Judge Ms. Abdeen reacts to LeN news report : I did go to prison but not in the night to meet Duminda, Tissa, Vaas, and a foreigner

( Lanka-e-News -15.Nov.2016, 11.55PM) District court judge Ayesha Abdeen who Lanka e news exposed as have met infamous murderer cum heroin Kingpin  Duminda  twice  inside prison during prohibited hours , has responded to our news report advancing reasons in her defense.  Duminda is now in the death row after being sentenced to death   in connection with the murder of four individuals including Bharatha Lakshman.

The explanation she offered is , she is vested with official powers to visit the prison to conduct  inquiries under the Prison Tribunal . By virtue of those powers she visits the prison every Thursday , and that  last Thursday (10 th) too she went there , while adding that she went to the prison at about 12.30 p.m. and left at about 2.00 p.m. , and never did she visit the prison in the night.

She also had stated when she went to the prison on one of those occasions , she not only met Duminda Silva , but even Tissa Attanayake and  Vaas Gunawardena.  On the 10 th she went to the prison to meet a foreign prisoner who was facing heroin related charges, she added.  As it was alleged he was  assaulted by the prison officers when he was being taken to the court , she ordered that his spine be subjected to an X ray examination,  Abdeen had further explained.  

Ms. Abdeen elaborating further said,  the Prison hospital chief told her that Duminda is having a nerve ailment and that the prison hospital hasn’t the facilities to treat it.  When Lanka e news inquired from her , ‘is that chief , Dr. Lakshman Jayamanne ? ,’ she replied in the affirmative, and when  she  was asked how she responded to him , her reply was, ‘ true, true’, and said nothing else. When she was questioned whether she gave instructions  to take Duminda Silva to Jayawardena hospital , she denied having told such a thing.
Abdeen the judge who claims she was on the Prison Tribunal in 2015 , as well as  in 2006 and 2009 , also said , the magistrate of the area who is in charge of the prison has to forward a report to the Judicial Service Commission every month after an inspection of the prison, and  accepted, that responsibility is not hers , and it  belongs to the magistrate.
Abdeen also went on to assert  that she is against heroin dealers , and she took a lot of pains  to get  the wife of Wele Sudha arrested .Since  Lanka e news is misled by the allegations made by a judge who is an enemy of hers  , she requested that the news report be withdrawn.

The reply of Lanka e news to judge Ms.Ayesha Abdeen…

When Lanka e news inquired from a high rung officer of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for the second time regarding the answer given by Ms. Abdeen , he made it abundantly clear that those who are tasked with only the prison tribunal affairs , is not empowered to inquire into the health and welfare of the prisoners .That can be inquired only if those pertain  to the cases before the tribunal.
Therefore investigating the welfare of  Duminda Silva ,Tissa Attanayake and Vaas Gunawardena is trespassing on the laws , the JSC high ranking officer  clearly pinpointed, while adding there is evidence that  Ms. Abdeen  went to the prison on the 10 th night , and an investigation is to be launched by the JSC into this next week.

No matter what we wish to say a few words in relation to the request made by this judge to withdraw the news report. Let us state  in no uncertain terms that we never withdraw a news report which  is published by us , because before we publish a report we make absolutely sure what is true  after a scrupulous sifting and sorting . Hence , whoever is the subject of the accusation is only given an opportunity to furnish a reply . The reply of Abdeen is  hereinbefore noted   .

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The decision that has been taken against Ayesha Abdeen by the JSC was initially reported by Lanakenews. This is a good answer for double doctor who is supporting Avaent Guard and Gotabhaya. Well done Lenews!!!
-- by Sumith on 2016-11-24

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