Our government did to LEN even what MR did not do..!: I am ashamed: Govt. can incur the curse therefore..! - Minister Harin F

(Lanka-e-News -29.Nov.2016, 5.20PM) This government had done to Lanka e news what even Mahinda Rajapkse did not . Hence he is  feeling  ashamed at the  government’s action  and  the government can  incur the curse therefore , said Harin Fernando the minister of Telecommunication and  digital infrastructure , while asserting he would even carry out a struggle alone against these moves. 

A part of the special live discussion with minister Harin Fernando in connection with the judicial and political actions taken against Lanka e news and its chief editor is hereunder..

 ‘First and foremost , let me express my absolute resentment against these actions. If there was a contempt of court , laws could have been introduced regarding websites, but there are no such laws in Sri Lanka (SL) . I am bitterly opposed to the actions taken by the government all of a sudden  against a valorous and unflinching website that performed a great task. Before acting in the way it did  , at least the government ought have discussed with the Institution or the editor Sandaruwan. 

Lanka e news is an Institution that made a huge contribution to change the former government . In the past when we were in the opposition , and took part in debates , we garnered information and data from Lanka e news against the government.  At that time we did not have a group to probe  into those. We gathered all that information from LeN. It is based on those information provided by LeN we attacked the government of that time. That was how we utilized LeN.  Owing to the actions of some individuals I am fearing the government will be struck  by a dark curse for its  ingratitude. 

I am utterly ashamed at  what this government did to Lanka e news , the website which  destroyed Mahinda Rajapakse  .It   is something  what even the Mahinda Rajapakse  did not do to LeN.  If Mahinda wanted , he could have also done that to Sandaruwan , yet Mahinda did not resort to that .There is another website with the same name as Lanka e news . Though E news did not any day arouse racism and religious extremism , it is a mudslinging website. In that case ,action should be taken against that too. 

I shall be speaking in this regard at the cabinet meeting too on Tuesday. Though some don’t have the backbone to talk about  this , even if I am to sacrifice my ministerial portfolio I shall be steadfast in my stance. I shall even carry on the struggle alone.’

Discussion was had with medical student M.L.H.Ambepitiya 

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If Mr Harin Fernando really means what he says, then Sri Lanka needs more top politicians like him. So happy to hear that Mr Sandaruwan has the backing of at least two politicos who have spoken loudly, clearly and publicly. I can understand why MaRa is silent on the issue but why on earth is President Sirisena silent? I don't think the President is using kittens to pluck jack seeds.
-- by Jacob Ponniah on 2016-11-30

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