Investigations begin into the phone calls exchanged with the allegedly murdered youth in Weerawansa’s house

(Lanka-e-News -12.Nov.2016, 11.45PM)  Investigations have begun relating to  7 mobile phone calls in connection with the alleged murder of the youth Lahiru Janith Dissanayake while he was staying   in Wimal Weerawansa’s house on that fateful night.

Based on the report of the data gathered pertaining to the 7 phone calls  exchanged with the  allegedly murdered youth , investigations have been initiated . The police  requested the Kaduwela magistrate to grant permission to further investigate these telephone call exchanges via three relevant telephone companies . The Kaduwela  magistrate court acceded to the request. The Kaduwela magistrate Dhammika Hemapala while granting the request directed the relevant  phone companies to provide  the report sought.

Meanwhile , the report pertaining to  the portion of the body of the youth (body found on October 26 th),  which  was sent to the government analyst department for investigation has not been received although 16 days have elapsed.

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