Hirunika exposes ruses adopted by criminal MPs to get hospitalized -One M.P. has cashed in on his testicles..!

- Hirunika strips nude the Doctor mafia !

(Lanka-e-News -07.Dec.2016, 11.30PM) While it has become the practice , when MP’s are incarcerated to feign sicknesses , and get admitted to prison hospital in order to enjoy all the comforts  and pleasures , there was also an M.P. who said he wanted to  protect his testicles (rotten?) , and obtained pillows , mattresses and mosquito nets , said Hirunika Premachandra M.P. in Parliament yesterday (06) 

When LeN inquired from the prison hospital in this regard ,  it came to light it was none other than the notorious  fraudster Udaya Gammanpila who wanted mattresses and pillows to rest his testicles ( to rock them to sleep ?) . These crooks and rascals would never have had it so good , not even in their homes..!

The corruption and frauds in the prison hospital of the underworld maintained on public funds were exposed by  Lanka e news over a long period . LeN also revealed the unhindered corrupt activities of the hospital’s chief medical officer and his assistant , Dr. Lakshman Jayamanne and Malintha Warnajith respectively, and today Hirunika also had the misfortune to make these  exposures at length. 

Hirunika while disclosing   how these crooked and criminal M.P.s are resorting to ruses to get admitted to the prison hospital  said , one foreign drug peddler by claiming his weight is not enough vis a vis his height got himself admitted to the hospital  ; and  Duminda Silva who is facing death sentence celebrated his  birthday party while being in the underworld prison hospital . She also exposed  how Dr. Jayamanne he tried to exert force on a ‘party ‘ woman prisoner to have sex with him. 

Hirunika’s video footage covering her  full revelation is hereunder 

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We should have this Gommanpillay castrated at the prison hospital !
-- by mike on 2016-12-07

According to the brave woman Hirunika's evidence, some charlaton doctors should also be resting their testicles on a prison, sorry hospital bed.
-- by Lucky Sirimanne on 2016-12-08

He should have been castrated. This racist pig is a master swindler who robbed the Australian businessman.
-- by Rohan Daluwatte on 2016-12-09

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