bureau to seek political asylum for whole family in Western country ?

(Lanka-e-News - 08.Nov.2016, 11.45PM)   Wimal Weerawansa who wildly criticized the  Fundamental human rights and juvenile  rights in the past as  creatures of the Western conspirators , and are a prelude  to seek asylum in those cold countries, has most shamelessly visited the children  and  women’s rights bureau . Certainly this cannot be construed as  simply fate  that has ordained him to retract his own words , vis a vis the  stories  doing the rounds that he and his family are seeking political asylum on the sly in a Western country .

In the complaint lodged with the Bureau  , it is stated,  exploiting the death  of the youth that took place in Weerawansa’s  home  , the website owners and the social media are carrying on a mud slinging campaign against his daughter, thereby infringing her juvenile  rights.

It is a fact however that Websites including Lanka e news did not sling mud at Weerawansa’s daughter . It was only  reported  that an investigation be duly conducted into the suspicious ridden death of the youth who was staying that night in the house of Weerawansa .

When that is the factual  situation , is the life of  the youth who died under suspicious circumstances or the so called ‘repute’ of Weerawansa’s daughter that is more important to the nation ? Undoubtedly , the life of anybody  is much more important than the so called ‘reputation’ of somebody. According to the laws of the country , a girl is eligible to  marry when she is over 16 years , and Weerawansa’s daughter was just a few months below that age. 

Weerawansa who is so concerned about his daughter’s so called reputation surely should have known in a house where there is such a young daughter , allowing a youth to spend  the whole night in that house is most indecent and disreputable; and Sashi the mother of the ‘precious’ daughter should have known even better about how to look after the so called decency of the daughter  and safeguard her repute .Hence Sashi  should be questioned first, why she did not take care of her daughter and  her repute if they are genuinely  so worried about  her ? 

On the contrary , no website slung mud at Weerawansa’s daughter. It was only  reported that the deceased  allegedly murdered had an affair with the daughter. Therefore his  stupid  lawyers must enlighten and explain to Weerawansa,  a disclosure that a girl who is about to reach the legal age of marriage is  having a love affair with a youth cannot  be interpreted as mudslinging . It is hoped Weerawansa who is grade nine qualified is intelligent and intelligible enough to understand this basic fact at least relating to his own daughter without foolishly giving  way to a scandal involving his own daughter.
Of course, if it was  reported the girl had a relationship with a dog , that is mudslinging, and Weerawansa going in search of that dog is understandable.  But that is not the case in this instance. Moreover , the websites only questioned why the girl with whom the youth allegedly   murdered had a love affair was not interrogated  despite the fact both of them were in the same house on that fateful night , while only questioning all others who were in the house that night .

The stupid lawyers of his who also shouted and screamed in the past  when Weerawansa  earlier on uttered falsehoods , quoting names and defaming  editors of websites as running brothels in England , must also tell him what is the disgraceful description that fits his blatant and brazen lies. 

In any event , justifiable doubts have proliferated whether Weerawansa who was making  a loud din in the past that human rights are a conspiracy of the West , and is a ploy to secure political asylum in cold countries , is now seeking political asylum himself for his family in a Western country by advancing his daughter’s case before the law .

It is also learnt that it is Weerawansa’s lawyers who are as moronic as he or even worse  who had given him the advice to lodge a complaint  with the Children and women’s protection Bureau,  after the CID launched investigations to ascertain whether  the youth who died  in Weerawansa’s home on that fateful night was murdered . 

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Moronwansa better jump into a boat and seek asylum in Myanmar. At least in a country with a Buddhist heritage, this nut won't be jobless. He always has the liberty to conduct a fast under any coconut tree growing in a cesspool.
-- by Ajith Balasooriya on 2016-11-09

Like the two younger and elder sisters; but mind you this is meant as a compliment (to the elder perhaps.
-- by Perumal on 2016-11-09

Why western country ? They can seek asylum in Bolivia or Cuba .. according to the fancies of the loud mouthed Indian Tamil ( Pannikikiya ).
-- by Ruwan on 2016-11-09

puduma anduwaknedara una meka. ape gedara una nam mama remand ranil maitri weera beranawa. yako ara ahinsaka kolla????
-- by loku bandara on 2016-11-14

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