Arjuna’s conspiracy boomerangs : Hambantota Port workers were instigated to create mayhem -two ships released by Navy

(Lanka-e-News -11.Dec.2016, 8.15PM) The Navy yesterday(10) took  action to disperse  a group of  saboteurs serving on a contract in a Ports private Co . at Hambantota , and released two foreign ships which were held in custody . These ships had to face a dire situation as though they were held  to ransom  by ‘sea pirates’ owing to the evil instigations  of Ports minister Arjuna Ranatunge and Ports chairman Dhammika Ranatunge his brother.
These two ships were held in custody by protesting saboteurs at Hambantota incited by Ranatunges . These protestors  behaved  like ‘sea pirates’ acting  under the control and care of Ranatunge brothers.

Lanka e news revealed earlier on , when  the Hambantota Port entered into an agreement with the Chinese government Co. in respect of  a joint venture , however since  that was not done to suit the corrupt aims and ambitions of the two notorious  Ranatunge racketeers , and the government policies militated against the sly lining of the pockets of the Ranatunges , the latter decided to foil the efforts of the government.

Dhammika Ranatunge at a meeting with the Colombo Ports service officers openly said, ‘Ranatunges have nothing to do with this national waste , and therefore we will not sign the Chinese agreement.’ This ‘damp squib’ who had not even passed the GCE adv. level examination , and was performing duties of a minion in a Car sales Co. in America, became the chairman of the Ports Authority by  basking in the glory of his minister brother .

Believe it or not it is  this corrupt minion cum moron who spoke so vehemently against the Chinese agreement , and described it as a national disaster, whereas this is an  agreement which is aimed at rescuing the citizens of the country who have been made debtors to the tune of Rs. 10,000.00 each owing to the Hambantota Port which is a confirmed white elephant and a national burden.  Obviously the Ranatunges were hurt and irritated because they could not achieve their characteristic overriding  wheeler dealer ambitions because of government policies.

Sabotage oriented protests 

These traitorous Ranatunges who are well noted for sacrificing best national interests at the altar of worst selfish seeking  personal  gains  instigated and incited the Hambantota Port workers. Those who were behind these  anti national sabotage activities were Arjuna ‘s media secretary Thameera Manju , and the CEO of the Hambantota port , who is a relative of Arjuna.

Thameera Manju  was appointed by Arjuna as the Director of the Ports private Co. – MPMC,  and his elder brother ‘Channa’ was appointed as the chief of the lounge of  the special guests. Those Hambantota workers aligned behind  them were instigated  to stage the protests.
These workers are not in the permanent cadre of the Port . They have been recruited temporarily on a probation period of three years to the Magampura Private Management Co.  (MPMC) of which Company ,  Thameera Manju is a Director. All these workers are shameless henchmen of Namal Rajapakse and Rohitha Abeygunawardena.
When Arjuna ‘s attempts to enter the Guinness book  of records by erecting the world’s  tallest Christmas tree came a cropper and  when he ‘fell’ into the same soil he dug to lay the foundation stone for the X’ mas tree  , in much the same way as  the one who fell into the  grave dug by the one  for others ,   what Ranatunge brothers did in their desperation was  instigating  the demonstrating workers  so much so to make  them behave as  ‘sea pirates.’ Consequently two vessels that had arrived at  the Hambantota Port to unload vehicles were held captive  , and not allowed to move out. Arjuna enlisted the assistance of JVP trade union leader Chandrasiri Mahagamage towards this.  

Though attempts were made to seek assistance of the other unions , those leaders have pointed out , the Hambantota Port which is a white elephant is being run out of the income of the Colombo Port . Hence , somehow by even giving the Hambantota Port to China or to the devil it must be rescued so that the income of  the Colombo Port can be channeled towards its own  improvement. Consequently the other three main unions had not supported Arjuna. Only an inconsequential  union- Eksath sevaka union  that was created by Arjuna after he became the minister, and the team of Chandrasiri which extended support.

P.M. infuriated : Malik in place of Arjuna

The Prime Minister who was enraged over the Hambantota Port workers engaging in perfidious  activities after abandoning their peaceful demonstrations,  summoned the unions leaders and inquired into this .The trade union leaders have revealed the  truth to P.M. They have disclosed main  trade unions are not behind these activities , and it is a consequence of a conspiracy of the Ranatunges.

The P.M. had then instructed , in the future the trade unions should hold discussions with the minister of investment Malik Samaraweera and not with Arjuna. In addition if they have any issues they should resolve them via Mailk.

Upon hearing  this , Arjuna realizing that his ministry portfolio is at stake convened an urgent media briefing yesterday (10) , and declared he cannot hold responsibility for the jobs of the workers and their security , thereby deserting  the very  workers whom he earlier instigated to engage in all the anti national and treacherous activities.
It is in this climate  , the Navy had to move in by sea route to get the two ships released which were held captive by the Port workers who were induced to behave like sea pirates by Arjuna.
The Navy Commander himself had to intervene and  take these measures because he was perhaps aware that the minister himself is behind these evil manipulations. Usually the Navy Commander does not intervene to disperse such  demonstrations. 

At the time of writing this report , based on information reaching LeN , even though the captivity  was terminated , the foreign vessel that was held in custody forcibly , is now anchored in deep sea, while the vehicles in the other vessel are being unloaded by the workers themselves of that ship , and the  transport of vehicles to the outside are being carried out by private drivers.
It is learnt the police STF of the Port is to take over the  security . In any event it will be a matter for surprise if  the 400 workers approximately of the MPMC who engaged in sabotage activities and behaved like ‘pirates’ are  absorbed into the new administration of the Chinese Co. 

This issue which  could have been peacefully resolved , was blown into atrocious proportions detrimental to the whole country owing to the political opportunism and selfish self seeking aims and agendas of Ranatunges. The workers who were led down the garden path  by Ranatunges are also  now in deep despair. 

Answers to Arjuna again…

Meanwhile minister Arjuna at a press briefing yesterday (10 ) criticized Lanka e news editor again , the only thing this moron knows to do well but on baseless grounds.  He alleged  , LeN is slinging mud at him because he did not grant the  funds requested by LeN editor. We have told  him earlier , and we are  now telling him again to reveal details  if he can ,that we made such a request .

Might we emphatically state , though LeN has requested for advertisements from Institutions , never ever has LeN asked even an advertisement from the Ports authority , let alone taken  a phone call to speak to an accomplished liar cum villain  like Arjuna the  ‘Political Monkey.’ Neither did we have any truck with the entire Ranatunge family of notorious crooks.
What we are doing is not criticizing , rather exposing   the havoc  the Ranatunge family is wreaking on the nerve center of the country.

We challenge Arjuna and Dhammika the two Rantunge  brothers to repudiate our accusations in the impeachment of 24 th April  2016 , and prove them as false , if they can


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what a yahapalanaya?
-- by thushan on 2016-12-11

previously it was the same with minister mervyn. what ever he did it was justified and so we had to teach mahinda a lesson. lets see what happens to the navy commander. will he go to jail like a normal citizen? if this is what happens in front of cameras imagine what happens behind them.
-- by shafeek on 2016-12-12

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