Self degrading Wijedasa’s rabble rousing speech : LeN replies and asks him to substantiate his allegations

(Lanka-e-News -23.Nov.2016, 11.55PM) Wijedasa Rajapakse the double dealing opportunistic politico   who while being the minister of justice under the good governance government  became  notorious on account of his  wheeler dealer activities in collaboration even now with the corrupt brutal discarded Rajapakse regime hurled insults and criticisms against Lanka e news and its editor while taking refuge under the parliamentary privilege . 

Shockingly even before Lanka  news could furnish a reply , a large cross section of the people gave  him the answer laden with pungent spice and flavor so much so that LeN decided that there is no necessity for LeN to give him a reply .

However our viewers have urged us to give a reply to this tie coat wearing turncoat wheeler dealer who is contaminating the entire government to which he belongs,  and  the judiciary which comes under his ministry . In compliance with their requests we furnish hereunder our reply …

We  describe Wijedasa openly as a double dealing cutthroat not without reason: Wijedasa is  a shameless faceless minister under the government of good governance  who  openly said , ‘as long as I am the minister I shall not permit Gotabaya to be arrested’ despite the fact Gotabaya is facing a number of grave criminal charges , and even after  the very government of good governance to which he belongs had promised  to arrest and punish every crook and criminal irrespective of their status or rank. Incidentally,  Gotabaya  is still not arrested. 

The putrid antecedence of a  most self degrading politico…

It is a pity this wheeler dealer cum double dealer Minister Wijedasa who is possessed of all the lowliest qualities of the scum of the lowest strata of  society  could not understand his insults in public  did not inflict damage only on Lanka e news and  its editor.

Fonseka too denigrated … 

This tie -coat  turncoat Wijedasa described a national hero and a former army commander who was responsible for the war victory as a “Vel Vidhane’ (an officer in charge of fields)  insulting  the field marshal honor  bestowed on the war hero  by the president himself  of the country . Wijedasa did not have even that little grey matter to understand he is speaking in disparagement of   the very president  too who appointed  Wjedasa  to the ministerial position , when Wijedasa  was wildly casting indiscriminate aspersions.

We recognize  Sarath Fonseka as a national hero not only because he is the army commander who won the war , but he was  also the one who had the rare courage to fearlessly and valorously resist the corrupt barbaric Rajapakse brutes  without yielding and entering into any illicit deals with them . For that he  had to pay a high price - he was put   behind bars owing to his integrity and rectitude  by the Rajapakse brutes . At all events  Fonseka  did not compromise his self dignity or betray the crusading masses behind him  in their struggle.

If only Fonseka has not opted to take that valorous path  then , the nation would not have known by now  the brutality and barbaric nature of the corrupt crooked Rajapakses.  Even though he was  a former army commander and could have demonstrated his ‘ military arrogance and powers’ against the evil Rajapakses , he never did anything that ran counter to  the  tenets of Democracy. He did not overstep those limits – not even an inch!  This why   we recognize him as a national leader , his foibles  notwithstanding. Unbelievably it is such an exalted hero who was vilified as ‘Vel Vidhane’, by wheeler dealer Wijedasa who belongs to the scum of the lowliest of society.

Of course it is not uncommon for low bred stray dogs that defecate on the pavements  to bark at thoroughbreds.  

Professor Wijesuriya condemned …. 

This same minister belonging to the scum of the lowliest  strata of society did not stop at that. He went on to malign Professor Sarath Wijesuriya , the present convener of the movement for just society , which was in the vanguard of the campaign to overthrow corrupt , cruel and crooked Rajapakses  lock ,stock and barrel  for which the entire nation was most grateful and saluted. 

 Wijedasa , the tie coat cutthroat said , the professor is not a civil organization leader . Wijedasa who is himself a leading politico by speaking insolently of a civil organization leader , while simultaneously comparing him  with a political leader clearly proved Wijedasa  has no idea of what is a  ‘ civil organization’ 

Wheeler Dealer?  or destitute person ? 

Evan Wijedasa Rajapakse insulted Lanka e news editor , and described him as a “Pullanna’ (destitute person)  relying on  a statement of Dinesh Gunawardena the most detested and abhorred racist of the joint  opposition. Wijedasa went on to say  Lanka e news in the end  posted an advertisement requesting funds , and the editor is destitute.

During the Rajapakse era , when advertisers who were with Lanka e news were threatened and obstructed , Lanka e news of course  did honestly call for  donations from generous donors to run the website . This is seen by the dishonest wheeler dealer ‘millionaire’ racketeer as disdainful and as destitution . 

Truly speaking , if , according to Wijedasa the ‘ millionaire’ wheeler dealer , LeN  is destitute, then the famous Wikepedia too is destitute. The UN  aid organization which is providing relief to Sri Lanka is also destitute for , if all the TV channels in  every country in Europe are watched ,  it will become clear that there are numerous organizations in Europe which  request every viewer of television channel to donate a Euro or sterling pound towards the poor people living in  countries like Sri Lanka. 

Zit is a pertinent question , why is the wheeler dealer millionaire Wijedasa still clinging on to the present government as a minister without any shame  when the government is also asking  for aid with a begging bowl from International monetary Organizations?  What we can therefore  deduce from the meaningless ‘destitution ‘  insults  hurled by Wijedasa is , this minister is either unhinged or totally ignorant or he is an imbecile , for he cannot understand what his own mouth  is blabbering .  In any event , it is better to be a destitute person than to be  an opportunistic wheeler dealer gnawing at the very root of the country’s dwindling economy to selfishly fatten himself.  Certainly , LeN prefers its own honest life style even in poverty to  Wijedasa’s wheeler dealer prosperity , as we  wish to make it abundantly clear , even if Wijedasa’s ‘prosperity’ is offered on a platter , Lanka e news will not accept  -  no,   not for all the world ! 

Testimony that bears out Wijedasa’s wheeler dealer activities. 

We do not   mount charges which cannot be proved ,or  without valid  reasons, or are false unlike Wijedasa . We are accusing Wijedasa as a wheeler dealer and opportunist because we have adequate evidence to prove those  charges. This   racket has a  long history stretching over  many years. When Mahinda Rajapakse held elections in April 2010 for the second time after he became president , he did not secure a two third majority .To make up for the shortfall , what he did was he purchased MPs and ministers of the opposition .

It was during that time a large group including Paba  and  Manusha somersaulted most unscrupulously from the opposition after winning on the opposition votes and discarding the voters , to the Rajapakse camp purportedly to strengthen his ‘two hands’ . Among those brokers who held discussions in regard to these dastardly and illicit deals was Wijedasa Rajapakse.  Wijedasa was expecting a ministry portfolio , but because the ministry portfolios were all filled , Mahinda had no option but to tell Wijedasa he can offer him a deputy minister post. It was because unconscionable Wijedasa was not  in favor of that proposal , he stayed back in the opposition , and not because of  dictates of policy or conscience.  How can faceless , policy less opportunistic Wijedasa  follow policies , let alone think of them ?

 It is a well known present chairman of a State Corporation who also participated in those discussions.  This participation of Wijedasa is  sufficient proof that Wijedasa is an ‘opportunistic wheeler dealer.’ Of course his illicit deals put through with the most notorious  and controversial Avant Garde Co. is well and widely known . So , let us not waste time to expose those. He was  nicknamed ‘DealDasa’ because of his involvement in the infamous Avant Garde deals. 

It was Wijedasa who was the president of the Bar Association (BASL) when corrupt criminal Rajapakses heard  a case within just a night against an  ex CJ Shiranee Bandaranaike to chase her away from the post un ceremonially and unlawfully. At that time this faceless policy-less Wijedasa  who is best noted for double deals and double speak exploited the situation to the full to secure maximum gains from both sides. Though he carried out the protest campaign organized by the lawyers since he was the  president of the BASL , he was as usual playing a double crossing game , which was borne out by his personal  sentiments , when he expressly said  ‘ a CJ like Shiranee Bandaranaike shall be chased away’.  Lanka  e news is in possession of the tape recorded evidence in proof.

When the lawyers went on a protest march at that time , Wijedasa despite being the BASL president had to be coaxed  to join them like a dog that is recalcitrant and reluctant to bathe , when he should have led the protests.

It was a Lanka e news close lawyer  friend  who had the misfortune to hold him back in the protest  procession when he was trying to desert  midway. A story was doing the rounds among the lawyers during that period when the protests were being staged , the BASL president Wijedasa was called into  a room by Mahinda Rajapakse (the president then ) when the latter met him ,  and given a good pummeling . The truth of this story which was widely circulated is known only to the victim Wijedasa and the assailant, Mahinda.
No matter what , Wijedasa thereafter quit the post of BASL president. It was only after that the struggle of the lawyers against the unlawful dismissal of the ex CJ  turned  strong and forged ahead. With Wijedasa’s departure , Upul Jayasuriya ,the successor  of  Wijedasa led  the lawyers’ struggle . It was the majority opinion  of the legal fraternity Jayasuriya  was conducting himself as a self serving  opportunist. 

Direct answers to the questions and a challenge  to Wijedasa … 

The false and malicious charges leveled  against Lanka e news to mislead the parliament are as follows:
1.He asks how can a judge deliver an independent judgment amidst the publication of news by   Lanka e news one day ahead about  the judge prior to giving the verdict going to a particular  home having lunch and collecting money ?

This is an absolute lie, and is intended to mislead the parliament. Lanka news had never reported that a judge pending delivery of judgment on  a particular day , had lunch and collected  money from anyone. We challenge him to show one such LeN report.

2.He said , Lanka e news over several months had published about 70 news reports demeaning the courts. 

This is a blatant lie and intended to mislead the parliament. When he says several months , it ought to be less than a year, say 11 months maximum. That is from 18 th December 2015 until 18 th November 2016 . We challenge Wijedasa to show the 70 articles we have published as  alleged by him during this period.

3.He has alleged , if 100 sterling pounds are offered to LeN editor any false mudslinging  can be published . 

This too is an absolute falsehood , and aimed at misleading the parliament . We challenge Wijedasa to prove one such instance. 

The minister of justice Wijedasa despite  discharging a most responsible task has not submitted any document in parliament to testify to his accusations leveled  against Lanka e news , whereas Lanka e news which is 12 years old  on the other hand unlike the minister had built  a most resounding and unassailable reputation internationally  as the champion of the cause of truth  among its nearly four million viewers worldwide who read the Sinhala and English news published by us,.

A justice minister waxing boastful   within parliament  under cover of parliamentary privilege  simply because he has the satanic  talent to lie  does not augur well for the country and the government which is tolerating him . In the end , it is the image of  the government and the country that is soiled . Simply because lying is his innate nature , an inborn talent , and part of his upbringing, that does not give cause to him to lie using  every orifice ( the stinking one not excluded ) on his body. 
If Wijedasa can prove at least one allegation mounted by him , Lanka e news is prepared to transfer its  ownership to him.

Exposing the crooked  judges and insulting the courts …

Wijedasa in his hate speech stated , since judges cannot convene media briefings , and offer explanations ,and are a hapless group , they  should not be criticized no matter what wrong they commit. According to Wijedasa the justice minister of SL , when judges  are criticized they cannot deliver judgments duly  , and that can jeopardize the independence of the judiciary , which is therefore tantamount to committing contempt of court.

This is a distortion of the factual situation..

Judges are not a hapless breed. It is only the judges who have the permission by law even to take the life of  a person , whereas even  the president is not vested with that power by law.  He has only the right  to save a life. Even the executive president hasn’t the right to terminate the life of a person. In the circumstances , the judges are not a hapless breed. They are not a group that cannot offer  explanations in their defense. This theory based on a fallacy is therefore concocted by Wijedasa  the (in)justice minister in order to convey a wrong impression.
The judges who are vested with powers to take the life of a person legally are governed by a multitude of noble values and tenets to enable them to conduct themselves duly and lawfully  based on discipline . They are therefore   bound to adhere to those noble values and tenets , for otherwise , that can cause grave harm to society .
Lanka e news mostly criticised the judges (male and female) only when they  trespassed on the noble values and tenets . For example : judges  displaying photographs of theirs on the facebook most whimsically and comically  to make  a huge din and thereby behaving like clowns unbecoming of a judge certainly were bitterly criticised by us . Though Wijedasa did not have the capacity to  appreciate our reports  , the Judicial service Commission(JSC)  in  fact had acted on our exposures – Facebook was banned for judges by the JSC only after our reports.   Therefore we wish to ask , were our actions commendable ? or a contempt of court ?  The people can themselves decide .

Who is putting the country and courts in jeopardy ?

Criticisms leveled against judges pertaining to their flaws and faults will certainly do no harm to the judges any more than the harm the judges have brought upon themselves already   owing to their own misconduct . It is our analysis that of the  200 judges or thereabout in our country , only about 5 % of  judges were implicated in corruption  during the several decades..  In fact they were  not judges , they were  rogues . We are not only  prepared to expose them without demur or fear , but even prove that . If these ‘rogues’ are not got rid of , the entire judiciary and its independence are in peril.

The cases of Tiran Alles and Duminda Silva  are so notorious that the whole world has focused its attention on those. These are cases which concern the  very touchstones of independence of the  judiciary. In such cases of grave importance if  it becomes evident  judges turned into wheeler dealers , it is the whole country that is driven into doom and despair. Already , the most powerful world organization , is having doubts about the independence of the judgments . As a result hybrid courts system has been proposed for Sri Lanka. 

If Tiran Alles can be sent home totally disregarding the sacrosanct laws in existence since 1833; if criminals like Duminda Silva the murderer and heroin Kingpin who is in the death row after being sentenced to death , can get admitted to private hospitals to enjoy to the hilt based on bogus medical certificates about his illness ; and  if on the orders of our (in) justice minister , the crimes involving firearms  are considered as not coming within  the firearms Act  , the international community is obliged to conclude , even the good governance government cannot confirm the independence of the judiciary .

When that is the situation , and in that backdrop if the International organization decides , not a temporary  Hybrid court , it is rather international judges who  shall be appointed permanently to monitor the court activities in SL, what  can this hollow ,shallow and hare brained Wijedasa  who is waxing eloquent vacuously and villainously  do?
In the circumstances , it is not Lanka  e news which is crusading   against corrupt judges and such scoundrels by exposing as well as criticizing them with a view to correct them if not chase them ,  that is   undermining the judicial independence in SL , or  endangering  the country  , rather it is the  Dealdasas transacting  illicit and clandestine deals with corrupt and crooked judges, as well as with criminals who are their  friends and accomplices ,   who are truly putting the judicial independence and the country in dire peril. 

This is why , a great majority of genuine judges , legal luminaries and senior lawyers almost daily call and thank us profusely for the services we are rendering in the  best interests of the judiciary and the country . Hence , we shall continue to carry on our tasks in the best interests of the country and the truly honorable judges and lawyers , regardless of  dishonorable and discarded  Dealdasas, while allowing   the Dealdasas to  continue with their   incessant  barking  and howling  ,the only thing they enjoy and know to do well .

Wijedasa issued boastful warnings and threats against Lanka e news based on his foolish arrogance and stupid ignorance that he would take an Interpol warrant against Lanka e news editor and get him down to SL . 

Lanka e news will shortly furnish answers to his vacuous brags to enlighten and educate  him on the legal position and the true scenario via another  report, since this report is too lengthy already. Trying to ride the high horse on his abysmal  ignorance and dismal arrogance  he is sure going to have a heavy fall. 

May we advise Wijedasa , before doing  big things using his tiny brain and  getting down Sandaruwan from England on an Interpol warrant , won’t  it be better if he first learns to do small things  commensurate with his brain power and  apprehends the culprit who fired at his house and fled? When such a ‘great’ minister of justice (or injustice ? ) of a government cannot track down a puny culprit who committed a crime in SL, how can he arrest  Sandaruwan who has sought political asylum abroad and not committed a crime , and bring him down ? 
When politicians become wheeldasas and when their brain power is wasted only in that evil direction , that part  of the brain which functions duly gets moth eaten due to disuse. Wijedasa too is apparently suffering from that  mental syndrome. 

Small contributions of a large group and large contributions of a small group …

In conclusion , let us reveal some salient truths : Lanka e news is not a personal tool of its editor Sandaruwan Senadheera. To Wijedasa and Dealdasas , he might not be a journalist . Yet the stark truth is after being in the difficulty  ridden journalism profession ,Sandaruwan  moved  into a successful business , and again returned  to the media profession. As far as we know , he is the only  journalist in the profession  in SL whose entire assets and earnings were reduced to ashes after he  launched on  the journalistic profession  . When Lanka e news was commenced  , he utilized  his own personal funds and due to   his  sheer dint of hard work that Lanka e news burgeoned. Today , Lanka e news belongs to the people as a media of the people. 

After Lanka e news was burnt down to ashes , it were public donations  that helped to re build it. Indeed the computer used to write this report belongs to the people. The chair used to sit is theirs .The table is theirs . In fact the telephone , electricity , the internet bills  etc. are met out of public donations .
Unlike rogues and rascals  who take pride (counterfeit)  in their prosperity built on illicit deals , perfidious activities  and robbery of public funds,  and who  insult us as destitute , we say with honest  pride that we have  a great many donors with our internal information service . What’s more ? the utmost  and absolute truths Lanka e news brings home to the people fearlessly , frankly and forthrightly also belong to the  people.
We wish to  once again inform the public we shall continue to bring forth to the people  the truths unalloyed and unadulterated pertaining to our motherland conveyed to Lanka e news by the public .We shall as before so in the future unhesitatingly publish the truths . Truth certainly stings Dealdasas , tie coat turncoats , rascals and scoundrels , but as far as we are concerned , as long as it accomplishes the goals in the best interests of the country and the nation we shall not hesitate to reveal them , come what may. The rascals ,racists ,scoundrels , Dealdasas ,criminals , the corrupt and traitors can go hang ! 

Incarcerating Sandaruwan is simple . Even murdering him is not difficult. But if it is the hope by that the revelation of truth and espousing its cause by Lanka e news can be stopped , it’s an illusion . Even if Sandaruwan is not there ,  certainly there will emerge in his place a youth who perhaps will be more intelligent , capable ,energetic , competent  and sacrificial . That is for sure.
When the country is forging ahead on its journey towards achieving peace ,harmony and freedom on behalf of the people while restoring Democracy and  social justice , after throwing out the corrupt ,criminal and crooked Rajapakse regime, and  with a  government of good governance in place , it is  one aim and agenda that is being pursued – country’s progress , and that shall be accomplished  somehow. 

In any country , its society has been steered forward and uplifted only through the small contributions of a majority and huge contributions of the minority . Hence let us emphatically state , those achievements were  not owing to Dealdasas , racketeers and political opportunists . On the contrary a country doesn’t need them . The earlier the country gets rid of them the better !

The bottom line :
Let us make it abundantly clear , even if Sandaruwan is a ‘pulanna’ he prefers that honest lifestyle  to the opulence of dishonest Dealdasas. Neither he nor Lanka e news wishes to be a Dealdasa who takes pride  on illicitly earned and amassed wealth , and indulges in  vilification of   the honest and the truthful as ‘pulanna’ (the destitute) 

Lanka e news editorial Board 

Footnote :

We are overwhelmed by the  countless responses received by us from politicians , viewers ,  professionals ,  diverse organizations and thousands of  others in SL and abroad following the threats posed by the Justice minister of SL. They  inspired us to the hilt with their most encouraging comments as well as by extending fullest support to us. Meanwhile , the support extended by Home  office of Britain  as well as the judiciary and legal fraternity  of SL are unforgettable  . Our effusive thanks to all of them ! 

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We are unable to continue LeN without your kind donation.

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GalagodaAththe Gnanasara had spoken much praisefully about Wijedasa and his Ministry recently, so we can just guess where the things are leading. Wijedasa had particularly asked for JO's support, in parliament.
-- by Perumal on 2016-11-24

Wijedasais totally currupt,he will bring down the GOVt by inciting violence with Gotabaya,namal Mahendra and others please remove this bastard double crossing criminal immediately. this fellow is give instructiond by Gotabaya ona daily basis ,dirty filthy disgusting bastard.of a criminal rRanil remove him from the ministry immeiately,you will find your mistake soon
-- by mahanama on 2016-11-24

Please also publish the Tax evasion File held by MR relating to Wijeadas and how this man was forced to denounce the UN statement by GS Banki moon, whilst not being in the Government and the loss of the Tax file thereafter??
-- by punchinilame on 2016-11-24

Excellent response LEN. Please keep up your good work and don't let this pompous ass get out of your sight. He must be thrust into the limbo of forgotten things
-- by mike on 2016-11-24

Please submit a better way to give a comment
-- by Joseph fernando on 2016-11-25

To understand the mentality of WDR one will have only to look at his publicity materials for last general election. Through all of all those materials WDR was introduced to masses as 21st Century " Maha Pranchaya "" ( Man of Wisdom ). Who will do such an advertisement for himself .. So you do not have to look any further to understand how his brains work
-- by Piyal on 2016-11-25

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